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Lacuna Coil Stroll Through The Graveyard In New Lyric Video

Italian rockers Lacuna Coil have released a lyric video for a new single “Die And Rise”, which comes from their upcoming album Broken Crown Halo (out April 1st via Century Media Records). The lyric video flies through CGI gravestones as the lyrics appear in an appropriately gothic font. You can watch the video below.

I’ll be honest and say that I miss the Lacuna Coil of old. I remember blasting Comalies and Unleashed Memories and loving every second. Now it just seems forced. It doesn’t have the excitement or the edge that I used to hear.

Pre-order Broken Crown Halo via iTunes.



  • MachineGunGandhi

    Is this song about a werewolf bitch stabbing a vampire dude in the heart? Why didn’t they make a music video showing said vampire surviving getting staked by sexy werewolf bitch?

  • Forsythia

    I like the music, but the lyrics are always so cheezy. Why don’t they make an album with only Italian lyrics? I won’t notice the cheeze and it sounds much cooler. Cristina sounds 1.000 times more sexy singing Italian.

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