Review: “The White Suits” # 2 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: “The White Suits” # 2



Lethal and visceral “The White Suits” feels like a whisky soaked love letter to violent international crime movies. The pages flow with a certain strangeness that Toby Cypress seems to revel in. His style is all over the book. The use of loose paneling and fast scratchy coloring compliments Frank Barbiere’s fever dream of a narrative. It all comes together to create an engaging momentum that still doesn’t concern itself with making too much sense.

WRITTEN BY: Frank J Barbiere
ART BY: Toby Cypress
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: February 19th, 2014

Prizrak has clearly seen some shit. The White Suits have torn through his psyche, and surely he was once one of them. What our plucky FBI Agent, Sarah, hopes to get from him is anyone’s guess. Yet, the two push forward to take on the unstoppable force that is The White Suits.

The disjointed narrative and art style lend to the Prizrak’s plight. If that seems like a negative, it’s totally not. This is a book that seems to plunge itself into the depths of a broken man against insurmountable odds, who fears what he may have been. The mythical White Suits cut through the pages just like they do their enemies.

Cypress is a little more subdued than the debut issue. It helps to convey some forward momentum that the story needs. Outside of the action his wild style can rest on his fantastic character designs and helps the script push the exposition out while still remaining visually engaging.

The use of only black, white, and red really helps certain elements of his style pop. The darkness of this book speaks just as much as its white counterparts, and the hand drawn sound effects lend to a visceral and gritty feeling in the action scenes. There is something about the oblong character designs, with the long limbs, the extended angles and the hard backgrounds that is irresistible.

Things actually end up moving extremely quickly in the later half of the issue. Barbiere wastes no time attempting to payoff the plot points he sets up only pages ago, and he does so in a pulse pounding race to the final page. When you finally get to the end, you’ll feel like you hit a wall and were forced to stop dead. You’ll want to keep flipping but there is no more fun to be had this month.

There really isn’t anything quite like “The White Suits” out there today. It is wholly unique and reading it provides a dynamically different experience than most comics. It’s wild, sketchy, and completely untethered. Yet, its moved along with brisk dialogue and larger than life criminal violence that never lets you catch your breath. You’ll still be trying to piece it all together by the time the last page hits but the mysteries brought on by the bigger picture should have you coming back next month.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls


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