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CryEngine Will Make Sure ‘Human Element’ Looks Fantastic



It’s been over a year since I last reported on Robotoki’s ambitious project Human Element, a game that will will mix elements of ARGs (alternate reality games) and human drama, set in a harsh, post-apocalyptic world where zombies aren’t necessarily the worst thing out there.

Today, the developer announced they’ll be using the CryEngine to power Human Element. According Robert Bowling, Robotoki’s President and Creative Director, the reasoning behind this is because the engine “delivers so many powerful features straight out of the box such as the physical based shading system and the infinite terrain from segmented worlds to create a massive open world experience but still allow the visual fidelity and detail our players expect from a first person experience from our team.”

This is good news if you were worried about the game’s graphical fidelity. Me? I’m still waiting to some gameplay footage.

Human Element is slated to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Sorry Ouya owners, it ooks like that version was scrapped.

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