Breaking: ‘Phantasm: Ravager’ Trailer, Story Details and Full Cast!

  • Nymfomania

    This makes me so excited. Im about to do another tattoo sleeve and Angus Scrimm will sure as hell be one of them!

  • mfcmk1

    I cannot wait!!!!!!!

  • ScreamBloodyGore

    Fucking Bring It!

  • turtlenipple

    Man, I didn’t think I’d be this excited for this, but I can’t wait.

  • VampireJack

    The film I most looked forward to this year was Godzilla.

    WAS Godzilla.

    Damn, it looks like it’s gonna be a proper Phantasm movie!

    Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

    Hopefully it will live up to the series and end it on a high note. And then we can have the Remake.
    Which we can all start saying is gonna be shitty right now!


  • Spike0037

    All I see happening is people bitching about is that it was not what they wanted. And it sucks

  • lilmarkuk

    well not what I thought it would be like but ill give it a shot

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Not going to lie, it looks painfully low-budget; the last shot of the trailer makes it look a little like a Syfy channel film…But I’ll still check it out.

  • djblack1313

    even though i’m not really into this franchise (i REALLY like the first film and kinda like part 2), i love seeing how excited some of you guys are for this new movie! the internet (like life in general) tends to be so negative and hateful and it’s refreshing to see people (like many/most of the comments in this section) just being positive/excited for a movie. :)

  • Roderick Bell

    I originally saw the the first time it came to a theater way back when…and loved the other films as well because they kept growing & changing; it is funny because it really is not straight horror, but Science Fiction with horror elements…there is a rare film I can not get a hold of called (Los Monstruos del Terror (English: The Monsters of Terror), also known as Dracula vs. Frankenstein and Assignment Terror), Cheesey, but it all started here…can’t wait & I LOVE THAT IT IS LOW BUDGET, just like the originals, if you all have a problem with that go wait for the next micheal Bay horror..hell you got 2 this year TMNT & Transformers…get what cha pay fo!

    • Mr.Mirage

      Ditto on the budget. Been there from the start, I think I may still have the Fango issue with the interview with Coscarelli explaining the moving finger gag. Have all IV of the others and only the lack of an all-region player combined with a deficit of funds prevented my owning the Silver Sphere collection. Pass the dutchie and let’s grab some sugar cubes, binge all previous four then go see this in the theater. Let the series end here (and the world after).

  • ThunderDragoon

    Yikes, looks like a Syfy movie.

  • high-rise-rat

    I dont care if it looks cheap, ive been waiting years for this. Im gonna get my silver sphere dvd set off the shelf and watch all 4 films back to back to celebrate. Yeah booooooyyyyyy.

  • mobstar67

    I know these guys are horror genre icons and some of the fan friendliest actors in the genre but i gotta say it anyways..
    this looks awful….
    Phantasm should of been rebooted with new actors and maybe a few bucks to the budget like some of the other well known horror franchises received…
    The original was fantastic and creepy as hell but today does look a bit dated… This was a perfect opportunity to turn a new generation on to Phantasm…

  • drmodem

    Well you never can please everyone. Personally I think it’s refreshing to see a proper sequel for once and NOT a remake or a reboot. It reminds me of the sequels you’d get back in the 1980’s when studios weren’t afraid of a bad sequel and just wanted to give fans more of what they loved!

    • mobstar67

      your kinda making my point for me….
      A proper sequel would be refreshing…
      but this looks anything but…It looks very Asylum or SYFY..
      lets be real Angus Scrimm who is legendary is 87 yrs old..he is up there now days…
      Reggie Bannister is months away from 70 yrs old..
      and the kid A.Mike Baldwin the baby of the bunch at 50 is not the scared cute kid from the original…with all respect to Don Coscarelli and the main cast who are at every horror convention year after year taking pictures and signing everything and anything you got..these guys are pure class..
      just saying that good money has been pumped into lesser franchises and breathed a lot of life into them turning them onto a legion of new fans…
      Phantasm was that good that they deserve the whole shabang..The nice Budget,the best available director who lives for Phantasm preferably Don himself but doesnt have to be and also all the up and coming talent to breathe some fresh air into this franchise…whether it be a PROPER sequel or deserves the same respect,treatment and studio support that Friday the 13th,Halloween,Evil Dead and the Hills Have Eyes received
      So This is by no means being disrespectful to Don Coscarelli..well it may be but certainly not intentional…
      i love the franchise so they need to treat it right…

      • Beowolf

        You know the funny thing is YOU really don’t like the series, that is why you want a reboot (as for anyone who thought that the Friday the the 13th, Evil Dead (literally had no soul…I actually wanted everyone in that universe to die, for that soulless piece of garbage) & Hills have eyes…were actually any good; I would not want to see it…according to you it should be torture porn, with new younger and prettier people, so you have something to dream about at night).
        There is no reboot only an ending to a film, which was NEVER a money maker, but a true cult classic (if it was not for the advent of the home video market WE WOULD NEVER HAD HAD any sequels). It was this series that showed me there was a soul OUTSIDE of conventional Hollywood & really as far as I am concerned the birth of the entire indie horror scene. Don & company created & lived for this series & actually have done something unique in film, but actually surprised us! NO ONE (AND I MEAN NO ONE)EVER THOUGHT THERE WOULD BE A SEQUEL) and now that we get one people bitch & moan, that it looks like a SyFy, well I got news for you…it always was! Practical effects, which Phantasm was founded on is a dying art, and the few people who still work with their hands are backlogged with so much work, that films are being held up to wait for them. Angus and crew are not going to live forever & phantasm, without them WILL NEVER BE PHANTASM. All things come to an end, you would do well to remember that, and you should be absolutely grateful that Don found time to make this film (I wish him all the best…whether this film is great or just good), it is a shame, that people feel so entitled that they should get what they want & not what the creators and actors give us…IT IS THERE STORY & we are given an opportunity to enjoy there vision. If you and the other $robots, want your own Phantasm, then bankroll it, cast it, film & watch what happens…

        p.s. please feel free not to watch this film, because I know a ton of us true horror fans, will be there without your blessing, oh mighty one. Peace and may all your dreams come true…I truly wish you this.

  • DeadInHell

    Phantasm is one of my favorite films, and the series (though it has had its ups and downs) is still one of the great horror franchises, one which never quite got the attention it deserved. I never thought the final chapter would materialize. I’m thrilled. Even more so that it has actually already finished shooting, rather than being one of those “Hey, we’re going to make this…sometime. We promise.” announcements that are followed by 17 years of silence.

    And it’s worth considering that the film is still in post-production, from what I’ve read. This trailer isn’t an exact representation of the look of the final product.