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This Pikachu Cake Fail Will Haunt Me Forever



The Internet seems intent on turning everyone’s favorite Pokemon into a thing of nightmares, though that wasn’t the goal of this particular example. Upon acquiring a Pokemon themed baking pan, complete with adorable Pikachu head molds, Twitter user Kira Hime Teitoku decided to use them to bake a cake. The result should’ve been a tasty, and, unless you consider cake’s effect on your arteries, mostly harmless. Instead, what we got was a thing of nightmares.

This cake (pan) was a lie.

First, what it should have looked like.

Now, for the result. If a kid is in the room, I suggest you ask them to go color somewhere, lest you ruin the remainder of their childhood with this.

Thankfully, this cake connoisseur did the smart thing by giving each head its own individual bag, presumably so she could tie a cement block around them before dropping them into a deep, deep ocean.

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