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[TV] Katherine Heigl In Talks To Join “The Walking Dead” Season 5!!

Wow. Looks like someone is craving that steady TV paycheck again (not hating – I’d take it in a heartbeat). And it’s in the nick of time too. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” wrapped up its 4th season over the weekend and, while the numbers for the show are still unbelievably strong, I’m sure they recognize the need to keep things fresh as the audience grows familiar with the continuing beats of the story. To me it makes sense to bring in a fresh, if familiar, face. Enter Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”, Knocked Up).

Per SchmoMovies, Heigl will play “a central role” as a resident of Terminus, the not-so-idyllic community that Rick and the gang apparently found themselves ensnared in during Sunday’s finale. While the nature of the role is under wraps, there is some speculation that she will be the “big bad” of the season. This actually kind of ties together, since Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple said yesterday that the apparent Terminus leader Gareth (Andrew J. West) isn’t the primary villain for Season 5. Could Heigl be some sort of Cannibal Queen?

The return to TV comes at a great time for Heigl, who recently starred in the crowdfunded drama Jenny’s Wedding, which is currently awaiting release. In the meantime, Heigl recently launched a line of designer bridges that are currently on sale.



  • H666

    arf arf

    • bethalane

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  • QuincyMonkey

    Oh dear god. If this isn’t an April Fools joke, this is the scariest thing to happen to this show ever.

  • haujobb66

    Ha ha ha!!! Happy April fool’s I’m hoping!!!

  • Taboo

    Fake! :p

  • drfink09

    If this isn’t an April Fools joke…

  • Kroork

    April fools

  • Voorhees83

    Not the worst news to read. She’s probably just as dramatic as everyone else on the show and at least nice to look at.

    April Fools though.

  • djblack1313

    i have nothing against Heigl but THANK GOD this is just an April Fool’s Day joke! lol.

    • John Marrone

      I think you’re about the only one

  • diapers

    An even better April fools joke would have been announcing that Kane Hodder is joining TWD.

    • Voorhees83

      That would actually be awesome. I always thought that TWD should get another familiar horror face.

      Lately, I’ve been picturing a scenario if they ever run into a scientist, it would be Jeffrey Combs.

      • diapers

        Even better: Jeffrey Combs AND Bruce Abbott!

  • Jasonicus

    Bride of Chucky is her best movie.

    • Voorhees83

      That’s Jennifer Tilly you’re thinking of.

      • haujobb66

        Both are I. It. Heigle is the teen

      • bdwolfe312

        No, Heigl was “Jade Kincaid”, the primary protagonist of the film. He is actually much more well-versed on the film than you you are, V-83!

  • just what the show needs, another unlikeable dumb blonde.

  • Lemonade

    Not only did I fall for this, but I was down for this.

  • Nymfomania

    She will be fun when Rick slashes her tits off

  • Nymfomania

    Where does it say this is fake?

    • huntermc

      Everything announced on April 1st is fake.

      • Nymfomania

        Ill take it with a grain of salt.

        • Evan3

          @Nymfomania – No need for salt grains. When no other site reports it, its a joke (thank the lord).

  • John Marrone

    She REPLUSES ME IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE – YUCK!!!! Praying this aint true

  • Jennifer Null


    • Japanese Business Man

      Article was posted April 1st.

  • Donna Maria

    I’m not sure if this is a good fit, love this actress, but not sure she could be this dark…

    • Japanese Business Man

      April Fools.

  • Sandy Cantu


    • Japanese Business Man

      April Fools Day.

  • Ralph Hartman

    Wasn’t this a April Fools Day joke from a couple weeks ago?

    • Real Rick Grimes

      God I hope so..

    • Jay Bronee

      Look at the date of the article.

  • Real Rick Grimes

    No way, what an awful casting that would be. I like her but she would never fit as a villian in any way nor would she fit in any role in WD.

    • Weresmurf

      Hey give her a chance! She could play corpse #13324 in the background of a mass grave quite nicely!

    • octoburn

      You did read the article right? The “villain” part is only speculation on the writer’s part, the only thing official is that the role is a Terminus resident. This sin’t a black-and-white world; just being a resident of Terminus doesn’t =EVIL.

    • Tink Seagraves

      Date of article is April 1st aka April Fools Day

  • Alisha Ingram

    I wonder if her teeth will be as white as they are in real life hahah blood stained grill

    • Japanese Business Man

      April Fools.

  • Dan Grevy

    APRIL FOOLS!!!…. (I hope!)

  • Brandon Breaks

    I seriously hope this was an April Fools article.

    • Japanese Business Man

      Look when it was posted. April 1st.

  • Brandon Breaks

    I seriously hope this was an April Fools article.

  • Sara Pope-Ramsey

    Nope, not a good fit. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.

    • Japanese Business Man

      April Fools.

  • Danielle DaniGirl

    I hope shes in the show I love her great actress

  • wayne

    not at all

  • Noooo She doesn’t seem like she could play a bad villain an specially on The Walking Dead.. I just can’t see her as bad guy smh..I just saw her in the movie recently ” Knocked Up” wow i really hope this is a April Fools Joke from a weeks ago because one thing I Admired About the The Walking Dead Show is that they didn’t cast big celebrity names in the show I mean yes there were familiar faces in the show if your a movie and TV person who watch’s alot of movies and may remember some of them like Carol, Dale & Andrea of the Walking Dead were all in the movie “The Mist” which I did know that. and Laurie Holden(Andrea) was also in Silent Hill but all in all i just hope they don’t cast her it’s nothing against Katherine Heigl it’s just I can’t see her part of The Walking Dead..

    • Japanese Business Man

      April Fools Day.

  • Laurie Fenton-Smith

    Hell No= Hell NO! I hate her non acting ass, we don’t need you or want you to ruin a show with your lack of being able to work well with others.thats why you haven’t had a hit directors put it out there you are difficult. please don’t make stop watching.

    • I really hope they do not cast her for season 5 i feel the same as you do HELL No Hell No!!!!!!

  • ChiNyC

    oh god, i hope this isn’t true. then again it might be nice to see her die a gruesome death and turn.

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