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‘Daylight’ Delayed To Ramp Up The Scare Factor

Atlus has confirmed they’ve delayed Zombie Studios’ supernatural horror game Daylight a few weeks in order to make the game even scarier. The few extra weeks of development time will only help, and April 29th isn’t that far away.

The reasoning behind the delay is related to one of Daylight’s most exciting features. “The way Daylight is developed is completely different because of its procedural generation. In a lot of ways it really helped the team by streamlining the environment creation, but it’s taken extra time to make sure all the scare cues are properly implemented for maximum player effect.” the dev wrote in a post on the game’s Steam page.

If you’re feeling a bit unhappy about all this, Atlus wants to make it up to you. They’ll be selling the game at a discounted price for two weeks following its release. PS Plus Subscribers can get it for $9.99, while other non-subscribers can get it for $11.99. It’s also available for pre-order on PC for $9.99.

Daylight arrives April 29th on PC and PS4.

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