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Review: ‘Revival’ #19

With a bizarre crime to solve, “Revival” #19 keeps readers glued to the page with its whodunit mystery. How do you solve a murder when the person isn’t even dead? New characters continue to pop up in breathing new life into “Revival.”

WRITTEN BY: Tim Seeley
ART BY: Mike Norton
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 2, 2013

For one day, the dead members of rural Wisconsin came back to life. Now, government agents, the press, and some baffled scientists are trying to understand why the “Revivers” have returned. While Sheriff Dana Cypress is trying to control this zombie crisis, she is also investigating the murder of her sister, Em. Her investigation led to a masked man who may have resurrected while being cremated. This masked man may also be stalking Dana’s son while he soundly sleeps in his bedroom.

Tim Seeley surprisingly starts the narrative with a major gross-out sequence that must be seen. Seeley isn’t just putting that sickening sequence to make the squeamish squirm, but also to reveal a major clue. In the storyline, different characters have come up with many theories about what caused the resurrection. Some are basing their theory on science, while others are looking at it from a religious perspective. Seeley is able to put in more red herrings while making your stomach freak out.

The best part about Seeley’s dialogue is how he is able to make personal connections through character growth. Since the beginning, Dana has been the lone wolf in her murder investigation. In the previous issue, it took Dana’s young son, Cooper, to remind her how alone she is really is. In this installment, Dana reluctantly talks to an outsider because she actually needs help.

Major applause must go to artist Mike Norton for the gross-out sequence that occurs in the opening pages. Norton makes the situation seem normal as it starts out with a sick-looking dog. Then Norton keeps moving the camera closer and closer towards the dog’s mouth. In a graphic close-up, Norton illustrates everything, the blood and gore, as the dog vomits uncontrollably. This is only half of what’s going on and the best part is, there’s still more going on.

Norton nails the right facial expressions during Dana’s well-written monologue. Norton focuses just on Dana’s sorrowful face as she remembers struggling to keep her family together after her mother died. There is tremendous heartache and failure in Dana’s reactions, which Norton perfectly illustrates for the emotional moments. As readers, we understand how tough Dana had to become, but also how lonely she must really be.

Prepare to be so grossed out and moved by “Revival” #19. The “Revival” series sure knows how to hook in its readers.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by Jorge Solis



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