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MPCA Rebooting ‘Pumpkinhead’ Series!

The legacy of effects legend Stan Winston’s 1988 Pumpkinhead will live on as the film is being rebooted, according to The Tracking Board.

The original Pumpkinhead was produced by the De Laurentiis Entertainment Group headed up by Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis. De Laurentiis went on to produce Hannibal and Red Dragon. For the rest of the franchise, the Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) headed up by Brad Krevoy took the reins and is now back to produce the rebooted series, explains the site.

The ’88 film starred Lance Henriksen as a man who conjures up a gigantic vengeance demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy the teenagers who accidentally killed his son.

The franchise also saw three horrendous sequels released over the years: Pumpkinhead II: Blood and Wings, Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes, and Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud. I guess a reboot is the way to go?



  • RMWaters

    Seems like bad taste in opening line there…

    • bethalane

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  • Nymfomania

    Could be worth it… not overly happy about reboots but… could be ok?

  • zigwardScissorHands

    I’m completely indifferent to this. The original movie was alright but its not like it was a classic with massive popularity or a ravenous fan base. By the same token I seriously doubt anyone is sitting around hoping and waiting for more Pumpkinhead.

    So….. go for it?

  • diapers

    Memory tells me the first film was awesome. Then again, I was 16 and certainly high as a kite. Will suspend judgement until I re-screen the first one.

  • felixbrewer

    Wow, I’m surprised at the reaction here. Pumpkinhead was a classic of practical creature/monster effects. It wasn’t the very best creature horror movie ever made but it was solid and could have been a jump-off for great things. It… didn’t end up being that due to what I have to assume was severe mis-management. There is a lot that can be done with the “Southern Gothic” creature setup in a reboot.

    But one stipulation: All creature effects MUST BE PRACTICAL

    Hire Amalgimated Dynamics or anyone has as good or no sale.

    • felixbrewer

      *half as good

  • weresmurf

    When a reboot is done, you have to look at it and ask ‘Is it worth it? Can the original actually be improved upon?’ In this case? Oh *yes*. The Pumpkinhead Lore is solid. It’s a good story, however it’s Never ever been put to film very well. The original is cheesy at best, shockingly bad at worst. The sequels, even worse as they went on.

    I firmly believe a reboot of Pumpkinhead could work well. I’m all for it. I don’t think this is a precious property, anyone whwo does is kidding themselves.

  • bambi_lives8980

    I’m actually kinda surprised at the indifference in some of the comments too. Not as far as rebooting it goes, but seemingly how a few of you feel about the original Pumpkinhead in general. I for one (and I know many of my friends who’ve seen it as well) love the first film. I don’t think it was cheesy, I thought the effects were done very well and the story/lore is haunting and awesome as original horror tales go. As far as a reboot in this day and age I honestly can’t hold up much hope, as it will probably be filled to the brim with unnecessary CGI, jump scares, etc. Not to mention ruining the story in some form or another. But then again, some reboots have been fairly well done, so I will see it either way, and I’m excited that the Pumpkinhead demon will see screens once again (and hopefully carve some shit into some foreheads while he’s at it!). Okay I’m done thanks.

  • billypop

    Honestly, I remember being a kid and my cousin showing me just the first scene with Hagus the witch. I almost shit my pants at how creepy she looked. I will admit that Pumpkinhead wasn’t my favorite movie, but it was still pretty rad for a creature film. I even liked Blood Wings a bit. The rest sucked a big ol bag o dicks though. As for a remake…I think it could be done well. The issue here is obviously how they are going to use CGI. And THEY WILL! Don’t even wish for a second that they won’t because it’s just the way things are these days. If they at least make the CGI good (which without a nice budget should be pretty hard) then the film might be okay, However, I don’t think they can improve much on a movie that is barely known by the mainstream without a hefty budget to make the CGI smooth and what-not…I guess I’m with the “fuck it, whatever” people. We all just die in the end anyway…right?

  • Lion7718

    The 1st film was good, the rest not so much.
    I’ll watch the reboot…I hope they give Henriksen some kind of a guest spot.

  • The_Bark

    As RMWaters noted, Stan won’t be seeing anything. He passed away several years ago.

  • mobstar67

    i have no problem with a Pumpkinhead reboot but if its in the hands of the team that did any of the sequels they might as well shelve it until it gets the proper treatment it deserves…
    Respect Pumpkinhead !!!

  • sweetooth

    Only acceptable if the following stipulations are met:

    1)hire back Guiness and Woordruff to re-design the suite
    2)only use a suite (animatronics), NO CG
    3)it is HARD R
    4)bring back henrickson, maybe for a twist have him be a warlock to replace the old witch (he’s old and haggard enough now)
    5)make it as part of the originally intended series (a demon for each of man’s sins)

    Otherwise, just leave it alone, the horrid sequels have already damaged the “brand” enough.

  • McGilli

    Pumpkinhead is an excellent movie – and an awesome creature. If you didn’t want a F13, or Halloween etc remake – then you won’t want this one remade either I guess. Me, I enjoy horror movies so any new horror movie – and especially any new chance to see Pumpkinhead is awesome. And if the reboot sucks, I can always watch the original.

    Some people around here act like when a reboot/remake is created they lose the ability to watch the original. Get with it and enjoy horror…

    I think a big part of it is 99% of the ‘horror fans’ on this site have no idea what it takes, or the kind of work put in to making movies. They see a 90 minutes movie and think it took 90 minutes for the direct to create the movie and so they put it down and never think twice about it.

    I see very few real horror fans in the comments of this site the past years…

  • baby-POUNDcake

    Absolutely love Pumpkinhead! Hopefully the final product will be terrifying. *Fingers crossed* >_<

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