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Our 5 Most Disappointing Cancelled Horror Games!

A few weeks ago I took a look at the future of the horror genre, and some of the horror games that are worth being excited about. So it’s fitting that I follow that up with a retrospective, of sorts — a look at the genre’s not-so-bright past. Video games are expensive, and because publishers want a sure thing — a return on their investment and then some — some games, even promising ones, get tossed aside. I’ve collected five horror games that could have been great, had they seen a release.

Read on for my list of 5 of the most disappointing cancelled horror games!

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  • horroraddiction

    That Redwood Falls reminded me a lot of The Thing, too bad we will never see it. I remember there was supposed to be a game called Harker and it looked totally badass and they ended up cancelling that one too. I still have hope for Insane though!

    • Adam Dodd

      Keep the hope alive, it could still happen!

    • Beneviolence

      I liked what I saw of Redwood Falls and didn’t realize it just died off. Too bad.

      Wasn’t there a game for the PS3 Move (Until Dawn?) where you were at a cabin and a killer was killing everyone off one-by-one. Did that one die off as well?

    • Adam Dodd

      Until Dawn is still very much alive and may even be coming to Sony’s ‘Project Morpheus’ VR headset!

    • yvonnersaulter

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  • Pav

    Black Death(2011) and DeadLight(2004)

  • Pav

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