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‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel Suffers Another Setback. Sigh.

It appears that the passing of Harold Ramis is leaving skeletons in the closet over at Columbia Pictures.

After Ramis’ sudden death last month, Ivan Reitman exited the long gestured Ghostbusters III, which then left the studio scrambling for a director.

21 Jump Street and Lego Movie duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller quickly came to the rescue, allegedly strapping on their proton packs to bring the Busters back for a third time.

Now, Jeff Sneider of TheWrap is reporting that the duo are OUT and now Columbia is once again back at square one…

Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver were all at one time rumored to be returning, although now the story is completely being rewritten. It’s said to be about a ragtag group of paranormal researchers reopen their notorious ghost removal service, and a new generation of Ghostbusters is brought on board to be green slimed and trained to contain the mischievous spirits.

Will we ever see the Ghostbusters back in action? The franchise is too big to ignore, bit it’s starting to feel like it’s becoming a rush job, and that makes me nervous…



  • SonOfVoorhees

    Lets just make a new movie with new ghostbusters – not a remake. Just a carry one from the others. Sick of all this bullshit, its a movie about people catching ghosts…..not that difficult. Just make a fun movie, do it.

  • thatenddown

    It really seems that this project wants to die — and, quite frankly, it should. The world can live without another Ghostbusters movie (we only needed one, really), and it is becoming increasingly likely that this will be yet another disappointment.

  • Rake

    Are people going to blame Murray for this setback as well?

  • zigwardScissorHands

    This is like an Indiana Jones 4 level of development hell. If this thing gets made, let along if it actually begins, its going to be a mess. I’d be quite happy to see it not made at all.

  • sweetooth

    Sony needs to take a hint: just give up on it already. Does anyone remember Ghostbusters 2? It was crap compared to the first and had all of the original players involved. There is no way this is going to turn out well.

    Ghostbusters is a movie of it’s time and only works because of the cast. It cannot be replicated or bettered no matter how much special effects might’ve advanced since then.

  • Krug09

    Seriously. Can they either make the fucking movie or just drop it already? Ghostbusters worked in its time, you know it will be all uninspired boring CGI now so why bother?

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