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Sony Offers First Peak At ‘H1Z1’s’ Grim, Post-Apocalyptic World

Sony is looking to take a bite out of that delicious, rotten pie that games like DayZ and Rust have been gorging themselves on for some time now. Their first stab at carving out a slice out of the post-apocalyptic survival simulator market to call their own is H1Z1, an MMO where the undead aren’t quite as dangerous as your fellow humanity.

If you like hunger meters and seeing how dark people can get when its Apocalypse Rules, H1Z1 was made with you in mind. Read on for some screenshots and a bit of gameplay footage.

H1Z1 will arrive first on PC. No word yet on whether or not it will come to PS4.

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  • Sick_skwerl

    Hahaha yay! After somehow escaping being kidnapped and tortured by some serial killer in training, he can show up at my camp and burn everything to the ground!

  • lilmarkuk

    no thanks i hate online games

  • djblack1313

    why can’t more horror movies be as atmospheric and creepy as these cool pics are?

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