[Stanley Fest ’14] Secret Screening Of ‘The Green Inferno’ and Eli Roth Q&A

  • Nate Lucius

    hoooo hoooo hoo hoo

  • damian13613

    Saw it there last night as well incredible, but the Babadook was so incredibly well done it is my favorite of the festival. The atmosphere was downright amazing. Eli Roth’s entry into the cannibal genre was a labor of love, he used every facet of the genre, even down to some downright unlikable characters. Really had a Cannibal Ferox vibe going on.

  • zombie84_41

    roth owns

  • diapers

    After suffering through aftershock, I’ve definitely missed the Eli Roth of Cabin Fever and the Hostel’s. Sounds like this is a return to form. Why in sam hill are they waiting so long for a release?

    • http://bitchstolemyremote.com/ bstolemyremote

      Getting the word out on the festival circuit that the quality is there? It does seem to be taking forever, though

  • http://www.weirdprettypictures.com Richard Waters

    So excited for this!!

  • chris

    “the message he sends about armchair activism and the degradation of legitimate social causes in the service of greed and social branding is spot on” Really? You didn’t find the film incredibly racist? Racism in filmmaking has a history of finding ethnicities/cultures that white filmmakers can mold haphazardly to suit their own needs (usually financial). This isn’t a new tactic by racist filmmakers, we have been down this road before, and its not surprising to see from Eli Roth. For all people want to see his films as cutting edge and ground breaking, they represent the MOST conservative, regressive elements of filmmaking. He is literally recreating colonialism and colonialist film.

    • Paul Werkmeister

      are you that much of idiot? cannibal tribes do exist and the fact that you made a point to make this a racial thing and not just a vehicle for a horror film shows you have nothing better to do than bitch. You are probably one of those clowns that think cameras are inherently racist because they only used white people to test them when they were being developed. Racism exists, for real and for certain, but this is a fiction movie based on a subgenre of films that were around in the late 70s and early 80s. Nothing more to it.