[Stanley Fest ’14 Review] ‘The Babadook’ Is Babadelicous*

  • http://mitchmacready.blogspot.com/ Zombie-Killa

    Pleasantly surprised to read this. I got this “generic horror film with a lot of jump scares” vibe from the trailer. Hopefully, I’ll have I chance to watch it soon enough.

  • J Jett

    i’m looking forward to this movie! it looks really good.

  • Evan3

    @EvanDickson, this headline is definitely going on your tombstone some day.

  • 2016?

    Excellent film! 4.5/5!

  • John Strika

    4 stars for this boring piece of crap? The kid is annoying. The mother is spineless. The scares are minimal. Overhyped garbage.