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Microsoft is Working on a Live-Action ‘State of Decay’ Series

Microsoft is serious about their plans to bring quality original programming to the Xbox One. They’re currently working on bringing A-list Hollywood talent to adapt some franchises you may be familiar with, including State of Decay, Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Fable, and Age of Empires.

“These are six properties that we have immediately identified as having potential, that the company has raised as ones that they’re interested in looking at,” executive vice president of Xbox Entertainment Studios Jordan Levin told Destructoid. “All are at the earliest stages of conversation, we don’t want to force anything, we want to get to know each of the individual games studios responsible for those properties.

“We want to fully digest all the created materials that they’ve generated. We want to then try to create some of the right partnerships and really allow them to ride in the shotgun seat with us, so to speak, so that we’re not coming in an arrogant disrespectful manner. Trying to do something that in success enhances and expresses that world in a different way cause the worst of all possible roles is to create something that disappointed. There’s nothing worse for a fan than being disappointed with something.”

If the live-action State of Decay series is anywhere near the quality of that fantastic Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn series was, The Walking Dead may have some serious competition on their hands.

In related news, State of Decay’s second expansion, Lifeline, releases in June.



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