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‘DayZ’ Standalone Boasts 2 Million Copies Sold

It’s official, the DayZ standalone is a popular game. I know, it’s hard to believe, but I speak the truth. This sales milestone is impressive, especially for an Early Access game that’s still very much unfinished. If you’ve spent any real amount of time with the game, you’re undoubtedly already fully aware of the psychopaths that inhabit DayZ.

That fact only makes this number all the more terrifying, because if just .01% of the players in DayZ are psychopaths, that’s still 20,000 of them out there, lurking in Chernarus’ many abandoned buildings, waiting for their next victim.

That’s a lot of people like this guy, this guy, and this guy.

Just sayin’.



  • Geralt_Z_Rivii

    How can this be??? The game industry said piracy has killed it.

  • Ken Huber

    The psychos are part of what makes this game fun however, as much as it might be a sad experiment in humanity.

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