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7 Most Shocking & Disturbing Moments From “Crossed” (NSFW)



No other horror title turns a stomach quite like “Crossed”. The book is easily the most vile, depraved, and sickest horror comic being published today. The “Crossed” come up with some imaginative ways of torturing their victims, as readers have watched them rape, crucify, disembowel, and bludgeon people in every conceivable way. The only time the “Crossed” feel any semblance of remorse is when they’ve ran out of victims. Here is my list of the most disturbing moments we’ve been forced to endure in the pages of “Crossed” so far. Let us know yours in the comments.

1. Bludgeoning by a horse’s cock
One of the most beloved villains in Crossed history, ‘Horsecock’ got his name from his infatuation with beating people to death with a horse’s cock. This twisted sadist was first introduced in the original “Crossed” mini-series by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows. Watching a man get beaten to death by a horse’s cock looks as vile as it sounds and leaves the images burned into your mind.

2. Joseph Pratt raping his own daughters to repopulate following the outbreak

In ‘Crossed” Family values’ writer David Lapham introduced readers to Joseph Pratt, a tyrant that used his religious beliefs to justify physically and sexually abusing his own family when the outbreak began. Joseph ruled with an iron first to the point where his entire family was living in fear from his violent temper, in addition to the threat of the “Crossed”.

3. Harold Lorre cutting off a man’s face and wearing it as a dead skin mask
When the “Crossed” plague broke out, Harold used it as an excuse to unleash his twisted and perverse desires onto the survivors that remained. Lorre’s horrific highlights include countless sexual offenses, as well as cutting off a woman’s breast and saving it in a zip-lock bag as a souvenir. His most grotesque moment has to be cutting off a man named Darwin’s face then wearing it as a mask while rapes the his girlfriend Claire. Lorre’s action proves that it is possible for a human to be even more despicable than the Crossed themselves.

4. The axe wielding ex-firefighter Smokey
Before writer Christos Gage introduced the axe wielding ex-firefighter Smokey to the mythos, the Crossed where nothing more than mindless killing machines. Gage introduced a new element of horror to the “Crossed” series with Smokey; intelligence. ‘Smokey’ was able to prolong his instant gratification, as he plotted a plan to inflect more damage on the remaining survivors. ‘Smokey’ toying with his victims added a psychological element to the series that was far more frightening than the disturbing acts of graphic violence.

5. A “Crossed” lung-fucking a dolphin
Nothing will prepare you for the opening sequence of ‘Crossed: Wish You Were Here’ where one depraved Crossed fucks a dolphin in his blowhole. This scene definitely set the standard for sick and twisted in the “Crossed’ world, as readers can never be the same after reading this scene.

6. Spine on countertop
Who could forget the scene that kicked off the original Crossed series? An infected man casually walks into a diner, emblazoned with a red cross on his face, and proudly plunks down a bloody spine onto the countertop. The man ghoulishly grins before biting off a man’s nose and kicking off a reign of terror. It was here that all the major characters were introduced, but the graphic imagery stuck with readers long afterwards.

7. LARPing
After surviving the horrors of Harold Lorre in “Crossed: Psychopath”, Amanda finds herself on the run from the “Crossed”. While searching for a safe house, Amanda finds a band of survivors that are clearly insane and suffering from schizophrenic delusions. The group, dubbed the ‘Livers’, are doing a truly psychotic version of a live action role-playing game (LARP) during the outbreak. This story-arc was truly one of the strangest ‘WTF’ moments in the “Crossed” series that was unsettling to read.