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Zack Snyder Reveals Ben Affleck as Batman and New Batmobile

By now you’ve probably noticed “The Further” I believe Mr. Disgusting has another post pending that explains what it is, but it’s a new area of the site dedicated to covering things that aren’t horror, but still may be of interest to our readers.

On that front, today Zack Snyder unveiled the new Batmobile from Batman vs. Superman or whatever that movie will eventually be called. It sort of looks like it splits the difference between the classic design and the version from Christopher Nolan’s movies. More importantly, he also unveiled Ben Affleck as Batman. The suit definitely looks less like it’s made of armor (a further move away from Nolan territory), and instead has a bit of a striated muscle feel.

Affleck looks fine. The guy can act and he’s been making great choices as of late. The costume looks fine too. The jawline works. My only real concern here is Man Of Steel. I like Snyder but truly, truly hated that movie.

Get a better look below! Click to enlarge.

  • Michael Paul Clawson

    Looks awesome. Affleck will make this his own!

  • I LOVE the small ears

  • Rocky

    That shit looks great!

  • I’ve been an advocate of Bat-ffleck as soon as I heard, and after seeing this image, I know I have been right all along! I really dig the costume. It reminds me of Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns”, which is what we have been waiting for!

    • A_Brash_Toboggan

      It’s those nubby ears.

      I love the Dark Knight Returns suit. The cowl does a great job squaring off and beefing up Batman’s features. It makes him look like he could barrel through a wall.

    • Ben Edwards

      How does seeing this image justify backing Ben Affleck playing the role? I mean, all this proves is that the suit won’t look like absolute horseshit, doesn’t prove that he’s going to play the role any better?

      • Kahdiak Cpr

        and temper tantrum dan did a good job with his shit voice shit directing and posturing from the director taking everything people and fans loved and shit on it…he fucked up bane he fucked up two face he shit all over the dc universe fuck nolan!

        • Ben Edwards


      • PEDRO PACA$

        The image provides a sense of a dark character that resembles Batman.His posture and gritty face look in place.

        • Ben Edwards

          Yeah but it’s still only an image at the end of the day. I could easily dress up in a Batman costume and strike a deep, brooding pose like that but it doesn’t mean I’m going to play the character well – it just means I know how to stand still and look good.

          • Ben, I am 93% sure you could be a better Batman than Clooney, and 66.5% sure you could be better than Kilmer, and I don’t even know you. The only thing I had any reservations about was which costume they would put Affleck in, as I already assumed he could do the role. Then again, I’m one of the eight people who liked “Daredevil”.

          • Ben Edwards

            Ahh well that is entirely fair enough.

  • Akshay Sharma

    No Comments… I will wait to watch the movie before I judge..

  • devilgod

    Can’t say that I hate this as much as I thought I would. This gives me hope.

  • Dev

    Big fan of the last three Batman films, not really much of a fan of the last Superman film (Zach Snyder is a hack). Absolutely zero interest in seeing this film at all – something about it reeks of ‘Batman and Robin’ to me, in it’s concept, of fanboyism and cheese, something that the three Nolan Batman films managed to avoid very well, establishing something credible and authentic in their realisations of a complex world without compromising on the depth of popular characters. The last Superman film was all fine and good until the Superman ‘stuff’ started happening, and it turned into a Transformers-esque mess of explosions and noise. Personally I can’t stomach another film like that. Ben Affleck is usually fine, if often wooden, as is Henry Cavill, indeed the casting for the last film all-round was solid. It’s he base concept alone that puts me off.

    • Kahdiak Cpr

      that last nolan movie was trash garbage!! absolute trash…. fucked up everything batman about it …and to be honest the first one had plot holes galore if it wasnt for the amazing performance of joker and his postmordem buzz i believe the whole franchise would have bin a bust nolan can suck a big one for almost single handedly killing the dc universe ….you want reality go out side ..this is for the dreamers the nerds the believers alike thats what super heros are about the voice of the stepped on hope in its truest form ….we want a united universe !!!

      • Dev

        Well this is where personal opinion comes in, isn’t it? It’s amusing though that for all of your condemning of Nolan’s films, you didn’t address how lacklustre the most recent Superman film was (which Nolan produced, of course – saving it I think from Snyder’s tendency for pure shallow spectacle over all other characteristics, if you use any of Snyder’s previous films as a baseline for comparison). Furthermore, you’re evidently in a minority with how you feel about the Nolan trilogy, judging by the wide commercial and critical success all three films enjoyed. And whilst you might be excited (and sure, lots of people are) about the prospect of a crossover film, I’m not interested, personally.

      • Dev

        post-script: if you think Nolan ‘single handedly killed’ the DC universe, you might do well to remember that Batman and Robin almost killed the license stone dead back in 1997, and if it wasn’t for the overwhelming financial and critical success of the Nolan films starting with Batman Begins in 2005, you probably wouldn’t have a number of these other titles coming out now. Superman Returns didn’t do well (because it wasn’t very good by anyone’s standards, though I didn’t think it was awful necessarily), and it was something of a vote of confidence in Nolan that he was brought on to produce and help oversee the most recent film (and he’s still involved in this new one too, don’t forget).

        • Kahdiak Cpr

          Um I do not mention those films at all they do not exist in any true fans mind…yes Nolan brought it back I agree with with you there and than just like that got caught up in his success much like brockhymer with transformers and almost did more bad than …good .by refusing to fuse the universe’s funny how Snyder gets rediculed for making a more realistic bad ass superman yet Nolan gets sung praises the only good thing about batman returns was the training montage… The rest snore……part two was epic and so I forgave him for destroying a beloved bad guy in two face….but that three hour crap fest in the third intalment and the white washing of bane was unforgivable as a Latino it was offensive….absolute trash movie nobody is a bigger batman superman DC fan than me ….. And come on what movie were you watching? did you just read the critics bs and drink the kool aid as your own opinion …man of steel had heart it had pop and it finally showcased Superman’s raw power that every true fan wanted to see for years …..super man returns was just the same movie from the 80s reshot it was corny …he fought a rock….really!?..Kevin spaceys lex was a charecature of Hackman’s and it was dreadful…I think you got caught up in nostalgia and the theme song slap that bad Larry at the end of man of steel and I bet you wet yourself he was very brave for taking it in the direction he did .the millions upon millions that man of steel made proved the world was ready for a bad ass superman like the one from the justice league series …he killed zod so what!?…superman killed zod in the 80s version also…stripped him of his powers and threw him over a cliff that’s some cold shit lol….you cant tell me that superman returns was better that man of steel …the critics gave it way more love than man of steel and as much as I wanted to love superman returns it just wasn’t good besides rouths awesome chanelling of Christopher Reeves…critics suck the people constantly tell them where to stick there broke back loving ways….nobody liked superman returns ….the world wide sales proved it…to be honest I was never a fan of his xman movies either ….flat flat boring movies same thing as much as my inner nerd wanted to love those movies something was off… brother was never a big superman fan or DC and he loved man of steel and its become his favorite movie ….as a father those scenes between the young boy and Costner just drew you in ….that scene with him and the dog fogged me up…seriously if you didn’t like man of steel you got problems ….as for Nolan his ego was the problem in part three never mind that he was concentrating more on his other projects…..he’s a good director for psychological thrillers witch is what dark knight was….the rest he was out of his league and it showed

          • Dev

            Please, punctuate. Use paragraphs if you have a lot to say. It was a chore trying to follow your rambling train of thought.

            1) It’s cute that you a) know definitively what true fans are and b) think that you speak for them, whoever they are. By not taking the ‘kitchen sink’ approach that Marvel are taking with their respective franchises, Nolan was able to make compelling, entertaining films that stand up in their own right. The problem is here is, as I said, fanboyism. You have your own definitive idea of what Batman, DC etc is about, in your own imagination. That’s fine, that’s part of the appeal of things like comics. What you’re failing to recognise (and ironically not even realise is that it occurs within every other adaptation of a comic book story, be it films or games or whatever other medium you choose) is that it is a process of interpretation, and is not bound to be definitive, because there is no definitive version of a story, not once it has been received by an audience. This is the foundation of mythology. This is what all of these stories are about. It’s also what Star Wars, Star Trek, any of your favourite long-running series, regardless of medium, have at their core.

            What Nolan did was interpret the Batman origin story, first of all, in his own way, with his own eye for characterisation. Furthermore, he has said that he was influenced by Frank Miller’s own interpretation of that origin story, so you can see by this that there is a genealogy that occurs, a path that it goes through to get to where it is. There is no one true path, no one true answer, and no one true universe. How often have comicbook studios completely rebooted a franchise from scratch? Splitting timelines? Alternative dimensions? If any of these plot devices should tell you anything, it’s that you can’t take anything for granted. That’s also the beauty of storytelling and interpretation. You take from it what you want. The consequence of that is that you don’t own anyone else’s interpretation, either.

            All of my criticisms and praise are for the films, as films, in their own right. I’m not particularly into comics – I’m not against them, either, but it was never my preferred format, growing up; film was. To criticise Nolan’s cinematic interpretation for not following your preferred reading of which ever versions of the Batman/Superman comics is inherently flawed.

            Also, it was Michael Bay that directed the Transformers films, which are crimes against cinema. He should be in the Hague for those pieces of shit. I don’t care about the Transformers franchise, because i’m not six years old anymore and haven’t been for twenty-three years, but he turned something pretty innocent and simple (who could really have a problem with big robots hitting each other, as a concept? Michael Bay I guess) into something crass, weirdly sexual, often racist and aesthetically very, very ugly. There is absolutely no comparison to be made with Nolan, in any of his films, in any respect or characteristic, nor any other filmmaker I can think of, not even Snyder, for all of his own crass shit that he has made (nobody even tries to deny that Sucker Punch was powerfully, incredibly stupid).

            You seem to have gotten the impression that I said that Superman Returns was better than Man of Steel – I didn’t, and it isn’t. Man of Steel’s first half is engaging, if floppy in places, well-acted and compelling, but falls entirely flat once the large-scale action begins, when Snyder’s indulgences for superficial spectacle take precedence. Michael Shannon made an excellent villain as Zod, as he usually does. Superman Returns is a film I barely remember, other than that I didn’t hate it when I saw it, but also didn’t generally have much of any feeling towards either way. I suggest you slow down in your defensiveness and take the time to read what people say, because you misinterpreted me pretty badly.

          • Kahdiak Cpr

            1) you are the cinematic doush bags i am talking about . i must have struck a nerve if you had to start with your hipster sarcasm. you must have loved broke back mountain huh ?

            2) you have no basis talking about this if you aren’t a comic fan and there fore you have no real basis for your opinions besides your douchie hipster cinematic zzzzzzzzzzz…….im sorry i just fell asleep with how unbelievable gay you come off…..

            3) the first half of man of steel from a comic lovers perspective was a snore fest ….the second half was exactly what true fans were waiting for since i talk to true fans and you sit around smoking cigarettes wishing it was nolans penis……

            4) you are the cinematic douche bags i was talking about cause apparently you watch all these movies to bust on them lmao hipster douche shit let me guess film school drop out? ….nolans only good works were inception , momento, and dark knight rises the rest artsy drawn out lame movies …
            5) you reference frank miller yet you dont read comics so im guessing you got that from Nolans vanity fair interview you jack off to on your wall …frank millers version was a rip off of a origin compilation from detective comics …

            6) you mention matter of opinion call man of steel lackluster but completely over look the fact that all you are basing your nolan love are on your own opinion not any one else’s. true fans of the genre hated nolans third installment of the series and his refusal to unify the universe never mind cristian bales lame voice the only reason people flocked to see the third was the success of dark knight (witch i might add only got its buzz because of the death of one of their lead actors, it ended up being a good movie but lets not say people were dying to see the new nolan batman after the first…. till that misfortune) and by the time people realized it sucked they were already duped out of their money …ill give it his bruce wayne was spot on

            7) you can re imagine anything you want thats what makes this world great but true fans of the genre aka not you have bin waiting for years for a justice league movie …and you mention marvels all or nothing approach ….THAT IS WHAT EVERY PERSON WHO READS COMICS HAS BIN WAITING FOR!….what the hell were you even in the theater for if not for that monumental achievement!? of hollywood assholes finally getting out of their own egos way and just making the movies as they were written so long ago. it is what every one was waiting for thus translating to the insane success the genre is having now …if it aint broke dont fix it!

            8) to take something people love and are invested in and have some hollywood jerk who doesnt read the material or just skims through it and than say “were gonna do it like this” is asinine and alienates the core fan base the whole damn reason there was interest in the movie in the first place ……

            9) everything is open to interpretation time loops alternate realities and all that… the difference is its written by fans for fans and thus there is a core that is always recognizable…to have a non fan tamper with that and write his own half assed version and than slap a recognizable name on it is a hack job and takes the whole soul out of what make it appealing in the first place…..

            10) fanboyism is in the spotlight and here to stay witnessed by the overwhelming main stream success of comic con and to a lesser extent g4 ….and surprise the movies with the most success in these genres at their core follow the blue print written so long ago …with minimum liberties taken by the director….in the end its a business and fanboys spend money hand over fist when something they love is done right ….and finally hollywood seems to have stopped listening to the film school drop out non fans and critics come over to the good guys …….

          • Dev

            First of all, thank you for bothering with at least some degree of grammar.

            1) We are talking about films, after all. If liking films more than comics makes me a douche bag in your eyes, that’s too bad.

            2) See above.

            3) The core problem. You like big dumb action sequences that run on too long, and aren’t interested in characterisation. I got tired with those by the time Matrix Reloaded came out. Basically we have different priorities.

            4) I watched the film because I like films, and I was curious to see if it would live up to the promise of it’s cast, which it mostly did. Also, just finished second year of a visual arts degree, since you bring up education. A lot of my work draws upon horror films, and assuming you’re on this website, I’m guessing that kind of thing is at least loosely of interest to you.

            5) To be honest I can’t remember where I saw or heard the Frank Miller bit, but I know I’ve heard it from multiple sources. It won’t have been Vanity Fair though as I have never read it. I’ll take your word that Miller ‘ripped off’ (or more likely was influenced by) other versions of the story because that’s how all of these things are made.

            6) My opinion is my opinion, that is true. What is more matter of fact are review aggregations and box office figures. Metacritic is a good indicator because it’s not just critics and not just everyone else either, you can see how well it breaks down: 45 critic reviews gave an average scor of 78, 3015 user ratings gave it 8.4. That would indicate two things: that people who saw it who were not critics liked it more than critics, on the whole (but more or less the same), and that people who saw it overwhelmingly liked it. You can go look for yourself, maybe pick a fight with some of their users over it if you want to. Additionally, The Dark Knight Rises took over a billion dollars.

            7) Back to your ‘true fans’ assertion. As Emperor of Fandom, you must know that people within a spectrum can and will disagree on their individual perspectives. I’ve been over this already so repeating it is kind of redundant. Like I said, I don’t read much in the way of comics, I prefer films. Since we are talking about films, not comics, I would assert that a film (with a maximum running time of three hours, because as you seem to agree, more than that is pushing it) that tries to include, with adequate depth to satisfy it’s core fans like yourself, every single character, plot and subplot that you have come to demand and expect, would be either massively over-long or severely compromised and watered down. So take your pick. I would rather see something self contained, that get’s it’s chosen elements right rather than try and stuff it all into a comfortable running time, which would inevitably make nobody happy.

            8) I take you have met Christopher Nolan and his brother and discussed at length their familiarity with the material in order to be able to make claims over how much or how little attention they paid to it prior to spending the best part of a decade making three films based upon it? No? Oh,

            9) See 8.

            10) There is some delicacy in the language here. I was talking about fanboys, not fans. Fan’s are into things. Fanboys are into things to the detriment of said things. They choke the life out of their fandom. They suffocate it, give a bad name to others that are fans, isolate it, and make it elitist. Fans are in the spotlight, and with the varous conventions etc I would say it’s probably never been better for them. Fanboys however can go fuck themselves.

            Are we finished yet?

          • Kahdiak Cpr

            sorry i have a life i just saw this ……yes we are talking about films. sigh FILMS ABOUT COMICS!!….i love films directing and follow directors producers and the like way more than the average person….i guess your two years in school make you an expert in all thing cinema from one emperor to another you need to pump your brakes buddy…..

            being as i follow these things nolan admitted not being familiar with batman …. second you can quote obscure text book jargan all you want. the third installment of batman was a deluded mess. it dragged on endlessly, with a villain that no one could understand a word he was saying and so little action you forgot you were even watching a batman movie ….here is where im going to do you a favor and enlighten you to something NEWS FLASH!!!….i understand the need to develop characters if this were your average movie ….but comic book movies are a entity unto themselves and thus your tried and true hollywood formula gets bucked at every turn .we are already in love with these characters the core audience already cares ..the reason the sequels to these movies almost always do better than the first is 1 we dont have to watch 45 minutes of crap we already know so the noobs can catch up. We can get right into the meat of the story..2 theirs more action….comic books are based on action who the hell wants to watch batman cry for 1hr before he suits up or superman do his laundry for 30 minutes …only know it all critic types like yourself . in your critique of man of steel you pretty much word for word ripped off some critics review i read on rotton tomatoes thus proving your a true student and have no opinion of your own….the fight scenes were perfect …nobody wants to pay 20 dollars to see a movie in 3d to watch what amounts to 10mins of real action while you critics stroke your wood to the character development that sucks any way…if it were a different genre develop away. i dont know these characters nobody does make me care the movies we are discussing… we already care !…get on with the damn movie! i can simplify this even more …comics, super heroes the love starts as a child…the most successful of these movies avengers , the last man of steel xmen first class,they made sure the heroes are on screen a lot not all this back story crap and civilian alter ego mess ….if a 8 year old has to ask where the hero is? during his OWN movie?! you suck as a director and should have never bin givin the project…these movies will never win Oscars ….. they wont garner beloved spots in critics hearts….. they are popcorn movies for the average joe to escape his boring dull life …. so they shouldnt be gauged by the same stupid criteria for what i good movie is…. if i am a true fan i ask myself this…was i entertained? did they evoke the spirit of the character? and did the director not piss me off? little changes here or there did they keep the core in place? if the are all yes its a pass …
            this is a horror site…i stumbled upon the picture and responded …but lets look at this …in my opinion horror movies are the biggest perpetrators of some or all of the things you complained about …no character development, boring leads, terrible writing and acting , worse effects just terrible reviews from every critic under the sun….and yet you love them any way…….. because the true core fans dont care! …by the third jason or fifth freddy movie nobody gives a shit if you develop his character …….you are there for one reason and one reason only……. to see the blood spill!….. the more carnage and bodies the better!
            this is my argument….now if i were to take jason and make him an insurance salesman got rid of the mask and made him a clown because im the director and i feel like it!? the backlash would be insane….why? because i messed with the soul of the character ……so go quote a text book fire at my grammar school boy.
            wander into movies you know nothing about and than explain with your infinite knowledge of cinema from your 2 yrs of school why characters you dont care about would be better in yours and some douche bags critics or directors vision ….the top grossing ones in all these genres followed the origins, respected the works of those that came before them, and used a lite touch to modernize them. and when it came to action they brought it!…. like their core demographic wanted and expected ….you mentioned star wars so im guessing your a fan ….me to ….if a star wars movie was freakin luke and yoda training for a whole damn movie and a ten minute climax you would have had your midiclorians in a bunch……that is all may the force be with you

            and in my position as emperor of comic book fandom…(i kind of like the ring to that) critics can go fuck them selves the are bitter non creative trash who could never make anything of any value to any one so they spend their lives tearing down others accomplishments ….nolan is a great director just not for comics….. he should stick to psychological thrillers and id be first in line

          • Dev

            Try typing with your fingers and not your fists, you’ll make more sense. You did alright before, but this last post of yours is borderline unreadable.

            I’m not going to bother repeating myself, I think I said everything that needs to be said enough times already – I’ve responded to your arguments individually anyway. Sufficed to say, you’re part of the problem, suffocating the things you claim to love by saying that anyone outside of your own subculture isn’t permitted to criticise or even have an opinion. That makes you kind of a dick.

            On horror films (and films in general): as I already said, my degree is visual arts, not film studies. What I know about films, I know from studying it on my own terms for the best part of thirty years, and this makes me at least as qualified as you to have a say on the subject. In that time I may have read a few books on the subject, and judging from your anti-educational stance, that’s probably a few more than you have. If that upsets you, then that’s really too bad – you’re missing out, more than anything.

            Also, there’s more to horror than blood and gore, though blood and gore is fine. If you’re satisfied with the endless repetition of Friday 13th sequel after sequel, then Godspeed. I find it pretty fucking boring, personally. You’re right on one aspect: the majority of contemporary horror films suffer from underdevelopment with characters and story, but as it happens those aren’t the kinds of horror films that I tend to enjoy all that much. But I’m optimistic, because whilst the majority that come out are not worth watching, you get lucky sometimes, and you get something interesting or thrilling every now and then.

          • Kahdiak Cpr

            1)im not by any means anti education im anti condescending dicks such as yourself ……your 30 plus years of sitting on the couch and being a dbag and 2yrs of college dont make you an expert of shit

            2) your welcome to have an opinion and were not a sub culture any more we took over …you just have a shit opinion and many people agree with me..your not special cause you read a few books and can quote text ..

            3) jason freddy all those movies suck are not entertaining and to be honest horror as a whole is the worst genre to even consider it cinema is insulting …same tired contrived dribble over and over again …i read books on everything …ive acted ive shot film ive bin around the whole process so since im actually doing what your condescending hipster ass is hoping to do i think i have a much more qualified opinion than yours …..i was typing from my phone ….again i have a life writing music and the like being around woman you know non hipster douche shit ……
            4) the genre is thriving you idiot! and just getting better because asshole directors and producers are getting out of their way and giving true fans what they want and its paying off in millions at the box office and world wide
            5) true fans want accountability if some one fucks up a film if thats suffocating?!…… its just a testament to your genre of choice witch lets be honest you will be lucky if one out of every 20 movies made is any good…usually its just an excuse for sick fucks to live out there sordid twisted little fantasies
            6) in closing if a man has a vision than just make a movie about a vision dont be a hack and take some one elses hard work slap a recognizable name on it in hopes of commercial success
            taking something well loved and twisting it and saying its your own is a hack job…..nolans work wasnt ground breaking it was 80’s batman ….im not a fanboy im a student of all of the arts but i speak up when some is exalted when in reality they are hacks…
            .im sure you would rave if superman and batman had a gay scene and if movies and the like are in the hands of people like you sadly….. i dont see that to far in the distant future…..
            .man of steel made a shit ton of money because in the end the fans make or break a movie and if they were duped into a shitty movie you will incur their wrath …because you damn well know all the real money is made the first weekend. so if its bad the true fans always get shafted because they went to see it in droves before word of mouth gets around that it was terrible …..and even than they want to know for themselves….. so they go see it any way in the slim hopes that its good… your numbers are way off in determining true success ….cause best believe you lost those people for life ….. im done buddy have a nice life fucking up films for the rest of us

          • Dev

            Actually a gay scene between your favourite superheroes would be pretty good. It would cause so much nerdrage that all your little heads would probably explode. You can call me a hipster all you want but at least I have a sense of humour. Don’t forget, you’re the one who felt compelled to start throwing insults at me for voicing my opinion. Still makes you a dick.

          • Kahdiak Cpr

            Lmao …actually douch you attacked my grammer. I attacked your gay lover Nolan and your taste in movies, in a genre you don’t understand….so as you have resulted to tossing my insults bck at me and I get woman on a regular basis and your one of those pasty sick fat fucks that beats off to slasher flicks. I think I have done my job here…I have a sense of humour buddy ….but you have to be funny in the first place and not a condescending smug asshole……I think were done here…..check please!

          • Dev

            Actually I was pretty cordial with you despite you throwing insults at me from the get-go. I didn’t attack your grammar, so much as I asked you to make it legible, because it’s super tiring to have to try and decipher what you were writing. If I can put the effort in, so can you.

            If you want to ‘attack’ my taste in films then you’re wasting your time because I know what I like, and why I like it, and every point I have made has been backed up with reasoning (whether you agree with it or not) and every point you have made has been frothing at the mouth and mean-spirited, which only serves to make you look pretty unimpressive. I could have had an enjoyable discussion with anyone who disagrees with me, because that’s fun and that’s part of the purpose of forums like this, which is what I was hoping for, but ultimately you weren’t up to that, and could only incomprehensibly punch out a load of homophobic, anti-intellectual slurs (you equate taking an interest in film as being ‘hipster’, which is both funny and also illustrative of your ignorance, but we’ve been over that). Congratulations on being a functioning heterosexual male, by the way. A stark accomplishment in the history of man, for sure. Maybe you’ll get a medal.

          • wolffearpain6336

            I hate to butt in but you come off as childish and acting like you know everyone’s opinions. If they don’t match yours then they are not “True Fans”. You keep saying all the true fans you talk to hate Nolan’s third film. Batman Begins was pretty good and Dark Knight was amazing. The third was the weakest in the trilogy but your getting mad because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion on Man of Steel? You need to chill out and realize everyone has their own opinion and know one is right or wrong. Your opinion is fine but your acting arrogant and saying he is not a true fan because his opinion differs from yours. Also your calling him gay and calling him names like a 12 year old lol. So I suggest you stop acting like an asshole and just admit everyone has their own opinion and your not better than anyone else just because YOU know what is right and wrong. I hate to say this and end it like this but I am almost positive that in real life you would never call anyone names like that to their face and these True Fans of yours are just either your very few friends or people you blog with online. Dev stop arguing with him because you are just giving him entertainment. Have a nice day!

          • Kahdiak Cpr

            I ammm an asshole wolf.
            .one you obviously didn’t read everything I wrote I said dark knight was amazing …..and second homeboy people that know me know I prefer to say my opinions right to your face being as I am no nerd ass blogger .
            You can tell because my writings aren’t all composed perfectly and I didntnask my friends to up my posts or up my posts for me …and I use my real rap name and not an alias so anybody that has a problem with me can find me …I’m welcome to my opinion just like you and your butt buddy are but seeing as he admitted he knows nothing or very little about comics and you came to his rescue when he started his indirect smug shit that many of you clown bloggers do
            rather than be men and come right at the person….I’m pretty sure in real life both you little bitches saw me you would walk the other way
            In closing I am an asshole but I’m a magnificent asshole you bitches can have your page back bitndont ever get it twisted you insult me online i go at you hard you in real life you go to the hospital kahdiak Google me bitch I’m kind of a big deal

  • cliff

    Horrible Mr. dbag not Batman

  • woodchuck

    I thought Man of Steel was awesome, especially when compared with Superman Returns (or whatever that other one was called) I think movie will be cool, although probably not as dark as the last few Batman movies, but I could be wrong

  • Andy Cauble

    Every Superman movie has been a pile of shit. People love the Christopher Reeves ones (or maybe just two of ’em) simply for nostalgia value. But really, the character has been crap on film since day one.

    • Bill McCormick Jr.

      No, people love the first two because they were great films. You may not like them, bur not everyone loves for nostalgia alone.

      • Andy Cauble

        They were not great films. They were the only big screen adaptation of a character people liked. The ONLY reasons people like them is either for nostalgia or no other Superman films to compare them to. Superman films are garbage, they always have been. You have to tkae the fan goggles off and look at them for w3hat they. Weakly scripted, slathered together cornball films that don’t hold up whatsoever.

  • Kahdiak Cpr

    man of steel rocked and im a trua superman fan since child hood you critics can suck a bag o dicks it was one of the best hero films ever made …the public was not swayed by your bad mouthing of the film …..ok marvel d riders comence your nerd fuckery

  • ThunderDragoon

    I didn’t care for any of the Dark Knight stuff, but I loved Man of Steel. I’m hoping Batman feels more like Burton’s than Nolan’s this time around.

    • Evan3

      ThunderDragoon… are you on crazy pills? You usually have pretty solid taste but now you praise Man of Steel and the Burton Bat-films? Yikes!

      • Burton’s Batman films are awesome. Gothic and dark.

        • Evan3

          Excuse me. How are rockets strapped to a literal penguin’s back, an evil carnival that abducts kids in a toy train, and the Joker shooting down a fighter plane with a comically large-barreled gun after spray-painting graffiti while listening to Prince on a boombox dark? In fact ALL of those things would be right at home with Adam West. I am ok with people who like the Burton flicks, but please, don’t call them “dark.”

          • A deformed psychopath wants to kill children by dumping them in a pool of toxic waste, a person explodes with a ticking bomb, Catwoman is totally insane, gets repeatedly thrown off buildings to her apparent death and shot multiple times, Max is electrocuted to death through a french kiss, a guy has his face been scratched off and stabbed through the eyes, two people are thrown off buildings to their apparent death, Batman removes a sword really fast from a guy’s oesophagus, Penguin bites off a guy’s nose and blood is spraying in gory fashion, multiple sexual innuendos are included in the dialogues, Joker electrifies someone to death, kills another one with a pen, laughs maniacally after failed plastic? surgery, shoots multiple times his old boss under happy circus music, poisons people with laughing gas and more. Agreed…I should not call them dark :/

          • Evan3

            Doomas – are you even reading what you are saying. OH MY HOW DARK… DEATH BY…. FRENCH KISS! I suppose you view Machete as the DARKEST EDGIEST MOVIES EVER!
            Seriously, you think death by joy buzzer, Penguin wearing a onesie while running for mayor and death by pen are NOT campy? Please. Allllllll of that stuff would belong in an Adam West movie. In fact, I am 100% sure Adam West Batman actually did run around with a ticking bomb! West Catwoman also scratched people in the face.
            Just because something is shot in a gothic style doesn’t make it non-campy. For goodness sakes… Michael Keaton literally sleeps upside down in Batman… like a bat! How adult.
            Seriously, I don’t have anything against the films, I have a huge problem with the perception that they are somehow any more adult or less campy than the Schumaker and West eras (and for the record, I think Adam West is the best Batman after Nolan’s vision). I mean you talk about poison gas… but neglect the fact they are dispensed from hot air balloons. Hilarious! That did, in fact, occur in an episode of Scooby Doo Meets Batman.

  • dman99999

    for how boring superman could have been i thought snyder did a good job with man of steal the action scenes were incredible and the backstory while again kind of boring was decent

  • Brendan Fenton

    first mistake, casting affleck
    second mistake, making him look like Arnold schwarzenegger. typical Hollywood move.

  • Brendan Fenton

    By the way, its just my opinion. Remember , you can chose to not like Ben

  • Bluegrasslass

    Oh god, who cares? These superhero things just go on and on. So very dull.

  • Evan3

    I too like Snyder and hated Man of Steel. Needless to say, visuals has never been Snyder’s problem, so this photo means nothing.

  • curious how this one is going to turn out. I thought Man of Steel was fantastic with great performances. Zack Snyder surely has an eye for action sequences. My only worry here will be the over abundance of characters- Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, etc. Not liking Affleck as Batman, but I am seeing this because Batman is my favourite hero eveeeeeeeeeeer!

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