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Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Done Horror Style!

Artist Dan Luvisi has created a “Popped Culture” series of digital paintings in which he takes your favorite cartoon/video game characters and twists them into something else entirely. These are no longer moral, loving cartoons, but deviants and monsters that will murder you in a heartbeat. My favorite is “No Country For Old Muppets”, but there are so many good ones, sure to taint a few childhood memories.



  • Werewolf

    That’s so cool. I love it when artists turn harmless into into harmful.

  • Dr. Rotz

    The Adventure Time one just makes me sad.

  • Brandon

    Amazing work!

  • That Mickey Mouse pic is just beyond creepy. Seriously, I keep thinking those eyes..THOSE EYES

  • gishikin

    Horror Style. What the fuck does that even mean?170 million artists and you post the one your grandma forwarded to you. What is this shit doing here? Slow news day?

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