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Sign Up for the ‘F.E.A.R. Online’ Beta Before it Goes Live Next Week

There’s a solid chance F.E.A.R. 4 won’t be coming anytime soon, but at least we’re getting the next best thing in F.E.A.R. Online — the first free-to-play entry in the series that’s set after the events in Project Origin.

I’m ashamed to admit that while I was accepted into the alpha — with the idea of sharing my thoughts on it with all of you — I never actually got around to playing it. I suppose it’s for the best, since the game is scheduled to return next week with brand new content, including a new scenario, redesigned crafting system, bug fixes and “many other features” they’d rather we discover on our own.

When F.E.A.R. Online releases in full, it will feature a campaign that supports co-op with up to four players and a competitive multiplayer mode spread across ten unique maps.

If all that sounds like a bloody good time, you can sign up for the beta here.




  • X4M

    Nice to see Bloody Disgusting talk about the beta 😀
    Go go go !

  • PonkoWonko

    Game is shit. Got into closed alpha, not worth playing.

    • Chandler Of-Adelaide

      Would be nice if you could elaborate on that.

      • PonkoWonko

        The whole admosphere that makes F.E.A.R. good is missing. There’s no horror at all.

        • Chandler Of-Adelaide

          Elaborate further? Are the jump scares predictable? Or too few and far in between? Is it the inclusion of other players? How many players are with you? Could a smaller number perhaps change the dynamic?

          Details, man! 😛

          • PonkoWonko

            Here are the details. There is PvP and PvE. With PvP it is just a very bland multiplayer death match/ team deatmatch game. The controls are not smooth, the animations (and graphics) are outdated, the shooting feels not responsive in terms of hitting the enemy etc. There are a lot more better (free) multiplayer games that give a far better experience.

            Now the PvE mode is fun for an hour but after that you don’t have a reason to play the game and you have still the same problems as with the PvP modes. The PvE modes is just not scary. My guess is that the publisher WB games wanted an F2P P2W multiplayer game with a “solid” franchise as name.

            No idea why they picked F.E.A.R as a multiplayer game after the failure called F.E.A.R. 3.

            This game is going to die very soon and the servers will shut down.

          • Chandler Of-Adelaide

            Well if you were in the alpha that would explain every single issue you had except for the “fun for an hour” part. :

          • PonkoWonko

            I was in the alpha. What is your problem? I just gave you the details why I didn’t like it. That is my opinion. I don’t like the game. I should have said nothing anyway because I signed an NDA which says I can’t say shit about the game. I gave you the details and you give me such a douchebag answer? I have played many closed alphas and this game was the most uninspired game I’ve ever played.

          • Chandler Of-Adelaide

            Calm your farm. I merely pointed out that the technical issues you listed are standard for a game being in alpha and thus they’re not really any reason to dislike the game and then I acknowledged that you only found it “fun for an hour” which I meant to imply that the game is not your cup of tea. Which is fine, everyone likes different things. No need to get all defensive.

  • qqryq

    All alpha testers will be invited. Alpha was really bad, maybe beta will be better.

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