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[TV] Clever “True Blood” Farewell Campaign Begins

The best thing HBO has done with “True Blood” are the marketing campaigns, which have always been clever.

Sticking with their awesome puns, the first poster for their seventh and final season of “True Blood,” which returns June 22 at 9PM, denotes that “Goodbyes suck.” Indeed, they do.

We’ve also updated with four more.

Rumors have it that Bill Compton’s past will be revealed, there are new villains, one named “The Figure,” and that there will be flashbacks all the way to 1850s.

TRUE-BLOOD-Season-7-Poster (1)



  • ThunderDragoon

    I just hope it’s a better final season than Dexter’s was. That was rough.

  • Ltg1998

    Such a great book series turned into an over sexualized over violent soap opera:(
    Could have been great if they would have stuck with the storylines from the books.
    The first season was some of the best tv I’ve seen and made me proud of book to tv adaptations, until that awful second season.

  • It could go anywhere. As far as I am concerned it was all uphill after the second season. Maybe if Dexter had it’s crappy season in the beginning they wouldn’t have saved it for last?! I’m only watching the show for Vampire Jessica’s plot line. Everyone else can explode in to a fiery pile of vampire goo.

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