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‘Godzilla’ the First In Planned Trilogy!

Monsters director Gareth Edwards is now the most monstrous filmmaker in Hollywood.

In this article announcing that he’ll be getting behind the camera for one of three Star Wars spinoffs(!), they reveal that Edwards will be returning to direct not one, but two Godzilla sequels.

The site explains that while story ideas exist for the two Godzilla sequels, the Godzilla 2 project is still in early development and does not even have a script. But they are clear that Edwards is attached to direct both.

Produced by Legendary Pictures and released by Warner Bros., the monster movie reboot earned an impressive $93.2 million at the domestic box office this weekend. It also opened in most overseas markets, which added up to over $103 million, says Box Office Mojo.



  • Keanu Reeves

    Get rid of the kids … and I am down.

    • a very British hamster

      Agreed! Ken Watanabe is the only human perspective we really need.

  • a very British hamster

    Good there’ll be more room for improvement and hopefully now they’ll give Gareth the creative control he deserves.

  • I’d certainly like to see 1) characters that are actually interesting, and 2) less obnoxious cutaways (if you want to create a slow build like Jaws or Jurassic Park, showing a full body shot of a monster then cutting away to something boring as soon as a battle starts is not the way to do it).

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    I want Mothra and the Japanese fairy twins! Plleeeeaaaaasssseeee make it happen!

    • ohitsmerenz

      There are like easter eggs on the movie. I saw the twins and Mothra was written on the aquarium

      • Max

        I remember th e guy who wrote the scipt and the prequel comic said he was considering Mothra for the sequal

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    How about some actual monster fights?

    • DrForrester

      So you didn’t like the one we got?

      • Dr. Storm Crow

        I didn’t like that it was like 3 percent of the movie. If I go to Godzilla, i want one third of the movie to be Godzilla suplexing mothers and breathing atomic fire all over the place. I want him getting super-charged by lightning storms and using tanker trucks as baseball bats.

        For the next Godzilla movie, I pretty much want Pacific Rim, but without Jaegers.

        • VonEnemy

          Some of Godzilla’s strongest foes are robots (MechaGodilla, Gigan; not the final wars one tho although he was cool as hell, he didn’t do much Godzilla asskicking like the original one did,Kiryu;a mechagodzilla made from the bones of the 1954 Godzilla). Each of these robots/cyborgs gave godzilla a fight for his life especially Kiryu who gave godzilla the 2 worst wounds he’s ever suffered. I’d love to see them take the MUTO male and make Gigan out of it, it already has hooks for hands so they are halfway there…

    • gameragodzilla

      We got them. The final fight in Godzilla 2014 was the best in the series, so far, and possibly the best monster fight of all time.

      I guess you’d rather have Baysplosions everywhere, right?

      • Dr. Storm Crow

        The fight was good, but it was too little too late. When I pay 9 bucks to watch Godzilla, I expect to see some serious monster-on-monster fight, not a 10 minute thing intercut with soldiers I don’t give a crap about because they’ve got no more personality than “the troops,” stupid kids, and the one soldier’s nurse girlfriend. It would be one thing if the plot had more going on that just a linear sequence of events with no growth or development in characters, but it didn’t. I don’t need explosions, but if I go to a movie, either wow me with something I’ve not seen before, or give me something to care about. Up until that last 15 minutes, I have to say, I was not impressed. I didn’t hate what I got, but I was a smidge disappointed. That’s all I meant to say.
        So, next time, Mr. Gareth Edwards, please, if you’re going to make monsters fight, make that the focus of the movie. I’m watching Godzilla for Godzilla kicking serious monster butt, not for the subtext of disaster relief.

  • IconOfSin

    Excellent news, I really enjoyed his version of Godzilla. Bring back King Ghidorah, how cool would he look nowadays.

  • Frank Petersen

    This movie sucked sucked sucked sucked. I dont know how it was a huge hit. Godzilla and those other things got probably about 5 minutes total of airtime. And not for nothing, but i did not like any of the actors in the film. They all bored the piss out of me. The matthew broderick version was a masterpiece compared to this, and thats not saying much. Its like saying jenny mccarthy is the pretty one on the view. Awful awful awful.

    • Dr. Storm Crow

      I mean, it wasn’t what it may have been chocked up to be, but I don’t rightly know if i’d say it sucked. It was a good start, but has room for improvement. Any other kaiju would have worked in the place of Godzilla. Where it fails is the fact it doesn’t play enough into the Godzilla mythos, and the human characters aren’t nearly fleshed out enough to matter.

      • Frank Petersen

        Sorry, but i think we all wanted to actually see Godzilla a little more than we did. Way way too much human interaction. I didnt care for one actor in the film. I could have cared less if Godzilla or whatever that thing was stomped on them all! I did not enjoy it one bit.

        • Security Guard

          Could you direct me to your crack dealer? If you didn’t like it, you are NOT a TRUE Godzilla fan. Zilla was the drizzling shits and I wish the Polterguist curse on EVERYONE involved in that film

          • Trevor Søul Midgorden

            That’s a bit extreme… Poultergeist curse? Really? Also, the “TRUE GODZILLA FAN” argument just furthers his own. If only “true fans” can enjoy it, doesn’t that mean that non-fans viewing a Godzilla film for the first time are more likely to hate it? Hell, even ones that have only seen Zilla, since that isn’t a -legitimate- Godzilla film. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed Zilla in it’s own rights, but if we lose Broderick’s broadway singing to your damned curse I’d be a little cheesed off.

        • brewers_rule

          Did it ever occur to you that just MAYBE that’s what they were planning to do: emphasize suspense & not blow their entire Godzilla wad in the first 5 minutes which is indicative of every other crappy movie churned out by Hollywood lately? If this trilogy story is true, my guess is that they will have more Godzilla, Mothra etc in the next movie(s) with this one setting things up. That build up makes it even more satisfying when it DOES happen. Do you really want all movies to follow the Michael Bay Transformers format of all flash and no dash? If so, I’m presuming you’re awaiting the awesomely-planned Oscar-worthy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltles reboot. Awful shallow, man.

    • K-Dogg

      Did you just say Broderick’s version is a gem compared to this…..Wow….ok. I loved Godzilla, cannot wait to see it again.

      • MegaSolipsist

        Most films are gems compared to the new Godzilla, the 1998 film included.

    • Ruben

      You are kidding right? You don’t know about Godzilla films obviously.

    • Mr. Holipsism

      Frank Petersen’s review sucked sucked sucked sucked. I don’t know how it got posted on this site. Frank Petersen and his stupid opinion doesn’t deserve 5 minutes of anyone’s time. And not for nothing, I don’t like him. His writing bored the piss out of me. Dean Devlin’s screenplay for Zilla 1998 was a masterpiece compared to his writing, and thats not saying much. Its like saying jenny mccarthy is the pretty one on the view. Awful awful awful.

      • Dime

        Fucking dumb ass… go kill yourself.

  • VictorCrowley

    Isn’t it safe to refer to Gareth Edwards as the “Godzilla director” at this point?

  • Michael Brown

    did you just say that the film done with matthew broderick was a masterpiece.. if u thought that, then you have no taste in movies. no I have not see the movie yet but the version with matthew broderick was crap. ya a lot of the japan films of the series was not so great too but but the matthew broderick version was beyond bad. that was like mixing Jurassic Park with being a mutant giant lizard that happens to be named Godzilla. In godzilla: Final Wars.. he fought the matthew broderick version’s Godzilla.. the matthew broderick version got spanked like a little catholc school girl.

    • Lord Kuz

      Look around at Kaiju Otaku and talk to G-fans… and you find that many are like me. .. I own dozens of copies of each of the 28 Gojira movies on DVD and Video – special editions and packaging….. and collect figures, books and anything I can get my hands on … HOWEVER… I would not soil my collection by having anything related to that appalling “Zilla” movie.

  • Xuncu Morton


  • HighDefJunkies

    So 2017-18. 3-4 wait! Urhh.

  • DANTEarg

    really? it wasn’t goodn at all

    • Dime

      You good sir need to go die. 🙂 …. dumb ass

      • DANTEarg

        well…if i die i don´t have to see two more sequels to this piece of shit. Sorry, the poor acting and the lack of Godzilla did not work for me, more for you and your fucking bad taste.

    • gameragodzilla

      Stick to Transformers, kid. The almighty Bay has you covered.

    • MegaSolipsist

      This movie was boring as hell and focused on a whole load of characters I didn’t care about. Not to mention the criminal way they wasted Cranston and Watanabe.

  • Layne

    Classic Godzilla films were both paced and edited in the same fashion, all leading up to a finale confrontation. Go back and watch some of the more serious films (they weren’t all serious) of the Showa era — Godzilla vs Mothra, Terror of Mechagodzila. They are cut in the exact same fashion. Rewatched “Terror” just the other night, after seeing the new flik, and it feels like Edwards used the layout of that film as a HUGE inspiration, even down to the dark and brooding score. First Godzilla sighting in “Terror”? 45 mins in. The whole film was a build up to Godzilla facing off against Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus in the final 20 mins. Up until that point, you see much more of Godzilla’s foes than you do the big G. It’s in this sense, that I feel Edwards stayed true to some of my favorite films among the classics. Was it a perfect movie? No. Did it have the feel of the classics I loved as a kid? Absolutely, and that makes it a rousing success in my book.

  • Charles Hunter

    I have been a Daikaiju fan for my entire life, I own all of the Godzilla and Gamera movies, the shows, many toys, etc. I very much enjoyed the new installment, and was happy to see that while they did steal the main plot from something else, that this was well executed and big “G” is back and beautiful. I can’t wait for more.

  • brewers_rule

    I’m wondering what the reviews on this movie have been from the Japanese perspective. I’m glad it’s been fairly positive and successful from the domestic side but extra sequels would seem to need the purists on the other side of the Pacific to keep going due to Godzilla’s character scale & fantastic world surrounding the big guy. It’s nice to see another example of writing a good storyline around a fantastical character like Godzilla works in Hollywood, though. Gives me hope maybe they’ll learn great movies start there & build franchises around that with effects & characters taking the proper backseat.

  • Daniel Lewis

    So heres my review. Godzilla is a great first installment to the upcoming trilogy! I love the score, when I heard the first song being played, my thoughts went to ikfubes scores. The creature design was amazing, and the king of monsters actually looked like himself. The acting is a tad stiff, but isn’t horrible. Godzillas roar… gave me goosebumps! I would have paid just to hear it! The story jumped around a lot, which played well in this film and also stayed true to some of the original Godzilla stories ( destroy all monsters, final wars, ect…..) all in all I was greatly impressed and cant wait for the next installment! Great job Garreth!

    • Dime

      No one cares about your crappy review.

      • pheromones

        No one cares about your comment.

        • Dime

          How original. Dumb ass.

      • Diarrhetrius Brown

        You’re a cunt

        • Dime

          Awwe, go eat some Watermelon. Bitch.

    • Derek Behrends

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Matt Everdeen

    Godzilla 1 (2014): Godzilla vs Mutos

    Godzilla 2 (2017): Godzilla vs Mothra & Gigan

    Godzilla 3 (2019) Godzilla vs King Ghidora, Rodan, Anguirus. Mothra vs Gigan.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    The movie really sucked. Godzilla is an awesome monster tho and that makes this bad movie worth watching. It can be fixed…. Edit out about an hour and a half and edit in a Raymond Burr stand in to narrate between the monster fights. And definitely cut out the part that Godzilla faints. If he can’t keep it together against no-name mutos he’s not going to stand a chance against the true contenders.

    • Dime

      Eat a cock. The movie was awesome. You have no taste ass hat.

    • Rufus

      You’re an idiot.

      • Sherlock Holmes

        That’s your rebuttal? Who’s the idiot?

        • Rufus

          Your grammar and idiotic reasons for not liking the movie told me that a full rebuttal would have been a waste of time.

          • Sherlock Holmes

            The reason I don’t like the movie is because the story is completely lame with such a bad story they would have been better off If they had just remade the original. While the only thing your lack of a proper rebuttal will show here is that you really don’t have anything good to point out about this movie except that Godzilla looks good. But that’s not your fault we will blame that on Gareth. Who by the way will hopefully be staying far far away from the Han Solo movie

          • Sherlock Holmes

            And by the way fuck your grammar

  • halloweencelts666 .

    As Milton Berle always said, “If you’re going to steal, steal from the best.”

    This film was just a retread of Gamera: Guardian of the Universe which, by the way, is a far far superior film. The lame Mutos were basically the Gyaos and were poorly designed, 8-legged Gigans topped with Gyaos’ flat head. Hollywood in their arrogance will never get Godzilla or any other kaiju right. Only the Japanese can do kaiju!

    Meanwhile I’m looking forward to the 50th anniversary Gamera 2015 movie!

    • Phil Blank

      There was hidden meaning in the original Kujira, but not many have understood it or figured it out, let alone pick-up on it

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Found this old picture of Dime in his mothers underwear drawer thought I’d share it. Dime it’s ok buddy now you have lots of fathers and you can play with (our) balls!!

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