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An Artist is Remaking the Greatest Scene in ‘System Shock 2’

I’ve spoke often and loudly about my undying love for System Shock 2. It’s one of the first horror games I ever played, and there are certain scenes that have managed stick with me even 15 years later. If you haven’t played the game, I’m going to go ahead and spoil the big reveal, seeing as it’s been available for some time now. If you’re still planning on picking it up, this is the point where you cover your ears.

Throughout the game you’re guided by the voice of who you think is the sole other survivor aboard a starship called the Von Braun. Everyone else is dead, so Dr. Janice Polito’s voice is essentially your only source of hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. So when you finally make your way through the horrors of the Von Braun, the malevolent AI known as SHODAN reveals herself in a rather spectacular way.

It’s an amazing, unforgettable moment.

So that’s the scene Polycount forums user Mr Smo is working on recreating in CryEngine 3. So far, the results are nothing short of amazing.




  • The_7th_Seal

    This is one of those classic games I really need to go back and play. With how often i hear this game brought up, i feel like I’m definitely missing out.

    • Austin Carroll Brinkman

      It really does. If you were a fan of Bioshock this is it’s “Daddy” if you will. The gameplay is smooth,the environment and ambience is classic and unnerving, and has the shock value that I personally adore in horror games.

    • Mistah Vader

      There are certain things about the game that might put off modern gamers like lack of autosaving, lack of regenerating health, limited ammo. The graphics don’t hold up that well but the general ambiance/ sound design holds up really well.

  • William Fenton

    Certainly nothing bloody disgusting about those screenshots.

  • Sick_skwerl

    I love System Shock 2! Which I owe to you, Adam (I won the code for it on a caption contest on this site way back when). Thanks for introducing me to what I consider one of the best reveals in a game EVER!

    • Adam Dodd

      That’s AWESOME! I love that you played it. Too many people missed out on that spectacular horror game!

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