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First Footage Surfaces From Rumored ‘Project Beast’

That Project Beast rumor from earlier this month just became a wee bit more credible. Though still not official, this leaked gameplay footage shows off 20 glorious seconds of what looks very much like a From Software game. We’ll likely get confirmation on it at E3 in a few weeks, so until then, I suggest you try your best not to get too excited over it. I’ll be doing the same.




  • sonicboom

    This looks great. I hope people will be able to play this on Xbox One and PS4 as well?

    • sonicboom

      If it comes out for PS4 I will buy it day one. Reminds me of Nightmare Creatures mixed with Painkiller. Not a bad thing I reckon.

      • Adam Dodd

        If it’s anything like Nightmare Creatures, I’m 100% on board.

        …I suppose that’s not saying much, seeing as I was already on board, because this looks like Dark Souls and is coming from From Software.

        • sonicboom

          I like Dark Souls as well 😀

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