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‘Blair Witch Project’ Producer To Adapt “Mandala” Comic

Dark Horse has a killer book called “Mandala” that has missed mass-popularity for some reason. I hadn’t heard about the book until producer Kevin Foxe (The Blair Witch Project) contacted me to reveal the news that he will be adapting it into a digital live-action series. After some investigation, “Mandala” has all the ingredients to be a hit, coming from writer Stuart Moore (former editor at Vertigo) with art from Bruce Zick (Disney and Pixar concept artist). I have no idea why word hasn’t spread about “Mandala”, but it’s definitely a book you should be reading.

Foxe tells that they are currently working on the script for the adaptation and the team is working on a second graphic novel.

Foxe says of the series, “this is not a comic as much as it is a wake up call for all of us to change the world. think matrix, but after you take the red pill (or blue pill, if you so choose) what do we do to get out of the matrix?”. “Mandala” is full of metafictional goodness and crosses genres constantly. A simple comparison to The Matrix doesn’t do it justice in my opinion. It’s an entirely different beast because it manipulates the medium of comics.

They are also doing some social media scavenging to promote the book. If you sign up for their facebook app and help recruit “the 144,000”, you can actually read the entire first graphic novel for free. I’m surprised more companies aren’t doing this. It spreads the word and gets people to read the book.

Still not convinced? Check out the trailer.



  • TJ Jacques

    TOO GOOD! There isn’t enough originality in the comic book world anymore, and Enter the Mandala feeds the growing hunger for truly inspiring ORIGINAL contet that we’ve all been missing! Can’t get enough!

  • looks pretty neat. go Kevin!

  • Paul Proctor

    A marriage of a few concepts I love. Paramount of which is to change the world. Sounds fascinating.

  • Henry Kober

    Expansive project for an expansive time.

  • Rachel Sun

    So exciting to be a part of such a Quantum Shift in consciousness. This project is going to be a huge catalyst for quite a lift! The app on facebook is great too! I am excited for the series!

  • Jane Knechtel

    Mandala could change your life. It could change all our lives. And that’s the point.

  • Xander Denke


    This sounds EPIC in scale and concept! My mind is already reeling from thinking about the visual possibilities of this as a series. Reality? Fiction? What is the truth?! Can’t wait to see this come to fruition. We’ve been starved for good, thought provoking content. And I love that it will be accessible on the online digital space! Can’t wait!

    Now the real question:

  • TJ Jacques

    So….Zick’s art is PERFECT for Guillermo Del Toro. Just saying. Look at “Hell Boy”and how wonderful that looked, he would CRUSH THIS!! Fingers crossed!!

  • Chisti Ma

    How about the Wachowskis? They know how to handle spiritual stuff.

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