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‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot Will Be In 3-D

A weird little nugget of news we missed out of THR‘s report on the ongoing CineEurope convention was that Paramount Pictures’ forthcoming Friday the 13th re-remake will be in 3-D. This all but confirms that the found-footage angle has been dropped. Now, I’m not too excited about 3-D only because it’s typically post-converted, which is always a weird decision considering how shockingly expensive it is.

David Bruckner, who is still in talks to get behind the camera, is a fantastic director whom I have complete faith in. I know he wouldn’t post-convert Jason Voorhees in the second reboot. If Bruckner can bring the fun back to the franchise, and tap into the roots of Friday the 13th Part 3, I think 3-D would be welcomed. This is the kind of franchise where the 3-D could be a fun *gimmick* as opposed to just adding depth to the Voorhees lore (not that it can’t achieve both). Thoughts?

Paramount Pictures is releasing with Platinum Dunes producing once again. A new release has been slated for November 13, 2015.

Bruckner co-directed The Signal and V/H/S.



  • Seal_Clubber

    Bad idea … Just focus on making a solid, scary movie and leave the gimmicks out of it…

  • Francesco Falciani

    great great move. David Bruckner will make a great jason movie in 3D!!!!

  • DTibb

    Very exciting.

    I love 3D, I love F13th, marry the two and do it well and I’ll be very happy.

    Now onto locking up Derek Mears as Jason again, please.

    • M M

      Yes please! If you’re not going to continue with the last reboot, at least keep that awesome version of Jason!

  • Maxime C

    At least it’s not found footage, and you can choose to avoid the 3D… I really hope they do as good as the remake ( let’s face it, not the worst entry… ) but with Friday The 13th, hope is barely enough.

  • Kevin Lovell

    One thing I feel I must point out, obviously someone doesn’t know much
    about 3D or didn’t bother to look into it, because the statement ‘it’s
    typically post-converted’ is completely wrong. Every single year (and
    for numerous consecutive years now) out of the 3D films released, the
    majority of them are filmed in 3D and NOT post-converted. In fact, the
    number of films shot in 3D in recent years is often more than double the
    number post-converted. I just felt I should clear that up as it seems
    wrong to make completely false statements. I would have posted a link to a list of both shot & post-converted films, but I’m not sure staff would appreciate off-site links.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Post it. I’m genuinely curious to read it and it makes your original post actually credible.

      • Kevin Lovell

        Alright. If it’s a problem staff can feel free to delete. This site lists all films shot in or post converted. Notice in recent years the number of filmed in 3D titles is FAR higher, absolutely no question that the majority is filmed in 3D, not post-converted.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Uh, stop creepily obsessing over whether the staff is gonna give a shit or not. They won’t.

          Anyway, I am immediately writing off the validity of that site, because they have Jurassic World under “Fake 3D”, when that is not the case.

          • Kevin Lovell

            They had it under Real 3D until maybe a week ago. Apparently it is being filmed in analog and an insider source said it was being post-converted. If you have a source otherwise though, please share. They haven’t been wrong on a title yet that I’m aware of. Even went to great lengths to clarify a number over the years. If you can find one example that you have proof is incorrect, for something out in theaters already then that is different, but I think it’s up in the air if it’s not out for a year still. But if you have a source confirming Jurassic World is being shot in 3D, please do share. I’ve looked all over and for many years now and this site is the only one I’ve come to find reliable and accurate. You don’t have to write it off, but if you really question it, I do challenge you to find proof of any film already released in which they list incorrectly.

          • Kevin Lovell

            They had it under Real 3D until maybe a week ago. Apparently it is being filmed in analog and an insider source said it was being post-converted. If you have a source otherwise though, please share. They haven’t been wrong on a title yet that I’m aware of. Even went to great lengths to clarify a number over the years. If you can find one example that you have proof is incorrect, for something out in theaters already then that is different, but I think it’s up in the air if it’s not out for a year still. But if you have a source confirming Jurassic World is being shot in 3D, please do share. I’ve looked all over and for many years now and this site is the only one I’ve come to find reliable and accurate. You don’t have to write it off, but if you really question it, I do challenge you to find proof of any film already released in which they list incorrectly.

  • Francesco Falciani

    at least iwe know why they’ve changed the release date. now it’s up to David Bruckner. i think paramount won’t spend too much money on it…is it more expencive to shoot it or conert it?

  • Jackieboy

    I can deal with the crappy 3D aspect so long as it’s a decent flick. And please, for the love of whatever deity does or doesn’t exist, don’t focus on his “origin” story anymore. He drowned in a lake, his mother took revenge, she got killed, and now he’s risen to avenge his mother. We get it, move on. No one is going to the theater to see little Jason angry over his mommy’s death; they’re going there to see a 6ft monster wearing a hockey mask cutting down stupid people for screwing around on his property.

    • TMB

      Amen to this! Let’s hope they take this advice!!

  • I think this could be epic!

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  • HorrorLover995

    As long as they don’t over-do it with 3D and CGI like Silent Hill:Revelations was, and have a completely redundant re-remake story-line then I’m completely fine with it. 3D-wise potentially go for a more blood flying at you, an axe being thrown towards you, etc.

  • mav07

    oh good, they’re making it in 3D, said no one ever.

  • TMB

    If they use the 3-D in the same way it was done way back in Part 3, then I’m all for it. It succeeded back then because it was fun watching a bat, spear, needle, yo yo & most famously…….a popped out eye come right at you. Make the movie fun as well as the effects, & you’ve got a bloody good time!!

  • Tall Man

    Part 3 was an incredibly fun experience in theatrical 3D when it was released and looking forward to another F13 using this technique. Agreed that it should be shot in 3D instead of post converted. But most of all I hope that this will inspire Paramount to release a PROPER Part 3 Bluray 3D to tie in with the new film. The anaglyphic Blu is just intolerable!

  • dman99999

    ill be pleasantly surprised if its good but im expecting a peice of shit like with most horror movies that make it to theaters maybe we’ll get lucky and it will actually be good like cabin in the woods and the conjuring atleast its not a shitty director with a bunch of terrible movies on his resume

  • Blood-Sicles

    As long as they give them enough money to do it, fine. Texas Chainsaw had a tiny $8 mil budget and looked like absolute garbage.

    • M M

      Really? I thought Nispel’s Texas remake looked perfect considering the style they were going for.

      • Blood-Sicles

        I meant Texas Chainsaw 3D. I’m a big fan of Marcus Nispel’s remake.

        • M M

          Yeah Texas 3D was pretty terrible.

  • a very British hamster

    David Bruckner is highly skilled, but I’d trust someone like Brett Simmons if they gave him the budget or shit even André Øvredal of Troll Hunter would be AWESOME!
    But Bruckner’s V/H/S segment was so amazing that I’d be excited to see what he has to offer!

  • James Harris

    A. Larry Zerner cameo is a must. B. Synth score is necessary C. No post conversions pls. Give it integrity.

    • kevinhorror

      Quick question – why is a synth score necessary for this? Don’t get me wrong, i love a good synth score, love some electronic music, but i don’t equate F13 movies with having an electronic score at all. I seem to remember them all pretty much having the same Henry Manfredini orchestral score.

      • James Harris

        Part 3 had a heavy synth score. It was also in 3D. That’s the only reason lol.

        • kevinhorror

          Oh duh, totally forgot about the score in part 3. If I remember correctly, the opening credits are almost campy disco-ish synth score LOL. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Justin Cantrell

    Nice…As long as it’s not found footage im all

  • woodchuck

    awesome, I don’t care if it’s shot in black and white clay-mation, it’s Jason so I’ll be there

  • kevinhorror

    I was hoping for the really cool idea of having Jason stomp around the camp grounds and woods during winter. I’d love to see Jason chasing his victims thru snow covered forests and see blood splatter on the snow. I guess that idea has been dropped as well?

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      So because its 3D its… automatically not in the snow?

      • kevinhorror

        I never said that. Who said that? Read my post again. I posed the question that if they dropped the found footage angle, did they also drop the winter idea as well. I didn’t ask anything related to 3D

    • Xena is my neighbor

      I hope they have dropped the snow idea, after 10 minutes it would be visually boring, “oh look it’s snow”, ” look it’s blood on snow”, “Oh look it’s more snow with blood on it” Puuhlllessse!!

      • kevinhorror

        That’s very limited thinking. Buried was a brilliant, exciting and suspenseful movie, and the entire movie took place inside the coffin. Just because its winter doesn’t mean it will only be snow. Could be trapped in an ice storm with no way out. Any good director and writer could come up with plenty of exciting visuals.

    • M M

      Hopefully not. I’d love to see jason in a winter setting!

      • parsyeb

        See “The Cold Heart of Crystal Lake”

    • ThunderDragoon

      I still really want to see that too.

  • mfcmk1

    Really wish this movie has the original Jason Voorhees in it, and has nothing to do with the remake. I know it’s being called a re-remake. Hopefully it’s done right this time. Not with this weird Jason who does things like hold people hostage and crap. I had to walk out of the theater halfway through the last piece of shit these greedy assholes decided to make… oh Platinum Dunes totally fucked up the Nightmare on elm street remake. Rooney Mara or whatever her name is can’t act for shit.

    • parsyeb

      Right. Just call the thing Friday the 13th part 13: Jason Lives… Again!

  • J Jett

    i hate 3D but if doing it in 3D guarantees no lame “found footage” deal then i say BRING ON THE 3D!! lol. (i’d rather have it, no 3D and no found footage though).

    i like 2009’s reboot a lot but the score was horribly lame. Manfredini’s touch was sorely missing in that movie.

    • M M

      I couldn’t agree more. If the 3D is used more for depth it could work well with the woods setting and having jason in the background.

      The score for the reboot was indeed weak. It’s really too bad because I loved the movie. Personally I’d love to see Nispel do a sequel back at camp, since the film looked excellent and he has a great attention to detail.

      My fear is also about the budget, but hopefully they won’t skimp and we’ll get a solid film.

      • J Jett

        M M, exactly! i too would’ve loved it if Nispel returned to direct the sequel.

      • J Jett

        M M, exactly! i too would’ve loved it if Nispel returned to direct the sequel.

      • parsyeb

        Yeah, but a lot of the reboot’s dumbest ideas (Jason’s underground lair) come directly from Nispel. Well, that said, I don’t really care for that Platinum Dunes style anyway. Shoot the thing on 16mm and get some grit back in this franchise. Then post-convert to 3D and make it look great (see the original Texas Chainsaw footage in the recent sequel for evidence that this can work and look great).

  • Scott Lawrence

    Ki Ki Ki Can’t wait!

  • REC03

    3D does nothing for me but im not mad about it in this case. it fits with the fun nature of the franchise. if the next Halloween end up being 3D i will be pissed…

  • SaltSlasher

    I will take 3D over found footage all day. At least it is in Jason’s history.

  • VictorCrowley

    So, now we’re rebooting every 5 years? Nice. I don’t mind a little continuity myself. Although I wouldn’t personally care to see the story of the 2009 reboot continued, would it be too much to ask to maybe explain what the hell happened in Manhattan when Jason turned into a normal looking child?

    • Marcus

      I think that is just best forgotten about. I like to think of 1, 2 3, 4, 6 & 7 as the Friday 13th films I remember and can watch ever so often again as a guilty pleasure.

    • Krug09

      That is really just one big mess but i would say Jason Goes to Hell is the worst film in the series hands down.

      • VictorCrowley

        Not defending JGTH in the least, because I agree, it’s utter sh*t. But, I honestly think I’d rather sit through that before another round of Jason X. For me, JGTH at least has some Friday feel to it with the camp setting and y’know, Earth. While JGTH breaks nearly every conventional rule of the series and defies all the franchise’s mythology, JX I feel totally pisses in the namesake’s face.

        • Krug09

          I can surely understand that its not like Jason X was very good. The only thing it had going for it was of course Jason and Uber Jason but the only good kill was the freeze kill. Everything else sucked! Both movies hurt the series the most to me. Jason goes to Manhattan was pretty damn stupid and bad too but it had some cool quality’s in a very cheesy way. It was a missed opportunity. The rest are all pretty good to me. Jason Lives was good but the whole “parody” angle can annoy me. What do you think of the other movies?

          • VictorCrowley

            Totally with you on Part 8 as well. Some parts are funny, but when the attempt at getting Freddy failed I wish they would’ve just made a direct sequel to Part 7. Would’ve been much more fun to continue the Tina storyline and have her rematch Jason. I used to be completely mute on Part 6. Just never really cared for it until recently. I watched it again not long ago and developed a certain appreciation for it, although the humor in it is annoying for me too. Part 5 could’ve been the launching pad for a really twisted Tommy Jarvis. I felt like the character development they were going for was really working. But, Part 6 rolled around and he was pretty much normal again, just driven by vengeance. Remarkable recovery from the condition he was in in Part 5! Part 4 will always be my favorite. I love Ted White’s Jason and the dark nature of the film. That one is just about perfect for me.

          • Krug09

            Ted White’s performance was probably the best Jason and i think it has to do with his personal feelings. He thought the movie was a piece of trash but was such a pro. It may sound very weird but that attitude gave Jason a no non sense type of feel. That went perfect with the character. Brutal. I actually laughed at Tommy Jarvis’ progression fron 5 to 6. 6 Tommy was like “Jason has to be stopped” … I guess Tom forgot he BECAME Jason at the end of 5!!! LOL so damn stupid. Thats why over the last several years i have had a dislike for 6. Its done well so it covers it up but it really does poke fun at Jason and FT13th series.

          • VictorCrowley

            Agreed! I believe that as well about Ted White. He did tell me that he intentionally made Jason faster. He wanted to give him more of a menacing element (and it worked!). On the Crystal Lake Memories set that recently came out, he said the studio offered him the role of Jason for the next three movies after that and he regrets not taking them as he now understands the magnitude of the character. Strange to think he would’ve been “Kane Hodder” had he been more into the films at the time. He probably would’ve owned the character in the 80’s and early 90’s. Makes me wonder too, that had he returned, would zombie Jason remained a Michael Myers spin off? Or would he had still ran and did all the things he did in 4, just being dead in the process.

            Yes, definitely. Part 6 just rebooted Jarvis’ character to a degree. Cool to have that final confrontation between the two, but idiotic because Jason never would’ve returned in the first place if Tommy’s dumbass had just left it alone.

  • Tom Savini

    Kane Hodder. Pretty please

    • Jason Lentini

      He embodies (pun intended) Jason Voorhees

  • OceanSlaughter

    3-D? well there goes any bit of creativity that is not 100% intended for jump scares. Thanks for another punch to the throat assholes.

  • Ben Buckler

    Much better than doing found footage and I can’t say I care about it being 3D. I never do 3D versions of movies anyway. I was hoping that fad would die out by now. As Ocean Slaughter said, it probably means more straight up jump scares, but oh well. Fun franchise, so I’m glad they are going to keep it going. I don’t get the point of a new re-boot though. Feel like they could have just kept going from the last movie. I personally enjoyed the 2009 film, but I know I’m in the minority there.

  • K-Dogg

    I remember when the new wave of 3D hit, and directors were ACTUALLY shooting it in 3D, not post conv. , they were pretty good. I personally thought My Bloody Valentine (the first “new” 3D flick I saw) looked absolutely incredible. I’m not talking about if you liked the movie or not….I thought it looked wicked, and the kills were all pure fun. That is how I want them to do this.

    • Weresmurf

      Yep the first lot of 3d movies and those shot in 3d looked insanely good. My Bloody Valentine, Tron Legacy, Drive Angry. No matter what the directors try to say, what they try to do to convince us, I’ve not yet seen a 3d post converted movie that looked as good as one shot in 3d.

  • Jonathan Greg Ward

    Arrgh. Not ANOTHER re-boot! Why re-tell the story? Why not continue on from 2009? They say that re-boots are to save certain movie series, but too many definitely kill it!

    • I don’t know why they keep calling it a re-remake because that’s not confirmed. I’m confident they won’t do that.

    • Noah

      I think there doing it again so they can do a remake of the Original.The 2009 movie is not a remake.They should remake the Original.Tell the same story with the same characters.Do that then start doing sequel’s.I didn’t mind the 09 movie.I loved Derek Mears as Jason and I liked the kills.I just didn’t like a few things in the movie.1 Jason living in a underground tunnel or lair whatever that was.Jason lives in the woods not underground.2 Jason using a bear trap and 3 Jason having a hostage.Jason NEVER has a hostage.That was dumb.I was actually hoping for a sequel to the 09 movie cause I wanted to see Jason in a snow setting.But they should do a remake to the Original.

  • This news neither excites me or disappoints me, but I am glad that found footage is out of the question.

  • Krug09

    Another remake? Why does PD keep doing this? They remake every fucking great horror series and give up on it after one film. Give it to someone new.

    • CrackTheSkye1990

      Well if Bruckner is involved then I have hope. Would have been cooler if they had Adam Wingard direct. I loved You’re Next. Let’s just hope Bruckner can give the film more direction than PD can.

      One thing I didn’t like about Nispel’s take on F13 was that he got rid of the score because he thought it was total John Williams-esque which is bullshit.

  • Krug09

    BTW 3D died 3 years ago.

  • lovezoid

    I reckon the only way constant reboots could work is if they basically hand the character to a filmmaker and ask them to do their Friday the 13th. Love or hate them, the Halloween reboots constitute a total, coherent Michael Myers story, told by Rob Zombie, with a complete story arc. I would have no problem with them picking someone else and going here – let’s see your version. Weren’t they going to give Michael or Jason to Tarantino at one point? And like how Peter Jackson was going to do Freddy way back? Now that I could deal with. It’s no less ridiculous than a re-re-boot. Or a Space Jason, for that matter.

    Maybe they could go full-retard, sell the rights to Disney and and make a Jason movie in the Star Wars universe. I’d see it.

  • Francesco Falciani

    i’m sure we will really know more at the next san diego comic-on!!!

  • Not crazy about 3D films, but if this means no found-footage, then I’m all for it. The thought of Jason in shaky cam and close ups of dumb protagonists screaming and crying “OH MY GOD!! WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” into the camera during close up POVs, and the same protagonists making home movies is enough to make me puke.

  • CrackTheSkye1990

    So is David Bruckner officially doing this or do they have other directors in mind? Half the articles say that it’s not confirmed while the others say the David Bruckner directed Friday The 13th film. Either way, he’s a great choice. Really liked The Signal and his Amateur Night segment in VHS. I was really surprised Platinum Dunes chose him because they generally choose music video directors (Nispel and Bayer) or people who have resumes with shitty movies (Liebesman).

    I don’t really care about the 3D thing as much as the movie being decent. Sounds better than the found footage approach. Found footage might sound interesting on paper, but given how the series works, I don’t think it’d be a good fit. Hopefully they have a good score similar or comparable to Henry Manfredini’s. The remake was clearly lacking it. Hopefully there’s better dialogue between the characters. I’m not asking for oscar worthy acting, just believable.

  • IconOfSin

    I’m a little confused with this so apologies in advance for the questions. Is this film a remake of the original & if so is the whole series being redone? Or this an other re-imagining like the 09? The 09 wasn’t really a remake, it was like a different story entirely. I liked it though, I thought the whole woodsman who sets traps idea was pretty cool, something different. I would have liked to see a sequel to that. I’ll be watching it regardless so I guess it’ll be a case of wait & see.

    • Re-imagining, a fancy word for remake. Of course they’re gonna change things up and the story a little bit, but it really was the same concept. 2009 was a remake plain and simple.

  • Khy

    I think you guys are taking the “remake” wording a little too literal. By remake they’re meaning it’ll be a “fresh start”, I’m betting something a long the lines of Friday 09. You know, a batch of new characters, a redesigned Jason hacking them off, and maybe they might go a little bit in depth with Mama Voorhees but that’s probably it. So for everyone complaining and worrying about this being another remake…it’s not like 2009 was one really, it was just a remake in name only.
    I know people here despise Shannon & Swift but I loved the concept of their sequel draft. According to them it had a very lengthy winter opening and then the rest of the draft fastforward to the summer with a newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake along with a batch of counselors in tow. Even if it’s horrible, the concept sounds great- it’s the best of both worlds. We get our snow but we still get our summer and the counselor angle would be back! Add this 3D on top of that and you have what could be a blast of a movie.

    • Friday 09 was very much a remake in my opinion. They even started the movie with mama Voorhees, a story that has been told already. I also think everyone knows that a remake means a fresh start. No secret there. They are calling this not a remake, but a re-remake. I don’t know why they’re calling it anything right now though because nothing is confirmed.

      Most would agree that if they made another remake, it would be a re-remake just like this article calls it.

      • Khy

        I’m not saying Friday 09 is a sequel. Of course it’s a remake, but it’s not a true remake because the original film didn’t feature a dude in a hockey mask that kills off a bunch of college students. The movie stops being a close remake the moment Pamela gets her head chopped off which is like 2 minutes in. And that’s my point- 2009 wasn’t a true remake. A true remake of the 1980 film would feature Pamela killing off counselors over the death if her son for the entirety of the film and you know damn well these days that will never work. Which is why the shots of the next film being a true remake is extremely low. Thats all im saying.

        • I see what you’re saying and yeah, I don’t think anyone wants a remake of Mrs Voorhees and the original Friday. I think the 2009 just represents the original series as a whole/what it was about/became about and remade into one film for a fresh start. It wasn’t til Friday the 13th pt 3 that Jason got defined.

          I don’t feel that every Friday sequel is a remake though. I feel it’s a continuation of slaughters at Camp Crystal Lake. They’ll usually hint something or continue where Jason died in the previous film and that’s all I ask for. Every Jason film brought a new idea to the table even if it still took place at the same place. If the new film had no sense of continuation or different idea, I would think it’s nothing but a remake.

  • AtlantaTerry

    I have worked with David Bruckner since he first held a video camera and consider him a good friend. I told him a dozen years ago that he was destined to win an Academy Award. This film will be his next step toward that ultimate goal.

    Terry Thomas
    Stills Photographer
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • brewers_rule

    I think the theaters need to drop Jason for a while. The reboot’s still fresh and it didn’t offer a lot of new angles. Why not join the trend of heading to TV to explain things more in detail and maybe have a prequel series similar to The Bates Hotel where we’d get to see Jason & his beloved mama morph into the killers they became?

    • Khy

      Um we’re almost at 13 movies. Why don’t we hit that milestone and THEN focus on TV?

    • There is a new Friday the 13th tv series in the works about Jason. Didn’t hear about it?

      I’m all for a new Jason movie as long as it’s in the style of the originals. We need something that’s gonna wow us, not another remake/reboot/sequel to a remake. I didn’t care for the remake. It was okay, just too new generation and left out a lot. That reminds me, they should have called that movie “Friday the 13th: A New Generation”.

      • brewers_rule

        I recall hearing about it but haven’t seen any updates in a while so I wasn’t sure if it was still moving forward, on a backburner, or thrown back into mothballs. Nor did I hear what the angle of the show would be.

  • Nir Shalev

    Wait… they’re rebooting the reboot?

    • Khy

      No. It’s another reboot entirely. Maybe, We don’t really know much at this point.

      • Nir Shalev

        I’m still going to sigh on this one. There are to many bad movies in the series anyway. Humanizing Jason was a huge mistake in the previous film and I’ve stopped caring about where the series will go.

        But, we’ll see. Right?

        • Khy

          Yeah, at the end of the day I’m just going to go in with the intention of just having fun. Last time with the reboot I went in with a mindset of wanting it to be just like the originals of course that ended up slapping me across the face lol. Over the years I’ve grown to like the reboot. It’s not perfect and it’s pretty weak, but I thought it was still a decent launching pad for future and BETTER sequels. But as you said, we’ll just see. It’s the 13th movie after all, hopefully they go hard and churn out at least a fun experience even if it isn’t “good”.

          • Nir Shalev

            If they just remake the 4th movie (easily, the best one) and call it the 13th one, I’ll be happy. lol

  • Stogie Jones

    Why can’t we just get a Friday with Jason killing teens in a cabin? Do we really need to hear the origin story a 3rd time? How about some originality?

    • Khy

      I agree. Why not just keep it simple and lets have a good time? We don’t need another origin tale.But I guess we’ll see what actually the movie entails soon enough.

    • well said

  • N1ghtmar3Freak

    I’m glad they’ve decided to knock out the whole found footage gimmick, it should have never been thought of for a F13 film to begin with. Now 3D, I have mixed feelings on that. Yes, it could be fun, but it can also lead to it being super cheesy. Part 3 had it’s turn of 3D, but I don’t think this new one (whatever you want to call it; reboot, re-remake, re-whatever) should have it. Considering this to be THE 13TH FILM OF THE SERIES, the plot and story line needs to be well thought out and the film needs to kick ass. Would love to see a winter sequence as it would be adding a new atmosphere in the series, but I’m also for a “go-back-to-the-roots” setting as well; a fresh cast of new camp counselors opening up the summer camp of Crystal Lake and being terrorized by Jason. I just hope they stick to the release date this time considering that would be the Friday of my 21st birthday weekend 😉

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