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I Hope You Weren’t Excited for That ‘Doom 4’ Reveal

In news that’s likely to cause a bit of frustration for eager Doom fans, Bethesda has announced that the Doom 4 reveal they teased us with last month will be exclusive to QuakeCon attendees. This means unless you’ve booked a trip to Dallas, TX on July 17, you’ll have to wait with the rest of us to see what id Software has been working on for all these years.

Or I suppose we could all just wait for the inevitable leak onto the Internet, likely courtesy of a shaky mobile phone. That works too.

“This an exclusive thing we are doing for attendees as part of our annual QuakeCon Welcome presentation,” Bethesda explained in a post on the Bethblog. “We’ll have plenty more to show everyone at a later date, but we didn’t want another QuakeCon to go by without doing something special for the amazing QC community and id supporters that have been with us for more than 20 years.”

That’s it, folks. I suggest you smother any pent-up excitement you may have had for seeing something from the next Doom later this month, because Bethesda won’t be sharing it with us after all. How does this make you feel?

And here’s the game’s E3 debut, if you missed it or simply want to watch it again (I wouldn’t blame you if it’s the latter).





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