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‘Brutal Doom’ Will Soon Become Way More Brutal

As we all patiently wait for a look at the Doom reboot, the makers of Brutal Doom — a mod that updates the original two games with modern shooter mechanics and lots of gore — is about to see a new update. Brutal Doom v20 isn’t far off, and when it hits it will add ragdoll physics and the ability to separate individual limbs from enemies, among a bunch of other things.

Check it out in the video below.




  • Oby83

    i started playing V19 about 2 weeks ago , so im looking forward to this

  • VictorCrowley

    LOL at the demon hopping around on one leg screaming at 3:15.

  • VictorCrowley

    Did the devs redo the entire soundtrack as well? Everything sounds tons heavier.

    • Oby83

      the soundtrack was metalized, it was a separate mod tho, but works with brutal doom

      • VictorCrowley

        That’s awesome. Sounds great on the demo. I’ve got to check this out.

  • Scorpionsy

    SuhWeeeeeeet!!!!! Time to unload my BFG into some Chacodemons!!

  • Ken Huber

    9:42-10:02 mother of god…

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