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Bruce Campbell Will STAR In the “Evil Dead” TV Series! #SDCC

Back on Friday Sam Raimi broke the news out of the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con that he’s been developing a television series based on his The Evil Dead franchise.

He also explained on the “The Last of Us” panel that he and his brother Ivan, along with Bruce Campbell, are currently writing the “Evil Dead” series.

Late last night some mega news hit while I was fast asleep recharging from yet another massive news outing. Campbell responded to a fan, via Twitter, confirming that the intentions are for him to star in said series.

The Fede Alvarez-directed Evil Dead remake, which hit theaters in April of 2013, bowed well for Columbia Pictures earning close to $100M worldwide. Said remake is rumored to actually be the third sequel – following The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness – which would eventually tie into the original trilogy. At the end of the movie, they teased Campbell’s return as Ash (below) – does this mean Campbell will play Ash in the new series? Probably. Will it tie into the movie? Hopefully. Will we see another movie? I’d bet on it.




  • Don Allen

    Well that’s huge news.

  • Killyoself Asap

    Yeah, sure he will.They couldn’t even get their shit together to make a 2 hour film after decades and now they’ll do a whole series?

    • Tyenkrovy

      Raimi may have a little more pull now with the success of the fourth film. I think they may well be able to pull it together this time. But we shall see.

      • There’s also the fact that Horror television is huge now. An Evil Dead tv show in the 80s or 90s would’ve probably been terrible, but now with the success of American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Hannibal, and Bates Motel, Evil Dead can be as crazy, gory as they want. And I’m guessing they go Twin Peaks, Bates Motel with it, crazy town of cooky characters that get in extremely dark situations surrounding the demons from the book. And Ash has to keep it all together….or something like that. 🙂

    • BusinessSlayer

      yes. they will. now follow your names advice.

      • NixEclips

        No reason to be a jerk. He has every right to be questioning if this will actually happen. We got jerked around for YEARS! “Oh, we’re working on the script! Honest!”

  • Khy

    So I guess it’s going to be comedic? No thanks. I like my Evil Dead scary- not slapstick. I might even be up for a blend of scary and funny but odds are this won’t be my cup of tea.

  • Forsythia

    Would be awesome if this would be a crossover, with both Ash and Mia.

    • Hex

      I’d love to see that too actually!

  • Ress EZ

    Yeah! Groove on babyyy!!!!!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Amazing! I really hope it’s more horror than comedy though… I can see it now: “the world is overrun by deadites and Ash trains a group of scoundrels how to fight and kill the vengeful demons. Together, the group makes their way cross country looking for possessed beings and saving lives”. -I can see it being a cross between ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. So stoked!

    • videoguy

      Not me, It needs to be more comedy than horror. That is what made Army of darkness so great.

    • Like this?

  • Darkness69

    If Bruce is there, then I’m there too. Groovy!

  • ThunderDragoon

    As long as they keep comedy out of future movies with Jane Levy in them, I don’t care what they do lol.

  • elpinche

    Nope. Don’t believe it until I see it.

  • So I guess no more Army of Darkness 2? Sounds like tv shows are in and movie sequels are out now.

  • Golic

    as long as this doesn’t interfere with the sequel to the remake; they can do whatever the hell they want.

  • Guest

    The King says, “Groovy.”

  • Crooked Mile

    No fucking way is this happening. Every 3 years we get teased with this. Let it go people.

    • I’ve never heard of an Evil Dead tv series being teased until now.

      • Hardlee_Ded

        Having known Sam since 79’… I’ll believe it when I hear it directly from Bruce… Sam has said a a lot of things at comic-con over the years that never happen.

        • Isn’t this article about Bruce himself saying he’s in it?

          • Hardlee_Ded

            Bruce just told me not to believe it until I personally hear it from him… and this sounds like it’s still early enough in that it might never happen.

            The next Time I see him I’ll ask… but I’ve heard him say things on video many times that turned in the long run to never happen and I know Ivan has a stack of EVIL DEAD 4 scripts going back to at least the 1st Spider-Man film.

          • volleyjacket

            Well, nearly… “That’s the plan.”

            I’ll keep my hopes high and expectations low until I hear something more concrete.

  • IrmaWClark

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  • Rev’rend J. Redhood

    …Just give me a multi-verse cross over and I’ll be happy…. or that that WAS Ashe’s car homegirl was sittign on in the beginning of the remake.

  • Hex

    I’m excited. I think a few comments had it right. With horror shows being in a big swing up, all Sam would have to do is find the right network if something isn’t already being worked out. I’m ready for it. Bring on the buckets of blood and pay homage to a great line of movies with my main man right up leading it. bonus if Mia joins in. They could be chain saw buds together.

  • Kyouichi Horaiji

    My childhood hero/actor is coming back ?

  • So after failing to get Evil Dead 4 into pre-production for 20 years Bruce is settling on a shitty TV series. Honestly given his career trajectory I can’t blame him for fucking up his own legacy. But I will not watch this shitfest for the same reason I didn’t watch the fargo or the Shining tv series.

  • John Connor

    Maybe they will make an Evil Dead series
    and maybe I’m a Chinese jet pilot.

  • joeshmo447

    Ahh! Crazy awsome news I can’t wait

  • Michael Dominic Mayberry

    I’ve heard so many things I have no idea what’s going to happen with Evil Dead. I’ve heard they’ll do an Army of Darkness 2/Evil Dead 4 along with a sequel to the remake and then one more movie tying both realms together. Though I’ve never seen anything like that done, I won’t necessarily dismiss it’s potential.

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