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Could This Be a Reason to See the ‘Raid’ Remake?

We love Taylor Kitsch, even though he’s failed numerous times to become that summer superstar Hollywood wanted him to be (see John Carter and Battleship).

Thankfully, Tinseltown hasn’t given up on Timmy Riggins as he’s allegedly in talks to star in the second season of HBO’s “True Detective,” and now has been offered the lead in Screen Gems’ English-language remake of The Raid, reports TheWrap.

Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) is directing the action movie, which is gearing up for a January 2015 shoot. Coincidentally, that is when the second season of “True Detective” is slated to wrap filming, says the site.

Brad Ingelsby (“Run All Night”) wrote The Raid remake, which is based on the outstanding original 2011 movie written and directed by Gareth Evans. It followed an elite Indonesian SWAT that gets trapped inside a building run by a vicious gangster and his thugs.



  • MadCows

    Going to suck ass!

  • AtomicSwirl

    Why remake it? The original is already pretty damn awesome, and The Raid 2 is even more so.

  • J Jett

    i could have sworn i saw/read somewhere the CAPT. AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER, THE PURGE 2, co-star/star Frank Grillo was going to be the lead (or at least have a big role) in the RAID remake. if Grillo is the lead then i can actually see this remake being watchable. he’s an awesome actor that elevates pretty much any movie/show he’s in.

    i have nothing against Taylor Kitsch (i enjoyed JOHN CARTER and BATTLEFIELD. i even thought he was ok in XMEN:WOLVERINE as Gambit) but i’ve always found him kind of bland.

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    In fact, this is one more reason to skipt the raid remake. This guy is not an action star at all.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    There is absolutely no reason to remake it. It is martial arts action film perfection. You can’t get on the level of Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais. I abhor a remake of this movie.

  • elpinche

    The king of failed remakes and shit in an unnecessary remake of the Raid. Sometimes I think there’s a perpetual gas leak in Hollywood.

    • Chamber

      Because he is talented.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    No reason to support this remake. We really have to start drawing a line. I know there are writers out there who want to push their original work out there and be credited for it. But Hollywood goes with rework this into English, or make this classic modern and lets make it. Eh..

  • Chamber

    Although I hate that the movie is getting a remake (seriously, are people that adverse to reading while watching a film, or is it because it doesn’t star white people?), If there is anyone that I would love to see star in the remake, it’s Kitsch. I think he is one of the most talented actors of this generation, and the fact that he hasn’t found success is really telling. Here’s hoping people finally finally realize just how amazing he is as an actor.

  • Ress EZ

    Whether I’m supporting this remake or not is another thing. But I think this is a major honor for the Indonesian movie industry. I remember when The Raid 2 was banned here in Malaysia. The Indonesian government demanded answers from the Malaysian government as to why it was barred from release. LOL! Therefore it is the kind of the highest respect more than anything.

  • brewers_rule

    I like Kitsch but his abysmal track record speaks for itself. This guy should not be getting anymore lead roles in any blockbusters whatsoever. Between him and Kellan Lutz, I’m not sure who gets more “it guy” hype despite constantly coming up short.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Here’s a better title for the article; “Talentless actor to star in another unnecessary remake of an Asian movie”


    Kitsch did a great job in Savages and Lone Survivor, and overall he’s an excellent actor. It would be a blessing if he was cast for this remake, even though I doubt the remake will come close to being as fantastic as the original

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’ve never liked this guy. I really hope he doesn’t get the lead.

  • Ty

    people are resistant to being told what they should like, so is it any wonder why people don;t want to see this guy that Hollywood tries to force feed down our throats X men, John Carter, Battleship…. not so good a track record. And he was in the Covenant. lol ok there’s officially no reason why this guy being in the Raid remake is a reason to watch it.

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