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[Flashback Weekend] “Welcome to Freddy’s Mad-House”

Article by Bloody-Ian

Flashback Weekend 2014 kicked off in Rosemont, IL…and it did not disappoint.

At check-in, the line stretched through the hotel; a motley parade of all types came out. Metal shirts were standing next to polo shirts, next to others in that all too distinct red and green stripped shirt. Young and the ‘young at heart’ all congregated here in this Chicago suburb to pay homage to icons of horror such as Lance Henriksen, Angus Scrimm, and Caroline Williams. However, there was one name hanging in every conversation; like the halls of Springwood High, everyone was talking about Freddy Krueger.

As the first photo-op got underway (see some samples below, courtesy of Ryan Looney) the crowds were anxious for Freddy. Something magical happens in the makeup when one goes from unassuming Robert Englund to the icon of Horror Cinema, FREDDY.

While Englund works the photo-room for hours in make-up (created by Robert Kurtzman), every photo comes into the hands of a delighted fan and, if for a moment, they forget all the concerns of everyday life. The table where they pick-up the souvenirs has the air of Christmas morning, and of course, Freddy’s there.

It’s important to note that this is NOT a Freddy Convention. Fans of all horror can come and see artists work celebrating everyone from Bela Lugosi to foreign horror of today to independents.

Truly, in the winding neutral walls of this Crown Plaza there is something for every horror fan.

And just when you think it’s dying down, Svengoolie (Chicago’s own horror icon) walks by swinging a rubber chicken…

The opening night capped off with Charles Brand’s “FULL MOON’S 2014 SHOCK-O-RAMA ROADSHOW.” it was a fun time with a lot of audience participation, stories, and several trailers. He shared stories about working with some major actors, distributing GHOULIES and (my personal favorite quote) “Someone stole the Boner-Meter.” It’s truly a show worth staying till the end for.

More coverage tomorrow.

FLASHBACK WEEKEND runs through Sun, Aug 10th.



  • Deakus Maximus

    Wow, really? You people paid all of that money, and he can’t even be bothered to put on the red and green sweater? Hell, I figured that would be a given. That thing up there isn’t Freddy, that’s just Robert Englund in some mediocre makeup. The real Freddy would’ve had the red and green sweater on. And everyone should know what I mean by that.

    • Agreed. It’s very expensive, but I almost was ok with it, being such die hard Freddy fan and it being a once in a lifetime opportunity. But I would have been PISSED at the lack of costume.

    • Yeah, if I paid over $300, I would want classic Freddy.

    • Waveboy

      The make up looks half arsed, doesn’t even look wet. And no striped Sweater or fedora? This could of been A LOT better, a disappointing way to go out imo!

    • Waveboy

      The make up looks half arsed, doesn’t even look wet. And no striped Sweater or fedora? This could of been A LOT better, a disappointing way to go out imo!

    • Krug09

      Who knows who makes that decision. I am sure Robert would have not problem wearing the Sweater, hat, boots, glove. Shit 400 bucks a ticket they don’t have the right gear?

    • Dark Scorpion

      hey come on, i mean it’s freddy kruegger, i know he doesn’t look like in the movies… but you have to take into account that in the screen it’s different than in real life… of course his face doesn’t look wet or melted, but i think it’s an amazing make up

  • Screw his retirement. He looks like he’s got another 2-3 movies in him.

    • Darkness69

      I definitely agree – what retirement? Robert IS Freddy, always will be.

      • Waveboy

        Awww, no love for that Alien rat faced midget remake freddy that spewed out dialogue that sounded like it was written by a 4th grader in that Spliced Nolan Batman Rorschach voice?

        “I was only petting him”

        the remake was an abomination, but it’s not the worst remake….That honor would go to ‘The Fog’ 😉

        it had WB written all other it. Tom welling had to of been thee’ most unconvincing groomed fisher man i’ve ever seen. Very beilevable….very. lol

        • Darkness69

          Ha, Alien rat! Yes, that voice was just wrong, like everything else in the remake. In one word: a blasphemy. Robert has to do at least one more movie – I mean, just look at him in the “Never Sleep Again” documentary – he brought Freddy to life as much as Wes did, with the gunslinger pose, the voice, everything. I don’t even want to talk about the remake anymore, it should be forgotten. Let’s bring the real Freddy back!

    • Krug09

      Thats one thing i really hate about Platinum Dunes. They said they asked Robert to Play Freddy again and he refused. Then Robert said after the remake was released he would have done it had they asked…

    • Dark Scorpion

      i know, but… i want something new…. i don’t know, Freddy Vs Jason was supposed to have a sequel… but it never happened…

  • Adam Clifton

    May not have the red and green sweater but it’s still HEAPS better than the Freddy in that soulless remake

    • I’d rather see a Freddy in retirement comedy with an old Robert Englund then even hear the words N.O.E.S remake again.

    • Krug09

      Oh yeah but thats not the issue. I never really say this but no true Freddy fan would rather have that cat looking midget all geared up then Robert aka Freddy Krueger with hardly anything. I just think the people who say JEH is better then Robert (who played him for 8 movies and is Freddy) should not watch a horror movie again, go to another genre because you are not a fan.

      • Adam Clifton

        Yeah. Even in the original Nightmare where Freddy was at his most scariest, he was a sick sadistic killer who took pleasure in tormenting his victims. Even cutting his fingers off and slicing his stomach up in front of them. The Freddy in the remake had none of that. Just some creepy child molestor who was punishing the teens for ratting him out. That’s just got icky all over it. Not scary or sadistic. Just icky

        • Krug09

          I also didnt buy that not one of them remembered what happened.. none? They should have made him a child murder as well if they wanted to keep the pedophile angle.

          • Adam Clifton

            I’d have even settled for the falsely accused angle they were nearly going with until they had the photograph reveal. At least then, if he was falsely accused it could explain his anger. Oh well. Best to reboot from the original series and forget this remake even exists

  • DE@DFukk

    Looks great! I think my favorite makeup is part 2. He looks so wet and gross in that one. Robert looks great here. Freddy hasn’t aged a day!

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    damn we need another (original) nightmare on elmstreet. We can’t just stand by and let Platinum Dunes ruin every franchise these is.

    • Adam Clifton

      I agree. I wish they’d actually listen to the fans and not say they listen to the fans. There’s a lot of us that want another Nightmare On Elm Street with original Freddy. Not that last one. No child molester Freddy, no actors in it that can’t be bothered being there, no director who’s only doing it to get close to Michael Bay. A proper NOES movie that can open the door to more movies.

  • Adam Clifton

    I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how they can continue the NOES series without going the Nightmare remake route and also not having Robert Englund as Freddy (because he doesn’t want to do it anymore). Why not just continue from Wes Craven’s New Nightmare? The real Freddy (who can be played by someone else) gets out of the movies once again and this time there’s no putting him back on celluloid. The possibilities are endless and it would explain why he looks different (the new actor thing)

    • Don’t rack your brain too hard. Robert Englund said he was coming back to do a new Freddy. Not really, but lets spread the word.

    • marklola12 .

      well we all know that will never happen, new nightmare was not a success at all and was years ago
      not seen by that many people for them to continue with that story

    • EvilHead1981

      I said it before, do a similar thing to what Halloween H20 did, retcon some to continue. IMO, if you wanted to keep the majority of the NOES series in tact, it CAN happen. The only real problem in the series is Freddy’s Dead. If you retconned that movie, a new movie would continue on from the end of Dream Child, which was ambiguous as hell(definitely left open for a sequel).

      My personal idea is to set it now, treat it like a reboot in spirit, ONLY because it will be a new cast of characters with no real ties to any in the original. But, it’s still set within the original continuity as a sequel. I always liked the idea that, all these years later, the events of the original series became a sort of “urban legend” or creepypasta of Springwood. The kids nowadays would whisper stories about, how decades ago, teenagers were being killed by a mysterious serial killer who haunted their dreams. He’s basically become their “Slender Man”, and their interest awakens him, so he starts to terrorize a new generation of Springwood teens. I even thought of some connections by having some of the characters find cassette tapes of sessions doctors held with Nancy after the events of the first movie(and they could get Heather Langenkamp to provide the voice work for those tapes).

      • Adam Clifton

        Or they can get Lisa Wilcox back to play Alice

  • Sarigar

    That looks like a lot of fun. Robert Englund is a class act. I only wish they’d been able to get a picture of him (in makeup) together with Angus Scrimm!

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Please Robert, do ANOES 9 ! Nobody cared about the remake…

  • Javi Simon

    Great brief, man. Looking forward to more coverage.

  • Just watched a video of Robert Englund as Freddy at that Flashback Weekend. He says, ” I don’t know if it will be the last time, but I am ready to tear it off” referring to the make-up and being Freddy. The 2nd interview just seems like he avoids the question and calls it a stunt.

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