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‘The Walking Dead’ Pinball Coming Later This Month

Back in June, Zen Studios announced a collaboration with Telltale Games that would bring a very special pinball game based on their episodic series, The Walking Dead: The Game. The table looks about as genuine as it can get, as it’ll cover several locations that anyone who played the first season should be familiar with, including Clem’s treehouse, Everett’s pharmacy, Savannah and the motel. Perhaps the coolest part is the choice-driven gameplay — a staple of Telltale’s series. I’m not sure how that’ll work, but I’m definitely looking forward to finding out.

I haven’t played any of Zen’s pinball games, but I’ve heard great thigns about them, so I may need to change that when this game releases on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on August 26, Mac, Steam and Xbox 360 on August 27, and Wii U, Android, iOS and Amazon on August 28. Sadly, there’s been no mention of an Xbox One version.





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