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Hide Your Wallets, the Steam Halloween Sale is Here

It’s finally here. The annual Steam Halloween Sale is live, bringing with it deals on all sorts of horror games from now until Nov 3. Just under 500 titles have been discounted, many by 50-75%. There are far too many to list here, but I’ve included a few of the highlights below, so you don’t have to sift through all this cheap gaming goodness. Otherwise, the full list can be found here.

Doorways Collection for $6.39
The Evil Within Season Pass for $9.99
Left 4 Dead 2 for $4.99
Outlast for $6.79
The Walking Dead: Season One for $6.24
The Walking Dead: Season Two for $12.49
Killing Floor for $4.99
Amnesia Collection for $8.74
Dead Space Pack for $8.74
Darkwood for $11.24
Alan Wake for $7.49
State of Decay for $6.79
Slender: The Arrival for $4.99
Silence of the Sleep for $11.38
Contagion for $7.99
Paranormal for $7.49
Kraven Manor for $3.99




  • ThunderDragoon

    Perfect timing! Last night, I was going to buy Alan Wake on Steam until I saw it was $30. Thank you, Adam, for saving me lol.

  • BossWalrus

    I’ve got 20 dollars in my Steam Wallet.. I’m def. getting RE4, but i’m having a hard time figuring out what else i should get! Any suggestions? I was thinking Pine View Drive, but the reception seems to be mixed.

    • Bloody-Rig

      Alan Wake is amazing. F.E.A.R 3 is good fun for some co-op, Dead Space 2 is also good for campaign and both are only 5 bucks. Also the most recent Devil May Cry game is awesome but I think it’s 17.00. Anyway hope that helps, happy hunting!
      Also there is a demo of Pinewood Drive for free on steam if you haven’t checked it out.

      • BossWalrus

        Oh sweet, thank you! I didn’t know there was a demo, I’ll check it out! I have FEAR 3, but sadly haven’t tried the co-op yet, only the campaign, which i thought was a ton of fun. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • AkumajoBelmont

    The old classic Shadowman is on sale for a couple of bucks too! I had the Dreamcast version, but since it was so cheap, I picked up the PC version as well. Looks a little old, but the Zelda-with-blood & gore formula still stands up, and some of the sound effects work is still horrifying. Pick it up if your looking for something meaty with more than just jump-scares! 😀

  • Brodequin

    It is so good to be a PC gamer, isn’t? Sofa dwellers may only dream of sales like this one haha…

  • Brodequin

    Penumbra Collectors Pack- € 1,79!!!

  • Patrick Curley

    Darkwood or Frozen State? Go:

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