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Fan-Made Doc Explores How the Found-Footage Genre Poisons Cinema

We came across a horror fan filled with rage, who spends quite a bit of his time complaining about the death of horror (when there are literally hundreds of incredible indies floating around). Even though we don’t like to spend our energy on negativity, I found his “How New Line Cinema Destroyed the Friday the 13th Franchise” to be loaded with gems that offered a lot of food for thought. There was enough effort behind it to share with you guys, even if I don’t agree with everything he says.

One of his other fan-made docs focuses on the found-footage subgenere, and how it’s poisoning cinema.

The 37-minute long doc goes through the history of found-footage (Cannibal Holocaust, Faces of Death, Blair Witch), how it’s a talentless pool of filmmakers, and also explores why it’s popular and how marketing plays a huge role in its success.

To show you how much I love this guy’s work, he references V/H/S various times…and I’m totally cool with it. I too agree that found-footage films can be poison, but it’s no different than when everyone was trying to ripoff Saw; Hollywood emulates what’s popular and will never be behind what’s fresh and cool. The biggest difference is that found-footage is a form of filmmaking that anyone can do, so there are way more indie films available for distributors to pick up and dump onto VOD. It feels like too much. It is too much.

What do you guys think?



  • Tigernan Quinn

    No. And the other video he made that you promoted was crap as well – it’s not that I don’t agree with his opinions, it’s that the connections he makes are simply not there, and the condescending tone just ruins any salient point he might have made. BWP is “an atrocity”? Grow the fuck up.

    • And then there is his assertions where his opinion MUST be fact (God forbid you enjoyed Jason X or Freddy vs Jason) or bold declarations like the series was bad whenever it strayed off the formula. We might be in danger of something original then! Oh, and of course the casual racism… There’s some folks who do videos with great research/academic insight. This is not one of them.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Yeah, I don’t know who this annoying twerp thinks he is, but his cynical Youtube name alone(horrorisdead) is enough to completely turn me off.

    Could you please stop promoting his Youtube videos, or as you like to call them, “fan-made docs”? All of his videos are pretty much “How X ruined Y”.

  • diapers

    This guy is fucking lame. Enough already.

    • Agreed. He’s super fucking annoying. Not that I don’t agree with some of the things he says but he comes off like a pretentious little bastard, one of those “I’m a true horror fan” douche bags.

  • lupe

    ha. I understand the hatred “Found Footage” films get, but The Blair Witch Project was an extraordinary experience of the 90’s. The marketing and the response to the film paralleled how American society looks at death and tragedy. Also, the characters were film students, so of course the film was MADE to look like it lacked experience. Also, it’s ironic that he is making a “fan-made documentary” about “found footage” films on Youtube.

    • “Also, it’s ironic that he is making a “fan-made documentary” about “found footage” films on Youtube”. My feelings exactly!

  • And yet I feel this fan doc is found footage. He “found” footage from interviews and movies he doesn’t like then edited them together to make a boring ass “documentary”, complete with annoying narration. Sounds like a found footage movie to me, and a bad one at that. And the fact that his youtube name is horrorisdead is enough for him not to be taken seriously. If he’s such a horror fan he’d know there’s still great stuff being made out there. The next time I see you guys post about one of his videos I’ll gladly avoid it.

    • LuJr81

      Agree 1000% Lee. All true horror fans know horror will NEVER die. There’s just way too much you can do with this genre. That is why horror is my favorite movie genre. Yeah of course there’s gonna be shit you don’t like but hey you have to search for the good stuff. Like the amazing French horror films like Haute Tension, Martyrs, Inside, Frontier(s), lol just to name a few. Whoever this kid is needs to grow up and state actual facts and reasons why he hates these types of movies so much and not rant like a 6th grade schoolgirl.

      • I agree with every word you wrote. And High Tension and Inside are two personal favorites of mine. If this guy really believes horror is dead he should get off his ass and attempt to make a great horror movie instead of wasting his time and ours making lame documentaries where his rants make him look more like a pretentious dipshit than someone who’s concerned about the genre. I don’t like to be that guy that says who’s a real horror fan and who’s not but if this guy truly was then he’d know that not only is horror not dead but that it can never die.

        • LuJr81

          Thank You! I mean I hate to talk shit about the guy, because he obviously loves these films with a passion. He just goes about it in the complete wrong way. Like you said, pretentious, thats what just turned me off. I get that people aren’t gonna like a certain remake or reboot, hell I’m one of the few who love RZ’s Halloween remakes, but at the same time I understand why people hate them. Thats whats great about film, its subjective, I’m not gonna throw you under the bus just because you like or dislike movies that I do. Also, about High Tension, that movie gets way too much shit for its “twist” ending. Either way its still an amazing movie, people don’t understand that the whole movie we saw was what was going on in her head. Thats how she saw things, we saw it from her POV.

          • Exactly! It’s a disturbed person telling an imagined version of events and to me it makes perfect sense. Even stuff like the bj with the severed head. If you accept that she’s a total loon it explains those things away.

  • Marys

    I’m actually researching this specific sub-genre and I watched this
    thinking it could be interesting. Instead, I ended up spendeing 38
    minutes saying “no shit dude” to my screen every few minutes.

    beginning is informative, but overall he misses the point of found
    footage, notably by never mentionning films like [REC] or V/H/S that
    spell it much more clearly than a camera on a tripod could. Theses
    films, and many after them, are actual experiences relating to the film
    apparatus and it’s parameters being diegetized into a FICTIONAL
    universe, as well as the possibilities to SIMULATE the human gaze as
    naturraly as possible with the help of the current technology. By
    focusing on the Paranormal Activity franchise, he judges an entire
    sub-genre by some of it’s worst and least immaginative installments.
    It’s like juding the entire horror genre by only looking at Troll 2, the
    Human Centipede and Killer Condom.

    • Ethan

      Exactly. It is easy to point out all the bad ones without looking at great films like [Rec].

  • LuJr81

    My God. Why do you have such a hard on for this guy’s bullshit ass little girly ass rants!? Stop promoting this fucking garbage and report some real horror movie articles! Come BD, I love being apart of this community but we deserve better shit than this. Have not and definitely WILL NOT give this douchebag another view. WTF man, WTF!

  • The_Righteous_Dan

    The contempt he has for the subject matter is what turns me off of the videos. When your premise is “I’m right and here are the reasons why”, then the narrative automatically goes that direction and any possible discussion stops within the first minute. I watched this one as well at the Ft13th vid. I couldn’t get through his Rob Zombie vid because he CLEARLY hates Zombie and it shows with sad digs at his IRL name, etc.. Ok, we get it, you don’t like something, get over it and move on if you have nothing to bring to the table. Which is what his videos seem like so far, with some minor nuggets of interesting views or information scattered about. Having said all that, dude sounds young, so hopefully these few stinkers are a catapult into something better.

  • Optiluiz

    This is total and utter bullshit. Found footage isn’t even a genre, you can tell any kind of story with it. Don’t go blaming it for what just a few bad filmmakers have done.

    The basic concept of Found-Footage actually predates cinema anyways, hell, the idea of Found-Literature has given us some of the greatest books of all time(Frankenstein, for example, was presented as a series of found diary entries). A talented Filmmaker can make an awesome Found-Footage movie if given the chance.

    All this fuss about it ‘poisoning cinema’ is just because it allows unoriginal and cheap productions to be successful, but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad. All we need is some better artists giving it a go. After all, we already have some great Found-Footage films anyway; Chronicle, REC, Blair Witch Project and the first Paranormal Activity are great movies, using their chosen medium as a tool rather than as a crutch.

    • Brad Harris

      The first Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch are the precise movies that make the genre bad. If you think those movies are great, you have absolutely no idea what makes a great movie. I’m a film school student and film schools across the globe hate found footage films, especially those 2 films.

      • Optiluiz

        Guess what, I’m a film student too.

        To completely dismiss a so-called “genre” based on a few bad examples is childish, not to mention stupid. Also, pretty much every professor of mine who has ever mentioned it applauded Blair Witch’s guerilla Filmmaking, not to mention the subtleties of leaving most of the film’s actual horror up to the viewer’s imagination. The same applies to the first PA, which, though not a masterpiece, is also a great example of creating suspense with limited resources.

        It’s one thing to dislike certain kinds of filmmaking, but it’s quite another to shit on an entire wave of films just because they don’t cater to your particular interests. Especially when you consider the socio-cultural roots of found-footage, and the opportunities it provides to up-and-coming directors.

        • Brad Harris

          When Paranormal Activity first came out, I gave it a chance because I thought “Hey, there’s no way it could be as bad as the Blair Witch Project!” and man, was it ever bad. It may have even been worse than the Blair Witch Project. I feel like I waste money every time I see one of these films. Almost always, there is just a concept of a story and no actual story at all. I actually found myself chuckling at PA. Now I see it has 3 to 4 sequels and I realize that the average movie goer is a complete moron. These movies show that the filmmakers have no talent at all. It’s painfully obvious every time one of these films is on a television. No character development within the structure of the movie at all. Heck, I find myself just wanting to kill them all and leave 10 minutes into the damn thing. How anyone can praise this stuff is beyond me. They might be able to praise the marketing aspect of the films but certainly not the filmmaking itself. And in today’s society, you could market a turd and still get people to buy it.

          • kidcage

            First off, as a guy who got a degree in Film and teaches a college Film Course, I’m going to have to disagree that “every film school” or every film class hates found footage. It’s more a personal taste of that instructor that they are trying to pass off as a “fact” in order to get you to share his views on film. More than likely, there’s a possibility of film choices you, or those professors, enjoy or like that someone could make the argument that you or they, as “an average movie goer” is a complete moron, because you don’t share the same film tastes.

            Heck, to use a quote from you in a way, there are probably film classes and film schools across the globe that hate horror and don’t see it as a legitimate genre of film, so maybe the genre we all love should just shrivel up and die, or is poisoning cinema, because those certain people don’t like it.

      • Garbageface

        You know how I can tell you’re a film student? You said “I’m a film school student” in a discussion about movies as if that adds even the tiniest bit of weight to your argument. You know how I know you’re a stupid film student? You think being a film student means that you know the opinion of every film school across the globe

  • Maxime C

    I think I’m not going to waste anpther 37min on this guy. The FridayThe13th piece was a pile of crap, this is gonna be the same.
    Come on BD, you can do better than giving credit to this kind of guys.

  • Cameron Fraser

    stop giving this ass hat an audience.

  • Zac Eglinton

    I gave this a shot, and then when he called BWP an “atrocity”, I tuned out.

  • J Jett

    i didn’t watch this and i didn’t need to to know that i agree w/ him that FF films are awful and have really done a huge disservice to the horror genre.

    • Paul

      Same here, I’ll probably watch it later, but I don’t need anymore proof that found-footage movies are garbage.

    • Chandler Of-Adelaide

      How have they done a disservice to the horror genre? If anything films like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity have given much needed boosts to the horror genre allowing studies to bank on other styles of horror films. I mean sure, there are a lot of crap found footage films out there but there is just as many low-budget flicks in other horror subgenres that are just as bad if not worse…

      • J Jett

        Chandler there ARE a couple of good/quality FF films but most of them are awful and since it’s all about the bottom line they’ll make a FF film for $10 and it make a lot of $$$. then the horror genre gets inundated with one god awful FF movie after another thereby saturating the genre. FF films (not all but most) are made by people who have little to no talent and it shows in their respective movies. FF and 3D are bad for the horror genre.

        • Chandler Of-Adelaide

          So are most slashers. So are most zombie flicks, and haunting/exorcism flicks and monster flicks…the list goes one. Each horror subgenre is filled with countless crap films…

    • Chamber

      Just like the many “traditional” horror movies recently have done a great service to horror? (Ouija, Occulus, ect.?) I can name 5 great found-footage horror films from the last two years that outdo anything the traditional horror films put out. Shut your pie hole if you have nothing productive to add to the conversation.

  • Ethan

    Just another traditionalist ranter. Seriously, the constant hate for this sub genre is childish. Many people love it and there have been great found footage films. Just give it a rest.

  • Matt

    I always thought that if you didn’t like a particular type of film you just didn’t watch it. Not spend time, money and resources researching it and making documentaries about it… :I

    • Chamber

      Exactly. I can name several types of movies that I actively avoid (Tyler Perry Movies, romance, War/battlefield, buddy comedy), and while I can go on a long diatribe to give the exact reasons as to why I hate each type of movie, why fucking bother? It make s a person look like a pretentious douche.

  • solowd

    The Blair Witch Project is a terrific movie. The problem is the soulless imitators. This is not a new problem. Look at the first Halloween, which was a wonderful movie. Now look at the legion of crappy Halloween ripoffs. You see the same thing with every classic — Alien, The Exorcist, etc.

    Found footage is especially attractive to imitators because the return on investment is potentially very good. Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity were very cheap, but generated good money. That’s perfect for today’s risk-averse studios. If their found footage movies flop, they haven’t lost much money.

    I am extremely sick of uninspired found footage, but I feel exactly the same way about all soulless ripoffs. I have no doubt that a really inspired director could make a great found footage movie.

    • Chamber

      I have seen a few recent examples that really stand out; Grave Encounters, Wer, Afflicted, Extraterrestrial, and Exists were all extremely well done, and show that FF can be extremely viable film making. But people like the douche in this article only focus on the shitty movies that just try to make a quick buck by releasing half-asses films.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Is this guy sucking someone’s dick here at BD?

  • wehoaks

    This site is such a piece of shit anymore.

    • Christopher Brandt

      I still read this site for actual news on upcoming movies, but I haven’t trusted its opinion on ANYTHING for a good seven or eight years now. Anybody remember Mr Disgusting’s glowing review of Automaton Transfusion? The one where he called that incompetent, barely watchable piece of crap the “Holy Grail” of horror?

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        He recently did the same for Mockingbird. He’s a hack. It’s a shame, he was a great reporter once upon a time.

    • Chamber

      Just visit it for the news on upcoming movies and avoid everything else. Notice that people visit these articles in droves? Yeah, that’s why they keep showing up. If we avoided them, they wouldn’t bother to post them.

  • This guy is so cynical that it’s groan-worthy. Found footage horror is incredibly effective when it’s done well (see BWP, Rec, PA1).

    Some people just don’t connect to it though,and that’s understandable, but it doesn’t make the sub-genre bad as a whole.

    • ThunderDragoon

      Here here!

    • Chamber

      Thank you!

  • Mondo Gecko

    Stop posting shit from this guy…. No seriously, stop it!

  • Saren Nevac

    Found footage movies can be great. Just most people just rip off others and do it badly instead of creating something new and original. The amount that are just “ghost in house, lets stay and film it” type bullshit.

    • James

      Exactly. There’s potential in found footage but unfortunately a lot of them are awful. Like any other horror movie. Some are good and many are terrible.

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    I can’t take seriously the opinion of a guy that starts with the saying “A ‘Horror Film is Dead’ Production”. I honestly think this kind of bullshit shouldn’t be shared.

  • Peter Horvath

    I love this guy and agree with him %100!!!!
    I was so excited to see Frankenstein’s army and then realized that it was a found footage movie and I was pissed off!!! you can tell they put a lot of effort into the effects and costumes and you only get a blurry flash of them…such a crime!

  • Nick Carton

    Found footage didn’t kill the genre, shitty mass produced Hollywood efforts are the real culprit. Now we’re at the stage where people think ‘The Babadook’ is the best horror film in years, simply because it was more original than other recent efforts. Truth be told it’s about as scary as a puppy holding a flower


    So, essentially, any film, no matter how artless, is superior to all found footage “atrocities” simply because it uses steady shots, props, and takes “effort.” Therefore, by some twisted logic, Cannibal Campout is superior to The Blair Witch Project.

    Every idiot with a youtube channel (sorry…”fan-made doc” channel) doesn’t need to validated in their ignorance.

  • Ress EZ

    Thank you. Now you just made me want to watch The Blair Witch Project again. There’s a good outcome from this doc after all. Cheers!

  • jay

    I hate these found footage films not all of them, but it’s enough now! I do agree though it didn’t kill the genre. I believe that was done by Wes Craven and the scream franchise. Just my opinion.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Scream was one of the best things to happen to the genre, ever. Not only did it revitalize an essentially dead genre, it basically said “horror films can have strong characters and a great story as well”.

      Or are you one of those dumb fucks that is “mad at Scream” for ushering in a bunch of “teen horror”? So fucking what, a bunch of people ripped off Halloween after its release too(Ahem, ever hear of Friday the 13th?). Guess who went to those movies? A lot of TEENAGERS! It’s the nature of the game. Don’t be dumb. I have a knee-jerk reaction to dumb.

      • Yeah, it’s not the fault of a great movie like Scream that Hollywood decided to rip it off and make a bunch of sub-par movies. When something blows up and becomes a huge success (Paranormal Activity, for example) the natural thing that happens is that a bunch of imitators come along, hoping to cash in on the success of whatever film hit it big first. Scream breathed new life into horror and for fuck’s sake that trend didn’t even last as long as some others. Like you said, Halloween. A great movie that inspired a huge fucking wave of teen slasher movies in the 80’s. Way more of those were made than Scream ripoffs. And I don’t believe the genre can ever be “killed”. You can’t keep horror down, it always comes back and currently the genre is more popular than ever.

  • Tombomb421

    Sorry, but I do love a few found-footage films. With that said, there is absolutely a way to tell a great found footage film from a terrible one. Blair Witch is a masterpiece, but films like “The Devil Inside” are just embarrassing. So with that being said, I don’t think it killed the genre. It shouldn’t be the entire sub genre of found-footage that gets a bad rep, but the poor films that often come with it.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Scream was one of the best things to happen to the genre, ever. Not only did it revitalize an essentially dead genre, it basically said “horror films can have strong characters and a great story as well”.

      Or are you one of those dumb fucks that is “mad at Scream” for ushering in a bunch of “teen horror”? So fucking what, a bunch of people ripped off Halloween after its release. Guess who went to those movies? A lot of TEENAGERS! It’s the nature of the game. Don’t be dumb. I have a knee-jerk reaction to dumb.

  • Didn’t watch the video, but going off of the “How found-footage poisons cinema” title, there’s a good chance I won’t take the time to watch it.

    I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of the found-footage sub-genre, and I’ve done my fair share of complaining (i.e. shaky cam bullshit) on here, BUT to sit back and throw out this wild off base generalization about found-footage poisoning cinema? That’s just asinine.

  • Charlton

    “Fan-made documentary” I didn’t realise you need to be a strict professional just to be a documentary maker.

  • Axels

    I personally really enjoy found footage stuff. I think the minimalistic approach shows off the strengths of a filmmaker instead of weaknesses. The V/H/S/ films are poor exampls too since they are from a variety of different filmmakers who have established themselves in other types of non found footage horror. I’m biased though as I really enjoy the V/H/S/ movies. Part 2 especially. Viral had some great stuff too, especially Nacho Vigalondo’s segment.

  • Bobby Price

    WolfCop was made on the same budget as many of the hand-cam(found footage is too prestigious a genre title) movies and it was the most fun I’ve had watching a movie this year. I absolutely detest Blair Witch and that odious Cloverfield movie. Frankenstein’s Army was a let down when I found out it was a hand-cam, while it was a crazy movie there was so much you couldn’t see and take in because the camera was all over the place when the action kicked up. I just think its a highly exploited genre gimmick that is now not only a dead horse but a zombified horse that is unkillable. Studios love these movies cause their cheap to produce and easy to market especially with misleading or wholly false dvd covers. I am just hoping this trend dies off, its gotten as bad if not worse than the glut of late 90’s Tarantino-esqe inspired horror movies or the early 2000’s torture porn craze kicked off by Saw and Hostel which lead to crapfests like the unwatchable Human Centipede and it’s sequel(s) since I just found out someone is making a third turd sandwich because two just wasn’t enough.

  • Krug09

    I watched all 3 of this guys videos before. I don’t agree with some of what he says. I really think Paranormal Activity and BWP are 2 very good films. Especially BWP but like all other hit treads they inspires a ton of shit! I mean wow just look at the list of shitty uninspired FF movies. I saw one movie on netflix recently i think its called The Taking of Dorothea Logan… what a piece of crap. There’s a handful of good films out of like 300. I also didn’t agree with his opinion on Freddy Vs Jason i thought its a very fun movie. For going the funny route i thought it was the best it could be.

  • Wikipedia is not a reliable source. I have teachers who won’t read your paper if you site it.

  • graynewt

    Action films are dead because The Expendables 3 was bad.

    Now crowdfund me so I can make a documentary arguing my case.

    • Chamber

      *American Action films.

      Fixed it for you. The rest of the world does pretty great with action films, including Indonesia, as they created the best action film ever made in “The Raid 2”.

      • graynewt

        I think you missed the point of my sarcasm. Let me try again but with a different genre.

        Musicals are dead because Burlesque was awful. Now crowdfund me.

        • Chamber

          Sorry, I get a bit defensive when it comes some of the genre’s I love, especially when people say that a particular one is dead based on an American film. In my opinion, the real game changing movies are being made overseas (such as Europe and Asia), and Hollywood can learn a thing or two about how to make movies. Just like cars and electronics, the U.S. is being quickly usurped by more capable and talented hands when it comes to film-making.
          Also, I hate the expendables, and where do I go to support your cause?

  • Anon-non

    Relax guys. I don’t think his goal was to impose his opinions as fact, but to present his side of the argument. If anything, it’s nice to learn the history of found footage.

  • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

    This whole rant sounds like someone is jealous that he couldn’t make it in the film industry. Look I love found films but I get that there are some trash out there. Look at it like ice cream. Some people like chocolate on theirs. Others like me like caramel. Doesn’t mean I’m better than you just differant. I think instead of focusing on why one genre is bad maybe he should’ve spent those 30 or so minutes saying what he does like and why it’s good. I love hearing about new movies and would’ve loved to hear about movies I hadn’t seen before instead of him rehashing the same 4 or 5 movies and trashing them non stop.

  • James Upton

    I loved how this guy mocks the shoddy editing and filming of Blair witch..umm, they are portraying semi-skilled filmakers who are under stress, and of course there was no post-editing because the filmer-makers were post-mortem!

  • Tryst V. Umbra

    He really seems to put a lot of focus on production value and a team of professionals setting up shots to be a necessity of the horror genre. He has uses this “Actual filmmakers” term too <_<. And he argues "So what if it`s effective/scary? It brings the industry down!". Is not the purpose of horror films largely to scare the audience and create tension? There are many films when asked critically about it "Is it an important work of art? Does it provide some kind of insight or clever statement?", I can say "Not really". but "Is it fun? Is it scary? If not scary, is it still an enjoyable or interesting ride?"
    There are far more films, especially horror films, that make that criteria more than having a level of intellectual or academic value.

  • Chris McEvoy

    Found footage is just crap, Cheap films studios can churn out and make the same kind of profits as larger budget films due to clever marketing, however there have been some good ones among them Blair witch, Cloverfield and chronicles but they are the exception and I hope the fad dies a gruesome death.

    • Brad Harris

      both Blair Witch and Cloverfield were really a let down. I expected more out of Cloverfield and those filmmakers should be shot on sight.

  • emmett salman

    I don’t really care for getting into an argument over this but to be honest I hate POV movies. An hour and a half of shakingblurry shots and a closeup of the “cameraman’s” forehead isn’t going to sell it for me. I liked some of the plots for VHS, but the way it was shot really prevented me from actually enjoying it. Might just be me tho :B

  • James

    While he does come off as pretentious, I reaL can’t argue with a lot of his points. Not to mention BWP and PA were both awful films.

  • parsyeb

    Another “film critic” who knows next to nothing about movies. I won’t talk too much shit since I probably would’ve been doing the same thing as a teenage neophyte, but something about movies and music make shitheads with no clue a walking encyclopedia (supplemented heavily by Wikipedia, it would seem).

    To this kid, I’d say, take a break and watch a lot more movies with a lot more attention to detail. Then come tell us something that you could sum up in a few seconds.

  • Russell Jack Whites Cortez

    in my honest opinion i believe everyone forgets that the genre is supposed to put you right in the thick of it, instead of just seeing it from a gods point of view, you experience it as if your the one there, i know that not everyone can get into movies that way but if you took the time and a little effort and just let yourself into the movie instead of just judging right away, then maybe just maybe everyone will be able to the potential in this genre. Also newline cinemas did kill jason but on technicality paramount did that first and freddy vs. jason was just for the fans that been dying to have it happen regardless of the quality of it.

  • Chamber

    Found-footage is probably the “modern art” of cinema. It allows otherwise untalented people to express a story or viewpoint, and while there are gems amongst the crap (Paranormal Activity 1, Afflicted, Wer, and Extraterrestrial to name a few), the rest are just a sorry excuse by shitty “filmmakers” to make a movie. These days, anyone with enough money can get a movie made, and what is more cost effective than Found-footage? To say that it “poisons” cinema is asinine, and quoting Wikipedia solidifies this; it is a sub-genre of film, and just like every genre, has its talented individuals, and the untalented with too much money, just like Modern Art. Get used to it, it’s here to stay, and when done right can be extremely effective. Unfortunately, people focus too much on the turds to give the entire genre a fair assessment.

    I hate Tyler Perry “films”with a PASSION, but they make money, so why should he stop making them? I just avoid them, and act as if they do not exist. As long as found-footage can potentially yield greater profits than the money that was put into the film, it will remain a viable form of film-making.

  • Evan3

    In my opinion, this guy is full of crap. Found footage films lack the “effort” of other films? Oh please. Yes, some do. But I wouldn’t call any of the cyncical cash-in sequels to any of the horror franchises any more artful or full of effort than the found footage stuff.

  • Travis

    I think found footage has definitely paved the way for talentless filmmakers to be able to put out crap with no budget, but I don’t think they’re all poison. Most movies want you to believe they’re real or that they could happen and found footage does that great, though we are way to familiar with them now to ever believe, but still. I love film and I’m huge on cinematography, which found footage absolutely lacks, but there are some really entertaining movies in the genre and I don’t see how they’re poison. Sure a bunch of no names are making movies with no money, but who cares? It’s not like Paul Thomas Anderson is going to go make a found footage movie. I think 99% are crap but I don’t care and I don’t watch them. The ones I have enjoyed, however, I have truly enjoyed.

  • John Connor

    This guy making these videos really fucking sucks. Nothing he says makes sense and he’s just a rage-filled dumbass that has nothing better to do.

  • ragethorn

    Stopped it after 2 minutes once he asks why Paranormal Activity is a blockbuster hit with a couple of desperate actors and a string tied to a door while praising garbage films saying it at least had craft. F*&# off!

  • peter mckain

    Faces of death isnt really found footage its a mocumentary (mostly)

  • Big Stu

    Even angry fanboys are entitled to their opinion. That being said, found footage is no different than any other genre. There are some gems (Blair Witch, PA1) and a lot of garbage. It’s all a matter of personal taste. As horror fans we ALL have that one shitty ass horror movie that we love even if we don’t know why. Effective found footage can be fun.

  • Big Stu

    But it damn sure is being overdone.

  • InfinitusMax

    Nothing is a total failure. Just reading ‘found-footage’ tellls me not to bother watching it.

  • mdawd123

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