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‘World War Z’ Slate Wiped Clean

Brad Pitt and Paramount Pictures’ World War Z was an epic disaster that transformed into an epic success. Behind the scenes, there were tons of rewrites and reshoot, including a new finale that wasn’t nearly as climactic and violent as having zombie heads spliced off with a decapitating gun.

Being such a huge box office success, it was no surprise that a sequel was quickly put into development. Only, it’s been awhile, and we haven’t heard much.

IndieWire caught up with Steven Knight, the sequel’s screenwriter, who had this brief update:

“I thought, ‘why not? What fun.’” said Knight on his decision to take a crack at the script. “It’s not quite like the other; we’re starting with clean slate. When they’ve signed off [Paramount and Plan B], we’re on.”

For whatever reason, the interviewer never follows up, so it’s unclear what “clean slate” means. Did they start the screenplay from scratch or are they abandoning Pitt’s storyline and starting from scratch? I’m not exactly sure why they’d continue the franchise without Pitt, so the former seams more likely.

As of this writing, shooting could start as early as October 2015.




  • Jason L.

    Brad Pitt signed off. He sent his doppelganger Pitt Brad to take the new lead.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      I feel the following question has lots its “oomph” in the age of the internet but, seriously: are you retarded?

  • J Jett

    i’m pretty sure “clean slate” just means they are working on a new script with Brad’s character still as the lead. there’s no way they’d ditch Brad/his character especially when Brad’s PLAN B is one of the main/big producers. i loved WWZ. i can’t wait for the sequel!

  • RawBeard

    As a big blockbuster Zombie film I actually ended up enjoying a majority of World War Z, it could have done with a bit more gore and splatter… I just wish they hadn’t called it World War Z or claimed to have been an adaptation of the excellent book.

  • Vic

    They fucked that movie up so bad, first by not following the source stories -and tbh that’s fine by me, they just wanted the cool name- but going back and changing the last act of the movie was just a silly move, the movie would have been absolutely fantastic and would have carried on nicely as a trilogy (it still did really well and was decent but I reckon it was just a fluke, right time). Instead we got a dead end ending because someone lost faith in the project and used their weight to make the change. Not that the ending wasn’t good but it just didn’t belong in that movie. Go read the original plans… epic 🙁

    • J Jett

      Vic, i understand what you’re saying. personally i loved the quieter, smaller in scale 3rd act of the movie. it was the most horror-ish part of the movie.

  • MarsupialRebellion

    Truly, I didn’t care much for WWZ. I got over the fact that they didn’t use the book (although to just simply take the name of an awesome book and say f*ck everything else is one really dumb and pathetic move) but the film itself didn’t exactly do anything for me either. And since I know that they’re not saying “clean slate” in the sense that you should/would use it, and I expect more of the same ant-colony cheetah zombie structure for the sequel, I won’t be putting any faith towards this at all. Congrats on ruining the name of a good original storyline for PG-13 kiddie dollar bills and more running impossible zombies.

  • Drago Harley

    World War Z should not be a movie: it should be a TV series on HBO. It would work perfectly as a TV series. Every episode could be set in a different part of the world (or do a season in a different country every season). It’s foolishness to try to do this as a movie when it would make great episodic TV. And it would be more interesting than the Walking Dead because it could go global in scope.

    • Tigernan Quinn

      Have you never wondered why The Walking Dead takes place in one location, with most of the cast wandering around train tracks? Your idea would be so expensive that there’s no way anybody’d make any money.

      • *cough* Game of thrones *cough*

      • Drago Harley

        I don’t see how adapting the book World War Z as an anthology series would be expensive. You do realize that TV shows and movies set the action all over the world all the time…but that doesn’t mean they have to be flying all over the world. Especially not in the year 2015. It’s been a while since I read the World War Z book, but I remember there’s a section set in rural China. There’s a section set in South America at a hospital where organ transplants start zombie outbreaks. There is a brief mention of the Queen in Windsor Castle and her guards barricading in there, drilling for oil, bunkering in. There’s mention of the President of the US relocating to Hawaii. There’s a section about an aircraft carrier. I don’t see how any of these setting is more expensive than any other show set in military and international locations. The show Alias, for instance, ran for many many years and “traveled” to exotic locations every episode. They were all timed around Los Angeles, but creative set designers and visual effects people made it look like other parts of the world.

  • marklola12 .

    loved the movie, I expected it being bad because most movies that are in development hell for a while and have so many problems like that one did end up being so, was a nice suprise

  • brewers_rule

    For every success like this that comes out of development hell, there’s 10 other ones that fall flat on their faces (looking at you, Ghostbusters 3/Reboot).

  • Ress EZ

    Paramount, stop feeding the masses with Transformers bullcrap! Enough with shiny robots! Now pump all your money to make this movie fast! Understand that books are better sources than toys!

  • LeAntoineCavosier

    The hypocrisy of the statements in this interview is so rich as to make me aroused. I’m literally bleeding clue goo through the seams of my mechanical chest plate.

  • Hell-Scorpion

    Just no running wave zombies or PG13 bullshit…flesh eating, lots of it.

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