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‘Paranormal Activity’ Haunts October Once Again!

In addition to shifting the release of Friday the 13th, Paramount Pictures is also moving the latest installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise, taking October back once and for all!

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, which was originally scheduled for this coming March 13, will now be haunting audiences on October 23, 2015. It’s nice to see a Halloween release once again for the PA franchise!

Greg Plotkin is directing from a screenplay by Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark.

The plan is to release PA5 in 3-D for the “Ghost Dimension,” which has an 80’s vibe to it.

PA5 will be opening against Lionsgate/Summit’s The Last Witch Hunter, which means one of the two films will be forced to move. Who will budge? We put our money on Witch Hunter.




  • Nick M.

    First movie is a genuinely good little horror film imo that gets little respect because its “found footage” or “boring”. The sequels are very much less so but I do love the series mythology they’ve set up. So Ill definitely check out this movie

  • tbaio

    This is gonna have the same ending as part 3 all the way to The Marked Ones. Why bother????

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m just glad it’s still this year.

  • Maxime C

    Is the last one? I’m kinda lost in their plans? Will they actually answer some questions or just continue to bore us 1h20 and BANG throwing ghosts and witches and shit at us one more time?

  • Adam Clifton

    Oh sure, they can’t come up with a script for Friday the 13th, but they can churn out yet another 2 hour movie full of banging kitchen cupboards and people getting carpet burns. Pass.

  • pablitonizer

    So lost with this story to be honest. So many story holes and no answers to questions I never actually cared for. Not interested in this one, next!

  • Kirkio

    Same old, same old. Even the novelty of laughing through the jump scares with friends in the cinema has run its course now. Another bland, predictable franchise that gets worse with each new instalment.

    Family film everything for some reason, scary stuff happens, Katie Featherston turns up looking moody and breaks a bunch of people’s necks, some witches appear, the end.

  • concerned citizen

    People sitting around with the occasional door opening…IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a feeling the “Ghost Dimension” will be this side of the screen and all those empty seats.

  • Mick Thomas

    Fool me once…

  • Josh Batchelder

    Marked Ones was my favorite in the series BY A LONGSHOT, so at the very least, I’m excited to see what a fifth PA movie is going to look like.

  • Victor

    I guess…… The last one sucked, how about we get a decent Halloween release this year considering our exclusive for last year was Ouija and look how that turned out.

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