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[TV] Why Hasn’t “The Walking Dead” Spinoff Been Picked Up Yet?!

A shocking piece of informations was hiding within an in depth interview with “The Walking Dead” producer Gale Anne Hurd, who tells THR that the Robert Kirkman spinoff series has yet to be picked up, leaving “The Walking Dead” fans in shambles.

Hurd noted that she had just finished the pilot to a “Dead” spinoff on Feb. 6, but shocked us when she said, “We haven’t been picked up to series yet.”

It’s the middle of sweeps and AMC not picking up the spinoff is sort of shocking, especially considering “The Walking Dead” is record-breaking television. I’m on the outside looking in, so my guesses are as good as yours. My thoughts range from AMC brass wanting the show to be different (and better) than “The Walking Dead” (assuming it’s similar) to them fighting producers over budget (again). Who knows, but at the end of the day it would be shocking to see them pass.

The pilot script was reviewed here a few weeks ago, and it sounded pretty cool.

Per Deadline: The untitled “Walking Dead” spinoff, code name “Cobalt,” takes place during the same zombie apocalypse depicted in the blockbuster mothership series but in a different location (Los Angeles). It revolves around a divorced teacher (Curtis) and a guidance counselor (Dickens), who are working together and are in a relationship. The counselor has two children from a previous marriage, played by Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey. She looks like the girl next door but has a darkness to her, a troubled past that will come back to haunt her.

Creator Robert Kirkman talked about it here.




  • Khy

    Brad you are a total drama queen.

  • Jason L.

    In case you haven’t noticed; AMC have considered redoing the whole pilot. It pains me to say it, but, Cliff Curtis & Co. simply weren’t gay enough.

  • zombie84_41

    Guess they wanted to add some vampires

  • J Jett

    i’m praying this spin off gets picked up. sorry but i’m finding these past 2 eps of TWD to be mind-numbingly boring. i’m actually completely sick of the show and it’s setting. it’s the same thing again and again. lather, rinse, repeat.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      You want to attempt saying that on IGN – The Walking Dead elitists then jump on you and rip you a new one. The show has been on a downward slide ever since Scott Gimple and the 3 new writers took over in Season 4.

      • J Jett

        GunsOfNavarone, thanx for the IGN warning! lol. i loved the first season and the first half of season 3 A LOT but lately it just feels like the show has become stagnant (lather, rinse, repeat).

        • GunsOfNavarone

          I totally agree. The idea of using zombies as ’emotional fodder’ is a tired trope i.e. find a zombie, stare meaningfully at it while reflecting about a personal issue, walk away and then regret not killing it so going back or putting the group in jeopardy to kill it. If I’ve seen that once, I’ve seen it a dozen times.

          They ruined the final few episodes of season 3 when they started changing the story – that lead to the 2nd showrunner leaving (the 1st had left after they made budget cuts in the 2nd series which is why they were hauled up at the farm for so long).

          • tony jake

            The shows ratings have actually skyrocketed ever since Gimple took over so not many people agree with you. In anycase if you havn’t yet I suggest you start reading the comics. Gimple is following the comics closer than any of the other showrunners had before. Some very exciting things are ahead of the show if they continue to follow the comics this closely. Season 6, and 7 will be outstanding television.

            The most mundane part of the comics was when they were heading up to Washington as well so it is no surprise that these past couple episodes have seemed a little mundane also.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            How would you know not many people agree with me ? You’re not taking into account newcomers to the series who will watch the seasons just because they have watched other seasons (like myself), in the hopes it returns to form. If you look at many of the reviews since series 4 onwards, you will see that a large amount of people echo what I have said about them too. BUT, they still watch. If I’m 5 seasons into something, I look at it as coming the long haul so hanging on with hope. The issue I have with Gimple taking over is the repetitiveness of the show as a whole, the daftness of some of the writing e.g. hey look, a load of bubbles in the water, let me just wade through, the amount of melodrama (Tyreese’s overly long death when no one else has been granted the same treatment) and the pace at which the story moves.

            As for season 6 and 7, I assume you’re talking about Safe Haven and Negan. I am awaiting that story with baited breath, but I don’t envy the filler we’re likely in for.

          • tony jake

            Look at the ratings. The ratings have increased each year since Gimple took over. The show is much more of a psychological thriller now than it was prior to when Gimple was showrunner. Maybe you don’t like that but lots of people do. I personally look back at season 1 and 2 (especially 2) and think of how boring it is compared to what they have now. The comics went through Herschel’s farm in just a single story arc yet the show dragged it out for an entire season.

            The Governor is also a character that suffered from all the previous showrunners. His actions in season 4 were much closer to the way he was depicted in the comics than the way he was shown in season 3.

            And yes I was referring to those things in season 6 and 7. As of now that has been the absolute height of storytelling within the comics and it will be awesome to see that war played out onscreen with Gimple in charge.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            “The comics went through Herschel’s farm in just a single story arc yet the show dragged it out for an entire season”.

            The comics also went through The Prison and The Governor in a single story arc, yet AMC and Gimple dragged it out from season 3 into half of season 4.

            Season 2 whilst stuck at the farm, had a much tighter dynamic between the characters. That can not be said for seasons 4 and 5. In fact to be really honest I didn’t care about Bob, Sasha is 1 dimensional, Eugene is 1 dimensional, Rosita is 1 dimensional – most of that secondary ensemble are boring to watch and given boring lines. Abraham is interesting but is under utilised. All of this has to fall with a) the new writers and b) the new direction. The ratings have increased because (like I say) people have binge watched seasons 1,2 and 3 and are now compelled to keep up to date but that doesn’t mean they think these seasons are as good as the old seasons. In fact I have seen people say such things on a lot of sites, that the pacing is so slow and repetitive.

            I get you like it and I get you’re defensive of the show, but you only need to look to other shows out there to see the difference in the quality of writing, direction and pacing. I’m not expecting zombie attacks every week but I’m also not expecting to watch drivel such as stretched out death scenes with ghosts of old people appearing to take up airing time.

          • tony jake

            Well Guns it is obvious from this comment here that you have not even read the comics. In the comics each chapter is a self contained story arc. The Shane storyline was Chapter 1. The Herschel farm storyline was Chapter 2. By the beginning of Chapter 3 they were entering the prison and they stayed there until the end of Chapter 8. That is three years worth of comic releases that dealt with the prison while only six months that dealt with Herschel’s farm (actually fewer than that because they weren’t at Herschel’s farm yet when Chapter 2 started).

            It makes perfect sense that the prison would run into the next season because it lasted so long in the comics.

            And if you don’t like Rosita, Abraham, and Eugene well then you must not of liked them at all in the comics (if you read it at all) because their likeness has been taken almost a 100% from the comics.

            Maybe TWD just isn’t your cup of tea. Because what you are seeing now is what the comic book is like and how the show will be in the future. The comic book is a big psychological thriller that deals with how the characters deal with the world they are currently trying to survive in and that is what the show is now after Gimple took over.

            If you don’t like all the psychological stuidies they currently have going you definitely aren’t going to like the crazy man coming that is Negan.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            No I don’t read the comics as I don’t see the point in spoiling a series by reading what is to come. But here’s the thing… comic translations to TV shows don’t work, book translations to movies don’t work, you have to adapt them to a screenplay to ‘fit’ the running time accordingly. Stay too long in one point and you lose the viewer. I imagine that the comics have far more detail than the show airs, and from what I have heard; a lot of the show has been altered from the comics. The governor story arc was meant to wrap in one season with the mid-season finale of season 4 wrapping up the arc of season 3. You have said that they last in the prison until chapter 8 but compared to the running time of a show, you have to make a compromise. 1 season per chapter ? 8 seasons in the prison? No – 1 environment per season is adequate, that roughly amounts to 16 episodes / 16 hours which I’m sure you’ll agree is a lot to invest in the same place. But no, it went on for another 6.

            “Maybe TWD just isn’t your cup of tea”. Let me just give you a run down of some of the shows I watch or have watched…. Game of Thrones, True Detective, Constantine, Vikings, Justified, Banshee, Helix, Fortitude, Person of Interest, Orphan Black, Black Sails, Arrow, The Flash, Luthur amongst others I have probably forgotten. The point is, it’s not that it’s not my cup of tea, it’s that it’s a shadow of it’s former self. I must disagree with you about the comic to tv translation. True I haven’t read the comics but I am 90% certain that isn’t the issue. Most characters are underdeveloped and not given enough screen time to be fully realised. As a viewer you should be fully invested in the group as a whole, not dread when the camera veers off the main group but that is exactly what happens. Now you can disagree with me if you want – and you’re entitled to your opinion, but seeing as how that close-knit dynamic changed from 4 onwards, that to me is Gimple and his writers. The characters need better scripts, better interaction and more than a few sentences per episode.

          • tony jake

            Guns I was making a reference to how drawn out the Herschel Farm storyline was by them turning it into an entire seasons worth of episodes when in the source material it only lasted for about five issues.

            Gimple has actually done a very good job of translating the comic to the television screen. The Terminus storyline was actually improved over its comic adaption as in the comic adaption none of the cannibals received much personal development at all. Beth was never even in the comics so the whole Hospital storyline was completely original to the tv show.

            The introduction of Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene was improved over its comic adaption and the Governor in season 4 was greatly improved and truer to form than what you saw in season 3.

            I also watch Game of Thrones faithfully but I do have to say Walking Dead is supperior to it. Game of Thrones is a good political drama but take all the politics away and all the characters are pretty darn bland. I personally could care less who lives and who dies in Game of Thrones.

            You can try to say what you want about why you think more people are watching TWD now than they were in the first three seasons. I personally feel though that a lot of people like what you happen to dislike.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            Whoa…. The Walking Dead is better than Game Of Thrones ?! If you don’t mind, I’ll call it a day based on that fact alone. I have said a dozen times over, I wish HBO had gotten a hold The Walking Dead. But to say the characters in GOT are bland is one of the craziest things I have heard.

            Personally I think TWD is riddled with issues and a lot of the critics who review the series agree. But there are always those who won’t hear a single bit of criticism about it, as I mentioned to the guy above. TWD and GOT are leagues apart.

          • tony jake

            Good. And meanwhile TWD will continue to be one of the highest rated shows on tv and with what it has coming up there is no reason to think people will start tuning out. It’s obvious that you aren’t much of a Walking Dead fan as you seem to be against most everything the comic book is and what Gimple has done (who has stayed truer to the comics than any of the prior two Showrunners).

            You can try to say that it is just a coincidence that the ratings have improved under Gimple’s reign if you want to but I’m sure a lot of people would tell you that the show has better direction now than it did when they were completely drawing out Shane’s character and Herschel’s farm.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            That’s some good shit you’re on. lol…. I was trying to be respectable above, but I can’t actually take anything more you’re saying seriously.

          • tony jake

            That’s fine. Please next time actually come in to a discussion with some knowledge about the topic at hand because it is obvious you know little to nothing about Walking Dead.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            lol…In case you didn’t notice – there are 3 comments above me that all echo the same thoughts. I’d also suggest that next time you come into a discussion, arm yourself with the elements it takes to keep people interested in a series. You might know your walking dead lore, but as for character development, you know little to nothing. I’d respect you a lot more if you admitted to the blatant issues the show has, rather than sing a hack’s praises for the sake of a comic.

          • tony jake

            Hmm, ok, so you give your opinion credence based on what a few people say on a comments section and what a few people who post their reviews say? Wonder how many comments and reviews we can find from people who like what is going on now in Walking Dead?

            Here is a thought. If you don’t like TWD why don’t you just stop watching and stop posting on TWD websites/articles. You have already made up your mind that you don’t like it and all you are doing is trying to poke fun at the show and get into little debates with people who do like it. I can guarantee you that from what you have said you would not like the comic and you won’t like future seasons of TWD.

            TWD is a character study of how people respond to trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world, If your favorite seasons were years where they tried to turn the entire season into a love triangle then you are not a TWD fan

          • GunsOfNavarone

            “You have already made up your mind that you don’t like it and all you are doing is trying to poke fun at the show” – are you serious ?

            I mean, that’s a terribly immature statement. I watch a heap of shows because I started out from the beginning so I finish them. For all I know, Gimple could suddenly realise the issues and start correcting them, but thus far the show has been uneven since him stepping up. To say I am ‘poking fun’ – you sound butthurt like you direct the show or something. It is my right to critique anything I watch and I do it to other shows too, will I stop watching them ? No. Get over yourself serious and accept the fact that shows, like works of art, like books, like designs are susceptible to being critiqued. Not everything someone does is always a masterpiece. This is the problem with you walking dead ‘elitist’ fans, you can never step outside the box and admit that maybe someone may have a point. You all take it so god damn personally like it’s your mother I’m insulting. It’s kind of pathetic.

            “TWD is a character study of how people respond to trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world” – it has been that since the start. But what is different now ? The pace of the show, the aim of the show, the interplay between characters during the show. It’s all slowed to a dull roar. And what’s this ‘love triangle’ shit you’re on about? Have I mentioned that at all ? You’re grasping at straws to make a point.

          • tony jake

            Well I can guarantee you that the show isn’t going to change so you might as well stop hoping it will turn back into what it was in seasons 1 and 2. If you don’t like it now your feelings aren’t going to change because this is what Kirkman and Gimple wanted it to be and the ratings are showing that they are doing a good job regardless of what some of the naysayers are typing up on message boards.

            You don’t remember the love triangle between Shane, Rick, and Lori? Something that was in the comics but was all wrapped up before they even left the Atlanta camp. They needlessly brought it into season 2 and dragged it out through the entire season.

            Hate to say it but season 2 was the ultimate filler season. And to be honest all this cursing and name calling you are starting to do makes you look like the one who is butthurt.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            What name calling have I done ? You’re constantly grasping at things which aren’t happening. You tell me I’m ‘poking fun’ so I tell you it’s an immature *thing* to say – is that calling you a name? Nope. *Sounding* butthurt – is that calling you a name ? Nope. Have I at any point said you #### ?

            Now, you don’t work for AMC so I am hardly going to listen to what Joe Bloggs is telling me is the plan for the future of the series am I? Unless of course you come clean and tell me you’re really Scott Gimple or something?

            The love triangle thing – you brought that one up, I didn’t forget it. You said if my favourite seasons were when the love triangle thing was going on, then I’m not a true TWD fan. I mean, what do I answer to that ? – Tbh, at this point I wonder whether you’re just trolling as the conversation is becoming less and less coherent the further we go. “If you like this, you don’t that, if you don’t like this, you don’t like that”. It’s all rather stupid isn’t it ? But for all of season 2’s mistakes – and yes it did have them, it also had a lot of stuff that is lacking further down the line. I wonder whose idea the force ghosts appearing to Tyreese where ?

          • tony jake

            GunsofNavarone stop cussing and name calling. You know you are doing it.

            You don’t like the direction TWD has gone. So be it. You aren’t going to get anywhere with TWD fans who are still really into the show just like they aren’t going to get anywhere with you.

            I do have one question for you though. Why are you complaining about how TWD fans respond to you when you are the one posting on TWD articles, message boards…etc…whatever? Unless you are just trying to set up a scenario where you can enter into a debate with TWD fans (which is very possible).

            You want to go to a place where you can nitpick TWD and not get any backlash from the fans then find a site dedicated to people who don’t like TWD.

            You already mentioned TWD fans on IGN so obviously you have already attempted to spread your distaste for the show over there,

          • GunsOfNavarone

            I thought about typing a response, but I thought I’d summarise it into a picture for you 😉

          • tony jake

            Good. Now go find a site where you belong and stop posting at places where you know you can create controversey.

          • GunsOfNavarone
          • I’ve got to say; a show getting insane ratings doesn’t guarantee it is of high quality, it just means it appeals more to the masses. By your logic (tony) Taylor Swift makes fantastic music because her album sales broke records.

            For what it’s worth, I agree that the quality of TWD has declined mainly based on the writing and pacing. It just doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere interesting, whereas the past (1,2,3 and mostly 4) had a strong driving force and interesting character arcs.

          • tony jake

            The show is following the comics very closely now and the time traveling up to Washington in the comic was a slowly paced period as well. Things really pick up once they get to Washington though and some of the best storytelling to date is yet to come.

          • tony jake

            In the comic they all regrouped at Herschel’s farm after the prison attack and stayed there for awhile (which they couldn’t do in the show because season 2 decided to blow Herschel’s house up) and that is where they ran into Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. They decided to leave with the three because Herschel’s place was turning out to not be extremely safe.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            Well what would you know – someone that agrees with me. I see your popularity is growing. lol

          • tony jake

            Well let’s just go to a TWD message board and see how many people agree with you. You have pretty much shown yourself as being nothing more than a flamer Guns so your opinion doesn’t really matter. Go find some other place to flame.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            I know people put *sigh* to emphasize a point, but I actually did just sigh after reading that. This is not a ‘TWD board’ nor is IGN a ‘TWD board’. This article is asking why the spinoff hasn’t been picked up yet, which is why people are giving their opinions. IGN where the weekly reviews go up have people discussing their opinions – you know? The very nature of a debate? According to you, websites should be a democracy where content and opinions are controlled in the show’s favour. You seem to take criticism of a show personally for some reason. You should learn to take it, accept it and move on, and don’t get so worked up about it. It’s hardly ‘making fun’. If I was making fun of a show, I would make fun of the thing as a whole, not just part of it or ‘a’ season, but you can’t seem to see that.

          • tony jake

            Again answer the question which you avoided for the second time just now. If you don’t like the show why are you going to these places? You know because most people don’t bother with things they don’t like unless they are purposely trying to create a bunch of controversy.

            Damien to his credit just gave his opinion and then left. You on the other hand try to stick around. Why do you do that if you don’t like the show?

            Is that your thing. You have to go from site to site creating controversy with people who like the show?

          • GunsOfNavarone

            I have to ask the question now – are you a bit simple ? I’m not angry, I’m asking quite legitimately because I have given you the answer yet you keep asking the same question. It is a discussion. I have a right to be here, as much as you do. The news is posted and a public chat system is open to those who want to express their views. I visit because I want to know if anyone else shares the same thoughts as myself on the current state of the show. Now it was YOU, to come onto my comment and start with all your BS, not me to you. So in actual fact, you are the one who started flaming, because you read something that made you butthurt.

            Now please, that is your answer. I really cba going over the same question if you’re too simple to understand it.

          • tony jake

            No offense Guns but you are the one that started with all these suppositions. I came on the first post and mentioned that the ratings have skyrocketed since Gimple took over. Which is fact and you can’t deny that.

            So in response to that you try to say that all those viewers are just people watching from season 1 and 2 hoping it will get better (which is something you can not prove one bit and was just a tool you were using to start an argument).

            I then said that TWD is much more of a psychological thriller and how it all relates to the source material which they are creating the story from and maybe that is just not your cup of tea.

            You then try to say that the writing has simply been bad and the characters are one dimensional (which again is nothing more than your own personal opinions and suppositions you were creating and attempting to prove your point based off of that).

            You then try to disprove my opinion completely (which I have given a lot more actual facts than you ever have) from me saying that TWD is better than Game of Thrones (another thing that is nothing more than your own personal opinion.

            To top it all off you start with the name calling and cursing.

            If your goal here is to actually debate Guns then you need a lot of work at it because as of now you are displaying an utter lack of debating skills. People who stick around to actually debate deal with actual facts and not the things you have tried to muster up.

            Now on the other hand if you are here to flame then you are doing a good job of it and that is why I think you are actually here.

          • Similarly, the show following the comics ‘very closely’ is also not an excuse for the aimless pacing. They are two entirely different mediums, the best seasons of the show barely followed the graphic novel so it’s inconsequential.

            It’s the execution that is at fault here.

          • tony jake

            Maybe. But there are quite a few people who would disagree about the first two seasons being the best. Just stay tuned until they get to Washington and a certain character with a bat is introduced. You will be in for quite a ride after that.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            You’re spot on Damien – but it’s a point Tony refuses to accept because he worships the show, faults and all.

          • tony jake

            Answer the question I asked you Guns. You disappeared right after I asked that question.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            Bull – lol. Yeah, you got me, I go out of my way to visit ‘TWD boards’ because the show isn’t boring enough, I have to bore myself even more by seeking out enthusiasts of the show.

        • GunsOfNavarone

          Check below ! lol

    • Sutter Cane

      Then why still tune in?

  • Gary Dell’Abate

    Cool gif of THA GOVNA! He’s so cool. I hope they bring him back in the spin-off.

  • Queen B

    This show probably won’t even make it. They’ll probably take the concept, turn it into some other post-apocalyptic bs about whatever seems cool for the time and go from there. Let’s be honest, TWD isn’t really TWD anymore.

  • Vicente Garcia

    If AMC really wants a good show, they need to apologize to Darabont and give him the reins of the spin-off. His “Black Hawk Down” in Atlanta idea could be an amazing pilot!!

  • Jer

    This is common. Especially if they just finished filming the pilot this month. AMC never gave this a straigh to series order. AMC ordered the pilot only, so of course they’re going to want to preview it before giving it a series order. Sweeps has nothing to do with picking up a show from pilot season, and Mr. D SHOULD know that (but who knows, prolly not cause he’s Mr. D). But with a dramatic headline and a incredibly misleading article he’ll get more page views which was probably his intention. This site is full of shoddy journalism, especially from Mr. D who should just retire at this point.

    • Sutter Cane

      Didn’t they even require a pilot for Better Call Saul before they greenlit it and asked for two seasons?

  • Kenneth Tanner

    This is awesome, love this show. I hope it will air in the summer because there is nothing on during the summer.

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