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‘Night of the Living Dead’s’ Judith O’Dea Returns In ‘Genesis’!

George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is public domain, which means anyone, and I mean anyone can remake it, make sequels, or even cast actors from the original.

Matt Cloude is pandering to fans by bringing Judith O’Dea back in an unofficial sequel, titled Night of the Living Dead: Genesis. We were sent the first photos of O’Dea as Barbara, reprising her role from Romero’s 1963 classic.

From V2 Pictures, and told through the eyes of Barbara, “‘Night of the Living Dead: Genesis’ will pay homage to the timeless classic while expanding upon its storyline to explore more of the night when the dead began to rise.

Sarah Snyder, Mike Lord, David Witt, Brenleigh Rigsbee, Cyrus Samson, Christy Johnson, David Crawford, Alexander Elliott, Jim Krut, Mike Christopher, Heidi Hinzman, John Migliore also star.




  • HOw the hell is she reprising her role? She was Munched by Johnny in the end?

    • lion7718

      Because it has “Genesis” in the title…lol

      • In that case youd think they couldve sprung for Phil Collins

        • Tigernan Quinn

          Surely you meant Peter Gabriel.

          • Rick-Taylor

            Yes, he means Peter. And don’t call him Shirley.

    • Weresmurf

      You may be thinking of Return of the Living Dead. In Night, Barbara survives in the original I think she’s taken in by hunters/survivors?

      • Justin Stephens

        no. in the original she is dragged out of the house by ghouls. never seen again. in the remake in 1990 she survived.

      • Tigernan Quinn

        In the original she’s pretty clearly hauled out by Johnny, screaming his name over and over. I *think* in the comic sequel she got away somehow.

        • Weresmurf

          Oh hell now I remember, got the remake and the original confused *facepalms self*. Seen too many bloody variants since it’s one of those open to the public movies and any prick can remake it if they want :

          Still don’t know why people do… they’re never going to top the original, or make any impact on it.

  • Justin Stephens

    1969 classic not 63

    • Liam

      Both wrong. It’s 68.

      • B.B. Booey

        cool one

    • B.B. Booey

      you suck it’s from 68 you’re not cool

  • J Jett

    why is is “pandering to fans” for simply casting Judith in the movie? i think it’s a really cool thing to do.

  • ChinoX813

    That’s actually a pretty cool idea, even though I have no idea how it will possibly make sense. Did she ever make another movie aside from Night???

    • B.B. Booey

      it is pretty cool as an idea but i’m not sure if the movie will be cool i guess we’ll see

  • Rick-Taylor

    In those photos, she looks more in place to be in a Silent Hill movie.

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