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‘The Crow’ Has Officially Been Cast!

Jack Huston, who plays Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire, has been officially cast as the lead in the upcoming remake of The Crow. We had previously reported that the studio had major interest in Huston just a few weeks ago.

The site spoke with creator James O’Barr, who stated that Huston has, “…definitely been cast,” and that he was, “…really happy with that choice.

The film is a remake of the 1994 Alex Proyas-directed action thriller, which starred Brandon Lee in his final role. Directed by Corin Hardy and written by Cliff Dorfman, the film will begin shooting in the next several months.



  • Justin McGill

    written by Cliff “the dorf” Dorfman? WOW.. I am so frickin excited for this remake.. made by people I have absolutely no %$%(ING clue who they are..

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    • Just so I’m clear. Are you excited for this film or suggesting that it will suck because it’s being made by unknowns? If the latter then you’re being really shallow-minded.

      • Justin McGill

        No. It’s going to suck because it has the tainted stench of death on it. With so many other writers, directors and actors jumping ship. I am sure there’s been a very good reason. The same can be said of The Highlander reboot. But having said that when I saw the final caliber of the director/actors for “Fifty Shades of Grey” I said yup.. bomb.. as it went through the same cycle with all of these directors and stars. The Crow reboot while its only been in earnest about 3-4 years has been trying to be done since.. what the last one (Wicked Prayer) came out? So yes. This is going to be a disaster.

      • Susan Massey

        Just to be perfectly clear. I am not, nor ever will be excited for a shoddy copy of the original movie. I don’t give a rat’s @$$ if it’s “true” to the comics or not!!. The truth is that there was only one, and never can anyone ever replace him in this iconic role that he delved so deeply into and made it a part of himself, and that is the one and only
        BRANDON LEE.
        Anyone else is just a backwater jerk looking to make a dime off of the sweat, tears and YES BLOOD off of Brandon. That role was PERFECT for Brandon.
        If any of the actors have a grain of sense, compassion, and honor, no one will take that role.
        I don’t care if it’s “TRIED” to be made by the Hollywood’s finest, or the newest green actor you can find.
        Anyone else is just fooling themselves and YES the movie will be a flop. I hope that the idiots who are attempting this disgrace to Brandon, lose their shirts from this movie. It’s cursed. Plain and simple. Since 08 they’ve been trying.
        HELLO, after 7 years of trying I think they should say, scrap it. It’s NOT going to happen. And it won’t. And even if they succeed in making this monstrosity, it WILL flop. And I know it will. Maybe they’ll learn a thing or two about messing with one of the greatest actors ever around, Brandon!!!!

  • atheist dickweed

    It’s Corin not Colin.

  • Freddy Krueger Fan

    He seemed good at portraying a dark character on broadwalk empire.

    • RKitty01

      I really enjoyed his acting on BE.

  • Syydiana Black

    I will not go see this movie. There are many characters in The Crow comics and they chooses to ride on the shirt tails of the original… It’s a shame 🙁

    • Robert Cowley

      Yeah, I agree. Brandon is Draven. I have all the books, and they have so many more incarnations (seeing as how the crow can be anyone) I really wanted to either see a girl, or native american character. And the great thing is they could make a trilogy that spans different time periods as well.

      • Weresmurf

        See above, Brandon is Draven, but Brandon was not Eric from the comic.

        • Susan Massey

          Brandon WAS ERIC. Hence his “first name.” Get with the program. The only “addition” was to come up with a “last name.” So, the deduction stands that
          Sheesh, some people can be thick headed.

          • Weresmurf

            This is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day…

  • Adam Clifton

    Why couldn’t they bring back a new character as the Crow? Why did it have to be Eric Draven again? I was hoping for some originality, like maybe it’s a woman that comes back as a crow to avenge her death. But no, more of the same only worse

    • Weresmurf


      1. Eric Draven was a creation for the movie alone. In the comic it is simply Eric.
      2. The comic and the movie are a WORLD apart. Read it some time.
      3. In the comic, Eric and Shelly are killed in a completely different manner, murdered at the side of the road, Eric watches her pack-raped as he lays dying, shot in the gut.
      4. Top Dollar does not exist. TBird is the big leader, there is no such thing as ‘Devils Night’. That was just all a creation for the movie.
      5. There was a massive implication all throughout (quite often blatant as hell) that Eric was a junkie. This was never explored in the movie to any effect.
      6. Sarah doesn’t exist in the comic except for a brief scene of a little girl on a doorstep.

      If they literally make the comic, you won’t be complaining, they’ll be so different it’ll be like having an all new, different tale.

      • disqus_ZNugFejOu5

        Devil’s Night was not a creation for the movie. It happens every October 30th, apparently only here in Detroit (where the movie took place). It was given that title due to the massive amounts of arsons which occurred on that night alone within the city.

        • Weresmurf

          Read the comic. It was thrown in the movie. It wasnt part of the comic.

          • Robert Cowley

            I’ve read all the books, dude. I know all the stuff that was and wasn’t there. I’m like a Bruce Lee film buff as well. I was 14 when the movie came out. And according to O’Barr, Brandon was Eric to a t. SO….I don’t know what else to say here, which is why O’Barr took so long making his decision to redo this film: Brandon’s legacy and the hurt he felt after his death. But in terms of what we’re looking at here….my point was they could just let Lee rest as Eric and do another incarnation with another character. Especially when Lee did the character in such a way that it can’t be done again. Which is what they call a “master” piece. Because there is no other way to go from perfect. Every ones response to this remake has said the same thing: Brandon Lee is Eric. There’s no way to top it.

          • Weresmurf

            What else there is to say? O’Barr himself also said: Eric Draven was for the movies, but Eric from the comics (who had no surname) is yet to be made. Brandon Lee was perfect for the screen, but we’re yet to actually have the comic come to life. For one, Eric and his girlfriend Shelley are never given last names in the book. The name Eric Draven was a creation of Proyas and screenwriters David J. Schow and John Shirley. This notion struck a chord with O’Barr, who feels that changing or removing the main character’s last name would allow Brandon Lee to forever remain Eric Draven, all the while allowing, at the time, Luke Evans, and after he dropped out, whoever would take up the role, to carve out their claim on The Crow’s mantle.There’s plenty to be said. Someone else may have the actual nihilistic view the comic needs to be done perfectly, the original movie is fantastic, but it was not a faithful adaptation *at all*. It was about as accurate as Batman 1989 was for Batman fans (Batman killing people… ye gods… Jack Napier… really?) To say something ‘can’t be done again’ is to claim an absolute and to declare defeat before it’s tried. I remember when it came out too, I was 19, if we’re gonna do the whole comparison thing, I loved the comic, I was disappointed it didn’t follow it more closely, but still loved it, but now, if they can follow it closer, that’d be incredible. You can’t top Brandon Lee as Eric DRAVEN but you can definitely bring Eric from The Crow to life in a different, more accurate manner.

          • Robert Cowley

            Yeah, I suppose. I’ll go with you on those fronts. It’s gonna be hard to beat I think but yeah. I just have a writer’s mentality because I’ve been writing scripts for 15+ years and there’s just so many movies that have been remade with limited source material…and sucked. And the Crow actually has wide source material to choose from. Time will tell. I’d love to write one myself, but I’m not a guy with clout. It’s kind of like how they got Ghost Rider’s style exactly how I envisioned it in the sequel….but the directing and story was crap. But I’d love to see a Rise of the Midnight Sons by Goyer designed the way Ghost Rider’s look was in the 2nd film. Blade established the look, but they don’t seem to continue on with the other characters.

          • disqus_ZNugFejOu5

            I’m only stating that it wasn’t created FOR the movie; it’s a real event. I’m not arguing whether or not it was in the comic. Wow.

      • Latia Boykin

        i loved the comics.. i loved the movie.. but the remakes STILL should not have be made or the movies after brandon. the movie was a great gothic classic, they did take some of the parts from the comics, eric’s dress, the dressing scene..but i believe that is it. it’s been years since I read it.

      • Susan Massey

        I will still be complaining because I don’t give a $hi+ how they “remake” it. There is and forever more will be ONLY ONE ERIC (DRAVEN) AND THAT IS THE LATE, GREAT BRANDON LEE. Anyone else playing the role is a jack@$$. For pete’s sake, Brandon died making that movie. Have some respect, honor and decency. There is and never will be anyone who will ever play Eric Draven as well and perfect as the only actor who did. BRANDON BRUCE LEE!!!

        • Weresmurf

          Well yeah only he will play Eric Draven because they’re not using the character of Eric Draven…

    • Don’t mind this remake if done well but what you say would be good too!

  • reverenddarkness

    I still refuse to believe this movie will be made at all until I am sitting in a theatre, popcorn in hand, watching the opening credits.


    I won’t care until they actually show us stills from the set or a trailer.

  • Bryan A

    I have mixed feelings about this. The ’94 movie was such an awesomely flawed encapsulation of the early ’90’s. If this version stays closer to the comic, however, it will be a much different movie. I’ll give it a shot.

  • SoulSista

    My first memories of Bruce Lee were pictures from his funeral. I always kept up with Brandon & Shannon’s lives & careers. The Crow was Brandon’s masterpiece & I accept the movie’s flaws because without him they simply couldn’t do all the usual reshoots, etc. I used to go see The Crow every Friday at midnight at the $1.50 theater. While we were inside the theater, it always rained and the rain had always stopped by the time we walked out to the parking lot. EVERY FRIDAY! I hope the remake isn’t really a remake & stays a bit more true to the comic, but I just can’t bring myself to get excited about this news & I won’t be seeing this movie. I’m staying loyal to Brandon

  • Russian bruja

    Сдаётся мне, хуйня получится у вас , однако..

  • Stephen Spencer

    this is some concept art i did for jacks makeup for the movie.

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