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David Hasselhoff Teams With ‘Kung Fury’ For This Radical Music Video

If the trailer didn’t hook you for Kung Fury, then you better damn well believe that this music video from David Hasselhoff for “True Survivor” will seal the deal. Looking like it’s straight out of the 80’s, there’s violence, explosions, utterly ridiculous karate battles, and freakin’ dinosaurs!

Hasselhoff states:

The 80s was about fun, action, and heroes. ‘Kung Fury’ has it all! I’m honored to be involved with [director] David Sandberg, an up-and-coming force of nature in the animation digital entertainment world. The song is perfect for me as I really am, in real life, a True Survivor.

The world premiere for Kung Fury will be May 28th on YouTube. More information about the film can be found here.



  • Jason Artiga

    Great song!

  • that was amazing!


    that was awesome.

  • Javi Simon

    Heeeeell Yeeees!

  • Sylvain Thibodeau

    This is my new jam!!!

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