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Stephen King’s ‘It’ Isn’t Dead?

Stephen King's It

UPDATED 7:25PM CST | We got in touch with a Warner Bros. rep who tells us that It will remain at New Line Cinema with no firm determination on location or shooting schedule.

This Memorial Day news broke that “True Detective” director Cary Fukunaga had exited the latest film adaptation of the Stephen King’s It.

The stories cited creative differences, which included Fukunaga’s desire to direct in New York, while the studio wanted to cut costs by sending Pennywise to other locations. It was also said that one of the reasons for the budget concerns may have been the lukewarm opening Poltergeist, which also heavily used a clown in their marketing.

Anyhow, filming was to take place this summer, and thus was postponed indefinitely.

From the sounds of things, it would appear that It was dead. Or is it…

Well, good news, folks, as a regular insider told us that Pennywise may be rising up from the sewers!

A source from the inside is telling us that the project is very much not dead – and could be heading back to Warner Bros. (it was shifted to New Line during budget cuts) with filming still set for New York.

Even weirder is that Warners is expected to sign a new director (booooooooo!) in the coming weeks, and are currently meeting with candidates. It sounds as if “budget cuts” was just an excuse wrapped around a deeper issue between Fukunaga and the studio…

We were originally told that the current expectation was that Warners would move forward with the existing It scripts and New York locations for filming possibly later this year, which is unfortunately not the case.

It will be two separate films, one which tackled the protagonists as children and the second film to focus on them as adults.

No word on if Will Poulter is still cast to play the villainous clown “Pennywise”.

Hopefully we’ll get some answers in the coming weeks because this sucks.




  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Please make it right, Warner. You’ve got to get somebody like Alfonso Cuaron to helm.

    Of equal or greater value, or nothing!

    • Hmm.

      Akin to Jaws?

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        What’s the problem? You don’t know what akin means? Fucking google it.

    • Spooky Samantha

      No. I don’t want a clown with a bad case of laryngitis.

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        …marry me.

    • James

      Nolan taking this one on would be pretty crazy. And I mean that in the best way possible.

    • a very British hamster

      Christopher Nolan, are you serious? You’re going to be all pretentious and shit on people’s choices and then suggest Nolan? For IT? Oh jesus.

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        Ew, stop pretending that Nolan isn’t a great filmmaker.

        • a very British hamster

          He’s a great filmmaker, doesn’t mean he can make ANYTHING.

  • a very British hamster

    I’m hopeful they will recast pennywise tbh. Not interested in a young “hip” version.

    The obvious choice for new director is David Robert Mitchell hot off It follows!

    I’d also be content with Andres Muschietti of Mama or Mike Flanagan or Nicholas McCarthy!

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Uh no. DRM is great with atmosphere and suspense but IT is more than that. I don’t have the confidence he’d be able to carry the weight of the themes and the characters.

      • a very British hamster

        Oh shut up.

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      I’d love to see what David Robert Mitchell would do with this remake

    • James

      I would give anything to see Flannagan make this. He’s doing Gerald’s Game though. If only they could convince him to shift over to this instead.

      • a very British hamster

        No reason he can’t adapt two king books!

  • Justin McGill

    Sounds like there must have been some very bad blood if they did all of that to get him out of the directors chair. Now that he’s out they seem to be kicking it back up. Sounds like it must have been a very deep dislike between the two. Wonder if WB could be trying to get Affleck back into helming it?

    • That was The Stand.

      • Justin McGill

        That’s right.. My mistake. I do wonder what the hell happened. The way this went down it sounds very personal grudge vendetta to get him out.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          It doesn’t read that way at all Justin.

          • Justin McGill

            It doesn’t? It was shifted to New Line, moved out of NYC (weird choice but whatever), the question of it being one film and not two, the budget slashed. Now that he’s gone it moved back to WB, budget issues resolved, the film back to being 2, back to NYC. at least that’s how I read the article.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Back into helming it? He was never going to helm it.

  • drmodem

    It’s good that Warner see the potential in reviving ‘IT’, but how disappointing that Fukunaga is no longer involved. Do it well or don’t bother doing it at all!

  • Khy

    God I’m torn on this. I like the fact hat they’re still going with the existing script Cary wrote and it IS going to film in New York….but no Cary? Eh. They better pick a hell of a director to lift my spirits.

  • J Jett

    the fact that there will be 2 separate films seems like iffy/bad idea to me. what if the first film doesn’t do well or even flops? then they have this 2nd film that would obviously also not do well/flop. i hope these movies do NOT flop though.

  • Get Denis Villeneuve.

  • MulderIsBack

    The way I read this is: they are going to hire a director who will do exactly as they say, when they say it. It’s all about creative control rather than creative difference. The downside here is, with suits in complete creative control, the movie usually ends up being a blend of pure genius with that dash of executive imagination, which is what the Robocop remake was. Pure genius from Elite Squad director, hacked to death in the final act by Hollywood lunch parties.

    • Spooky Samantha

      Cary is like the girl who was told pretty lies, believed empty promises, was wined-and-dined, until she—he, ahem—hopped into the sack and finally gave up the goods to Warner Bros. Now that the studio got what they wanted (a script), he’s no longer needed.

    • darnahollenslue

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      • Karl Lambley

        I hope you die of cancer you spamming piece of excrement. Stop promising a miracle cure for fatties. Lay off the pies, go jogging.voila. You’ll stop looking like a pig.

  • AlanMorlock

    Why New York?

    • Brooklyn Ann

      Probably because it’s the closest they can get to having it look like Maine.

      • Christopher Pelton

        Or you know, I hear that Maine looks an awful lot like Maine. 🙂

        • Brooklyn Ann

          Well, yes, but for some reason Maine is even more expensive than New York for filming. No clue why. That issue came up when Cary went to Bangor a few months back to film some stills and do location shooting. Believe me, Maine would be ideal.

          • Christopher Pelton

            I was just looking at their at the state film board website and it looks like they only offer a 12% tax incentive to film there. I can’t even begin to understand why it is so low. I mean really who wants to go to Maine? 🙂

          • Brooklyn Ann

            I do!! Lobster and Stephen King! I’d go to Bangor and see the standpipe and the Paul Bunyan statue. (IT is my favorite book). Only 12%? Interesting. I would like to learn more about this sort of thing. It’s on my bucket list to make a horror film in Idaho. 😀

  • James Fox

    I was so confident in this being great with Fukunaga at the helm but now im just hoping they get someone equally as impressive like Denis Villenueve (Enemy), Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler), or the hot pick David Robert Mitchell (It Follows).

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      YUCK! I wish everybody would stop squawking about David Robert Mitchell. And I’m saying this as someone who loved It Follows. Denis would be perfect but is busy with BLADE RUNNER 2 but DAN GILROY WOULD BE SO DELICIOUS MMMMM!!!!

      • a very British hamster

        Mitchell would do just fine.

  • REC03

    i won’t lie im still glad this is being made but Fukunaga vision sounded amazing. im gonna wait to see who they hire before i have a meltdown.

  • wehoaks

    Classic Hollywood move to get a yes man director. Officially waiting for Netflix on this one now.

    • Weresmurf

      Classic internet move to overreact to something we’ve yet to actually find out anything about…

      • wehoaks

        Oh jesus. Can you hand me my eyes? They rolled outta my head.

    • Jokes aside I can actually see this as a netflix exclusive.

      • wehoaks

        whatever it may be, it definitely has lost cache and a true auteur.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Awesome. Can’t wait. Hopefully they don’t wait too long to do something.

  • astronauta69

    no Fukunaga no interest

  • livebrains

    I also don’t get why new york is so important. The novel is set in Derry I think, much smaller. Also, I think the splitting into two divided films is a mistake. The novel is spliced together, the children’s story and the adult’s story. So you never know the full story of either until they climax together. lol. sounds dirty, but you get it. I loved that about the novel, but the screenwriters all seem very quick to separate the two stories. Seems a misstep.

    • Brooklyn Ann

      Derry isn’t a real place, although it is heavily inspired by Bangor.

      • Roderick James

        Yes but Derry is not supposed to be a major metropolis like NY. Pick some place more like Bangor or some medium sized town, etc.

        • Brooklyn Ann

          Who said anything about NYC? The state of New York has plenty of small, rural towns, which is likely what the director was looking at. I highly doubt they’re talking about the city.

          • Roderick James

            Could be….tough to tell from the article but that would make more sense.

    • Michael Turner

      Yes splitting it into two movies is dumb and is just not what the novel is…too big of a change.

  • Brooklyn Ann

    I think Guillermo Del Toro would do a good job. He’s really good with films featuring children and monsters and even expressed interest in directing IT at one time.

    • RiesenRatte

      Holy shit, Del Torro really would be a great decission!

    • Roderick James

      All his films are too goofy and childish except for the one with the little girl and the Nazis or whatever it was. I like Del Toro but he’s not right for this.

      • Brooklyn Ann

        I take it you haven’t seen The Orphanage, or The Devil’s Backbone.

        • Stitches

          Those weren’t too scary. The TV adaptation of IT traumatized a fuckload of kids worldwide. This would have to be done by someone who understands how to get under people’s skin. Del Toro’s great. Don’t get me wrong. Hellboy and Pac Rim are some of my all-time favorites, but there’s no way he’s going to damage the psyche of millions with one movie.

          • Brooklyn Ann

            Honestly I had him more pegged for doing The Talisman, but I still think he could do well with IT. I also can’t wait to see Crimson Peak. The trailer looks wicked.

          • Stitches

            He’d be great at something more Lovecraftian, that’s for sure. I hope At The Mouth of Madness happens one day.

          • Brooklyn Ann

            Oh, me too! That’s one thing that bugs me about him. He seems to be juggling too many projects and changing his mind all the time.

          • Stitches

            Curse of creativity.

          • EvilHead1981

            People keep getting the names wrong. In the MOUTH of Madness is a John Carpenter movie with Lovecraftian themes. At the MOUNTAINS of Madness is a Lovecraft story that Del Toro’s been trying to get made into a big budgeted movie. Damn you, Carpenter! You’ve made a whole group of horror fans stumble into this one! It’s kinda like saying the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

          • Stitches

            Yeah, dude. Sorry. I’m a n00b when it comes to Lovecraft. My wife would have probably socked me for that one, too.

          • Dia Zerva

            Correction: Tim Curry as the clown Pennywise traumatized a fuckload of kids worldwide. Not the movie itself; the movie itself was kinda mediocre if you ask me. But then again, I believe no film adaptation will ever make the great book justice

          • Stitches

            Well, yeah, true. I guess if you just had that guy show up places and do similar things to people in real life, a lot of folks would be shitting their pants.

            And that spider ending was pretty fuckin’ corny. I remember being freaked out during both cassettes (yes, cassettes!) of the VHS version until that last scene with the slingshots. Think I turned it off about then. XD

          • Brooklyn Ann

            My mom, who was a huge arachnophobe, LAUGHED and rolled her eyes that that spider, it was that lame!

          • Stitches

            That’s what plagues almost every Stephen King adaptation. For every terrifying experience, there’s something else coming across as unintentional comedy.

        • Roderick James

          ok good point there. I am mainly going by hellboy and pacific rim. I do need to watch the Devils Backbone.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          He did not direct the orphanage

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


    • GunsOfNavarone

      That is a damn fine idea.

  • wehoaks

    As for the whole New York kerfluffle: Cary lives in New York. Probably wanted to be near home. New York is also the name of a state. Weird right?

  • jarinyoura$$hole

    i think scott derrickson director of exorcism of emily rose and sinister would be great..he knows atmosphere very well also his regular composer christopher guest would be great for the music..just listen to the emily rose soundtrack it could easily be used for the IT movie.

  • Peter Johnson

    I bet they want to tone it down to pg 13. If so, there is no way I’m going to pay to see this. You producers done fucked up

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