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Owl “Witch’s Familiar” Song Premiere (Exclusive)

We’ve teamed up with rock band Owl, which is fronted by bassist Chris Wyse (The Cult, Ace Frehley Band), to bring you the exclusive song premiere for the dark, evil sounding track “Witch’s Familiar”! The track comes from the upcoming album Things You Can’t See (out July 28th).

Wyse describes the song, explaining:

This track is orchestrated with tympani and strings that give it a dark, theatrical feeling. Traditionally, the relationship of the witch’s familiar is that of a magical sidekick, and somewhat a role of servitude. Who is really in control: the witch or the familiar? Who’s in charge: the wife or the husband? It’s like a twisted romance where we always try to manipulate our lovers, our relationships. It’s a very human song even though it deals with fantastical elements.

Head on down to give this fantastic song a listen!

Owl online:
Official Website

Tour dates:
7/4 St. Paul, MN @A Taste of Minnesota (with Badfinger, Fuel, P.O.D.)
7/17 New York, NY @ Lucille’s Bar & Grill in BB King’s Blues Club
7/18 Saratoga Springs, NY @Putnam Den
7/19 Providence, RI @Aurora Providence
7/21 Los Angeles, CA @Whiskey A Go Go (with Philm featuring Dave Lombardo of Slayer)
7/23 San Jose, CA @Rockbar (with Philm featuring Dave Lombardo of Slayer)




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