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Stephen King’s ‘Cujo’ Remake Title Gets Rabies: ‘C.U.J.O.’


Get ready for an interesting new spin on Stephen King’s Cujo.

Sunn Classic Pictures, veteran producer/director Mr. Lang Elliott, is gearing up to produce, distribute and reboot films from its library. One of the most popular properties in the library is the film based on the Stephen King book entitled “Cujo” that starred Dee Wallace Stone in Sunn’s 1983 motion picture version. The reboot is currently titled C.U.J.O., and stands for “Canine Unit Joint Operations,” a press release tells Bloody Disgusting.

The screenplay has been completed and development is underway with Lang Elliott set to direct.

DJ Perry is set to star. Most recently Perry co-starred and produced Ashes of Eden that will release worldwide with Lightworx Entertainment in October 2015.

Lewis Teague directed the 1983 adaptation in which a friendly St. Bernard named “Cujo” contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town. It sounds as if the remake will integrate military into the story?



  • pablitonizer

    Huh?? Wait! So Cujo now will be part of the canine unit??!! What kind of a mess is this?? Leave the original take alone

    • Krug09

      Maybe everyone in Hollywood has brain damage?

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      The real Cujo is dead, so the title makes even less sense.

  • Sounds retarded! Hollywood is ruining absolutely everything these days. Like it almost seems intentional with how much crap is being greenlit on a daily basis.

    Maybe they are hoping that we will eventually forget that once upon a time there use to be actual, well written movies out there.

    • john

      You’re using a remake of Cujo as proof no “well written” movies are out there? Perhaps you’re just ignoring the well written ones in favor of focusing on horror remakes– not exactly the sub-genre to find originality or creative expression.

      There have always been bottom of the barrel, junk films.

      • It’s slim pickins these days for well written horror films. There are a couple of indie gems but nearly nothing good coming out of Hollywood. I stand by my words.

  • BlazinGun5024

    I feel like they should just make this a whole new movie because this sounds nothing like Cujo. But then again I never read the book so I could be wrong.

    • Jake106

      No, you’re right. That is NOTHING like Cujo. He was just a friendly family dog that got infected with rabies and ended up killing some people. The real “horror” in the original story was a lot more psychological, as per the norm for Stephen King.

  • Khy

    Fix it Jesus…LOL No but seriously, wtf? What is this about exactly?

  • Blade

    Still sounds better than “Leatherface” lol. I am usually a pretty optimistic person but what I have read about that movie doesn’t seem right, especially if its supposed to be a prequel to the original.

  • guest


  • WTF? Sounds like a typical “pseudo”-King movie from the 90s ala “Lawnmower Man” or “Pet Sematary 2”.

  • Nonhero666

    This sounds terrible! Why even call it Cujo? I mean really?

  • amp69

    The original one isn’t all that so I’m not all up in arms about this being remade. But come on there are a bunch of other S. King books that haven’t been made into movies – give us a little originality Hollywood.

  • Mark Andrew Glinka

    Sounds like a dog terminator. Terrible idea. Cujo is the dog’s name, not a fucking military project. I can see Stephen King wincing at the thought of it. Give the film a remake but don’t fuck with it.

  • What sort of fuckery is this?

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    Sounds more like a remake of “Man’s Best Friend”.

  • ChowYunPhat


  • Luis

    Why do they keep fucking with my child hood favorites and ruining them that goes for you too Michael Bay

  • berecon

    No more bloody remakes, reboots or straight ripping off a name to milk stupid concepts. Sickening how god damned lazy this stupid industry has become

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Man’s Best Friend.

    • James

      That was immediately what I thought of. How hard is it to just do an adaptation of the novel without fucking with it??

  • Frank Bautista

    Canine Unit Joint Operations? Military angles? What the fuck is this SHIT I’m reading? This sounds as stupid as Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis and Rave To The Grave.

  • Davidaja

    Looks like I’ll be giving this one a big, fat pass…

  • Rafael Buxo

    Well, when you think cujo could not be more Bs, remakes surprises you!

  • bdwolfe312

    Yeah, FUCK that.

  • guest

    L.A.S.S.I.E. or G.T.F.O.

  • thegunshow

    The title alone makes this an automatic no for me.

  • renz bernardo


  • zombie84_41

    ??? lamest shit ever. Who are the fucking fucktards who come up with this shit. Stop changing movies. I’m sure King is shaking his head right now.

  • Brian F

    The original name I thought was fine just CUJO

  • Cam Cashman

    Sounds like some shit Michael Bay would come up with

  • Kenneth Tanner

    Oh wow I’m not fucking surprised. (Sigh) boy oh boy, Hollywood still don’t get it, Nobody doesn’t know how to make their own horror movies and they just have to remake the classics. Aw shit I’m so fed up with Hollywood!

  • Annie

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  • Krug09

    ….What in the fuck?

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Just because Jurassic World did it, doesn’t mean everyone has to.

  • Evan3

    July Fools day?

  • James Allard

    Just another reason to not bother. Every time I start to feel like I need to fight the “You damn kids get off my lawn!” (aka Olde Phart Syndrome) something like this comes along.

    …. I do have to say that it looks like a (forgive the crudity) Uwe Boll film, doesn’t it?

  • cooderbrown

    Hollywood – where imagination goes to die.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    So the government is purposely giving dogs military grade rabies to use them as weapons, and the dogs turn against them. This is just a guess, but a good one, IMO. Still, NOTHING to do with the book or the movie, why rip off the name?

    • GaSouthpaw

      Well, look at “The Lawnmower Man”… They can put King’s name before it and people will pay to see be withouth knowing it has fuckall to do with the source material.

  • This sounds so hilariously bad. I want to see this movie now. Is the dog going to talk? Please tell me he’s going to talk,

    • Leebo

      I hear it’s going to be a found footage P.O.S. (sorry, P.O.V!) movie with a PG13 rating.#
      Ahem. The mutts nuts, so to speak.

  • brewers_rule

    Oh God help us. Yet another of King’s works that’s going to be obliterated I guess. If they wanted to involve the military in a King flick, remake Firestarter..again. This shows, once again, how truly great horror starts with a basic, simple concept: rabies; whereas truly crappy horror goes off the rails into the ‘what if’ woods & gets lost forever.

  • Darth_Siskel

    To me Cujo was always one of those examples of an “unfilmable book” because it all takes place from the dawg’s point-of-view.
    So I’m ok with them putting a twist on the narrative.

    • Kickback Jack

      When was the last time you read that book, dude? it didn’t “all take place from the dog’s point of view”. The narrative takes place from multiple characters (Sheriff Bannerman, Donna, Vic, AND Cujo the dog)

      • MSP

        OK, not ALL of it. But that’s the part that made the book unique and fascinating.

        • Kickback Jack

          Of course it would be; it’s a dog whose simple instinctual version of sanity is slowly eaten away and replaced by rage and torment. Cujo lashes out, savaging those around him while simultaneously being bewildered and frightened by what’s happening inside him. A skilled director could easily employ modern Hollywood techniques to portray his internal struggle the same way they were able to breathe life into the tiger Richard Parker in “Life Of Pi”.Black and white flashbacks, for example, showing a healthy Cujo being petted, licking people’s hands, ect. A sick Cujo nuzzling the now bloody and lifeless hand of someone he’s just killed. That sort of thing.

      • Darth_Siskel


    • MSP

      I agree about why it is unfilmable. That’s what made it one of my favorite King books. The first movie was awful; this one sounds even worse.

  • RiesenRatte

    There’s much of King’s work being made into a film lately, right?

    • Dawn

      They were all already made. Now they are being remade. The Shining, Carrie, Pet Semetary, Cuju, The Tommy knockers, IT, The Green Mile. Many more. Made in the 80s early 90s. Now they are being remade.

      • RiesenRatte

        Shining is being remade? Well this, IT and The Stand gonna be the King movies I’ll be on the lookout for^^

        • Kickback Jack

          The Shining isn’t being remade; they’re doing the sequel, “Doctor Sleep”.

          • RiesenRatte

            Wich was a fine book, so the movie might be on the same level I hope

  • NormaPettit

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  • Steven Burgas

    That’s some stupid shit right there. Of course, Lang is known to be a greedy, stupid turd, so it’s no surprise.

  • Muad’dib

    Stupid. C.U.J.O.? REALLY? Why not just name it C.H.U.D. Oh, wait …

  • flowerguy63

    try as one may, you just can’t come close to Steven kings talent

  • Desiree Marv Lepping Johnson

    why in the world are they going to integrate the military.. No no no! Stupid!

  • Priscilla P Urquidez

    All these remakes, and I’m over here waiting for “The Eyes of the Dragon”, or “The Talisman”,…. “The Dark Tower” maybe (finally).

    • Leebo

      I’m pretty certain that movies and tv shows based on the Dark Tower are actually in the works right now, I seem to remember reading something about it a few months back.

  • Alanmac

    Oh fuck this sounds SOOOOOO awful. Jeez. I wouldn’t mind a remake but making the name into an acronym just SCREAMS terrible idea.

  • Stephan Paras

    Will premier on the Syfy channel following Anacroc vs. Pteryraptor vs. Sharknado 6

  • Halloween_Vic

    Honestly NO!!! This does not need a remake and in this era and generation this movie will FLOP hard!!!!

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    remakes reboots and sequels. ROCK BOTTOM, HOLLYWOOD. ROCK BOTTOM.

  • RedShirtCowboy

    I’ve always found the Stephen King movies to be timeless. My kids have even watched them and found them era appropriate. Some movies should simply not be rebooted.

  • Beanis

    This sounds more like a remake of Man’s Best Friend than Cujo. Unnecessary either way. Dee Wallace’s best and most underrated performance.

  • Layla

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  • Debra

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  • Conan

    Worst part is, stupid money men will think “Kings work fails as movies” and we will never see movies based on his novels again.

  • I rather they remade me. LOL!

    • Leebo

      The remake.

  • I bet King regrets being an idiot and giving whoever asked rights to make films from his library of horror classics… The Mist was the only okay movie based on one of his novels mostly because it followed the book completely to the letter.

    • Toe Johnson

      I love Stephen King and I agree the Mist was a great frickin movie but it did not follow the book completely to the letter. The endings were 100% completely different. *SPOILERS* In the book he left a note(the story) in an abandoned motel and they drove away into the mist. I think we all know the kick-ass ending to the movie.

      • Leebo

        Indeed, I loved the ending. So bleak.

  • Kenneth Tanner

    Oh wow, another shitty remake, boy oh boy Hollywood just don’t get. Nobody in Hollywood can’t make new original horror movies any more.

  • Leebo

    I’m looking forward to the remake of 5.A.L.3.M.5.L.0.T.T.

    • Khy


  • Blatherbeard

    so c.u.j.o…….so its really a reboot of Mans Best Friend? as long as lance henrikson is involved im in! ……. maybe lol

  • Dennis Giles

    Cujo is looking at Cesar Millan running down the dusty road shouting ” Fuck That ..”

  • Ty Webb


  • Eagle35

    I’ll bet there will be tons of cgi used and nothing authentic like the real dog performing its stunts in the original.

  • Evan3

    Let’s play a game. What does the acronym C.U.J.O. stand for?

    Guess 1: Creatures Under Jurisdition Of unsound mind

    Guess 2: Crap Unburied Just for Ownership retention

  • Azure

    Oh boy, a Cujo remake, yay.. Cause it definitely needed one..

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