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Amazon and Netflix Pass On Picking Up “Hannibal”

In disheartening news, both Amazon and Netflix have passed on the option to pick “Hannibal“, which was cancelled recently. Amazon has the exclusive streaming rights for “Hannibal”, which led many fans to hope that they would pick it up and continue it as an original series.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller took to Twitter to announce this new information but also stated that, “…we’re still investigating possibilities.

Still, with the news that both Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen have been released from their contracts, it’s starting to feel like this truly is the end…

The show is currently in its third season with Will Graham and Jack Crawford chasing Hannibal Lecter in Palermo, Italy. This season is also confirmed to have a six-episode surrounding Francis Dollarhyde, aka “The Red Dragon”.




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