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Backstreet Boys And ‘NSync Team Up For “Zombie Western”

Alright, I guess this week is gonna start with something absurd and insane.

Fact is reporting that Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter is working on a script for a “zombie western futuristic horror” that is tentatively titled Dead 7. The film will be produced by The Asylum, the same company behind films like Sharknado and Transmorphers.

The film is described as being about, “…ragtag band of gunslingers operating during a post-apocalyptic zombie plague.” The tentative name and description makes me wonder if the movie is essentially a retelling of The Seven Samurai, which has been remake into several different films, such as The Magnificent Seven. Those movies were about seven warriors who were hired by a village to protect it from ravaging marauders.

If that’s indeed what they’re doing, this might be an interesting premise, although we all know that films from The Asylum are god awful and only worth it if you turn them into drinking games.

Confirmed to appear in the film are ‘NSync‘s Joey Fatone as well as Howie Dorough and A.J. McClean from Backstreet Boys. Apparently there are also hopes that New Kids On The Block‘s Jordan Knight will join.



  • Silvana Perez

    Guys, Nick Carter is from BSB. And this is gonna be epic.

    • Just updated. These boy bands always confused me in terms of who was in which group!

      • Silvana Perez

        Totally understandable.

  • kmtb

    This is very strange news. Ill watch it though, so hope it gets made.

  • hacknslash

    So its official were finally getting a movie about gay zombies then?

  • daggerpaws

    what the actual fuck

  • Jeremy Wade

    what? what the fuck?

  • skapoo


  • ThunderDragoon

    I’ll be watching it.

  • No JC Chazes? Who cares then? 🙂

  • alliedcola

    Well, uh, it’s a surprise…

  • Adrienne Santiago

    A little irritated that the Backstreet Boys are pretty much at the helm of this, according to your article, and you have a photo of N’Sync…sigh

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