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‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Is Getting Remade… Again

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New Line plans to bring the Dream Demon back from the dead.

In 2010 Warner Bros./New Line Cinema released their Platinum Dunes-produced reboot of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street, which didn’t exactly raise any eyebrows at the box office – or with fans of the 30 year old franchise.

Now, just 5 years after being resurrected, Freddy Krueger is getting yet another fresh start.

This pretty reputable tracking board dropped a bomb Wednesday night reporting that New Line is planning to remake A Nightmare On Elm Street once again. As of Thursday morning, we here at Bloody Disgusting can confirm this information.

What’s interesting to note is that Platinum Dunes isn’t listed as a producer on the project, which is still vacant.

As for a writer, New Line has tapped Orphan scribe David Leslie Johnson to bring the red-and-green sweater/fedora wearing Freddy Krueger back to the big screen.

Toby Emmerich, Walter Hamada, and Dave Neustadter will oversee for New Line.

For those unacquainted with Johnson, the site explains that just earlier this week was announced to write Warner Bros. Dungeons and Dragons adaptation, fits the series like a glove with razors, as the former “Walking Dead” writer is forging a new presence in the horror space. The Wrath of the Titans scribe is next penning James Wan’s Conjuring sequel The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist and Disney’s horror Something Wicked This Way Comes.

That’s quite a resume.

Samuel Bayer directed the 2010 reboot that introduced Jackie Earle Haley as the new Freddy. While Haley did a bang up job, he just wasn’t Freddy. Robert Englund played the iconic slasher from Wes Craven’s 1984 A Nightmare On Elm Street through several films, concluding in 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason.

The biggest hurdle New Line is going to have to overcome is finding a new Freddy, again. If you look at various other slasher franchises – Friday the 13th, Halloween and even Texas Chain Saw Massacre – it’s easy to throw someone else behind a mask. With Elm Street, it’s the one slasher with personality, and a vital look that sells the character. Jackie Earle Haley was never going to be “better than,” and thus the impact of the character weakened on screen.

Some of you are going to laugh, but here’s my solution: I’d love to see a female Krueger slashing up teens, turning their dreams into nightmares. It would be a fresh take on both the character and slasher subgenre.

I’ve actually read Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer’s screenplays for the 2010 remake. They introduced the brilliant micro-napping, which was underutilized and realized like shit on screen. Bayer, frankly, is an awful director. The one thing that really plagued the reboot, though, was the lack of creativity. It went for primal scares and mimicked scenes from Craven’s classic. After 30 years, we’ve seen Freddy turn people into cockroaches and pizza, so the mere idea that a rotating room was going to thrill us was just silly. Going forward, I hope the new writer will inject some serious creativity so that the title actually carries some meaning. Let’s see some fucked up nightmares this time around…

There’s a lot of rich mythology that has barely been touched, but it’s constantly a victim to studio’s focusing on selling to the teens who are hoping for one good scare on a date. It’s hard to sell an R-rated slasher, and it’s a business, so sometimes the art suffers. But other times art can elevate a film to a new place, further the genre, and revitalize fans’ faith in the franchise. This has to be that film. This has to be a unique vision. I am very curious to see who they hire to direct – especially now that James Wan is Warner Bros.’ go-to guy with his Conjuring franchise. Anyone want to take some wagers?

Anyways, this is a good thing, believe it or not. New Line Cinema is “The house that Freddy built,” and it’s been a damn shame to see them turning their back on the genre that made them who they are today. New Line’s identity is shrouded in horror, and the fact that they sold out Jason Voorhees to Paramount just to make Interstellar still rubs me the wrong way. Maybe this is the film that brings New Line back to their roots, and thus revives our beloved genre in the production house that once lived and breathed horror?

And one more thought for the naysayers: It’s this or nothing. Would you rather Freddy stay dead forever? Tell me below…

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  • lion7718

    ahhhhh, ok

  • HorrorMovieSoundtrack

    Fine with me, I like remakes.

    Also…in before the raging movie nerds ranting against remakes.

    • Maxime C


      • dave

        How about make it a daughter freddy had before he was caught and well roasted lol but make it new please GOD.

    • wehoaks

      why’d you edit?

    • Fantasma Del Guapo

      More like remaking against rants!

    • Waveboy

      The people saying to let the franchise die or wanting remakes and sequels to stop for it are absolutely retarded. Go stick with the originals then and rewatch them 1 million times, while the ‘real’ nightmare fans hop aboard the hype train for something new. The remake sucked Krueger balls, but talking about it’s upcoming release in the nightmare forums was exciting & fun! I still enjoyed it a bit more than New Nightmare, but that’s not saying much!

  • wehoaks

    Goddamn this site is so fucking daft. The reboot, which was an awful film, is the top grossing film WW out of all the slasher remakes and made tons of loot. Creatively it was bankrupt but financially it was a windfall. Don’t be such a stupid twat Brad.

  • Sandy Derty Asylum

    I would really like a new Nightmare film but only with R. Englund.

  • Blade

    I’m down. I went to the midnight premier of the last one and ill be there again for this one. People need to get over the “not Robert Englund” thing though. I get that he IS Freddy, but he cant play Freddy forever, so unless you all want the series to completely die and never have another installment made ever again (Im sure some would prefer that) a new Freddy is needed lol

  • And It’s Gone…

    Oh good grief…

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    The good news is that the first remake was so awful, this one can only be better, right?

  • Porty Guil

    a female freddy? worst. idea. ever.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c



      Guh…guh…GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHUUUUUHHH!!

  • Rhys Jewkes

    Im up for another go at A Nightmare on Elm Street. I enjoyed the remake although not as good as the original but it did bring the horror back to the franchise. However I am against making Freddy into a woman like the person who wrote the article said. Its one thing to remake a movie, which I can get over if its faithful and actually good but I am dead against changing pre existing characters genders or ethnicity!

  • Lucca Cantisano

    Remake wasn’t that bad, it was poorly executed but it had some pretty nice ideas, so maybe they’ll learn from it and know how to use these ideas now? Just a thought

    • Waveboy

      I can still tolerate it better than New Nightmare. now THAT is the definitve example of ‘poor’ excecution. 😛 That one hasn’t aged well at all, it has mid 90’s Scream WB horror written all over it.

      • wehoaks

        Even though it came out two years before Scream and before the WB even existed? Nice try.

  • wehoaks

    I literally just said to someone “make Freddy female.” Brad I can’t believe I agree with you.

    • Khy

      Wehoaks…That might would be interesting actually(though it sounds better coming from YOU than Brad) but the masses just unfortunately wouldn’t get behind it I don’t think- I can see all the tweets now “OMGZ THEY MADE FREDDY A GURRRLLL!!!1111”.
      But I would like to see that as a graphic novel or comic or something.

      • wehoaks

        Hahaha better from me? Hilarious. The masses would flame their drawers. GASP A WOMAN. “Give us something new!” “here you go!” “No not that much!!!”

        We don’t need another tale of Freddy invading dreams and why he does it. Throw in a wrinkle.

        • Khy

          MUCH better from you. I can’t take ANYTHING Brad says seriously. He could be reciting Shakespeare and I’d still think it sounded stupid lmao.

          • wehoaks

            Well he is a fucking moron. I do think a woman invading dreams could be creepy as fuck. Go for it!

  • Fantasma Del Guapo

    I think they should run with South Park’s idea and have this new version of Freddy as getting hired by the government to fight communists.

    Or terrorists!

  • Nathan Bradley

    I hope it’s good enough for it to be the start of a new franchise.

  • Porty Guil

    this website is wrong about everything. i doubt it will happen

  • Christian

    So we’re getting: Leatherface, Halloween Returns, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street? LAWD. Hopefully, at least one of them will be good.

  • Yucaboy

    I think the series has potential to be a lot better than it is. There’s no need to remake the original…It can be something fresh. Could be a lot more atmospheric, creepier, surreal. Mixing different elements as in Dream Warriors.

    • SpaceBallz

      I was just going to suggest making it balls out gory and fun, make it in 3D and do a pseudo-remake of Dream Warriors. Have Freddy already exist.

  • Yaroslav Czykalovsky

    Would be interesting if they remade it but in a straight, serious way – have the Freddy Kruger character not be sort of funny or kitschy, but a real fusion of horrible child molester/murderer criminal and monster that is somehow able to hijack people’s dreams. The problem is with all the remakes and reboots is they usually try to give some kind of nod to the original and have multiple “easter eggs” for the delight of the diehard fans of the original films. Heck, they don’t even have to make the antagonist’s name be Freddy Kruger or have the razor finger glove. If anything they should take the base concept of the film and run with that in a serious scary as hell horror movie that doesn’t have the occasional laugh or inside joke

    • SpaceBallz

      They did that already, with the remake.

  • Steven McDade

    Oh sweet Amanda! Can’t we just enjoy the originals? Which I do every summer. Freddy is a product of the 80’s and only fits in the 80’s. This just needs to be stopped.

    • Waveboy

      Why does it need to be stopped? The more freddy the better I say, even if it has the potential of being a steaming hot turd like the remake was….Actually, I preferred the remake over New Nightmare, that one has aged terribly.
      Why not enjoy the originals AND whatever new is on the horizon? Why should they stop making movies for a franchise that takes place in the dream world with an endless supply of possibitiles and with one of the most iconic slasher icons of all time?
      I’m a huge fan of the nightmare films, and I would never want them to stop being made….

    • Waveboy

      Also, I agree with freddy AND Jason being a product of the 80’s….Which is why they should set the remake IN the 80’s 😉

  • Darkness69

    Why shouldn’t it be Englund again? He wears a mask after all, so it’s not a question of age. JEH is an excellent actor, but let’s face it, his choice to play the iconic Freddy was doomed from the beginning. If they really want to make a remake, and a decent one at that, bring Englund back. Otherwise it’s just another abomination – and yeah, I’d rather have the old movies than to bring something back that simply isn’t Freddy.

  • Blake Maquar

    I’d 100% skip it if Freddy wasn’t a man. that said I guess they can’t do worse than last time. I really do think they can do this right they just need to not try to reinvent the wheel and embrace whatRobert Englund did. Freddy Krueger can be like Dracula. Bela Lugosi was the definitive Dracula but Christopher Lee was an amazing iconic Dracula with a fresh take that stands shoulder to shoulder with Bela’s take. We just need a new Freddy that can put a fresh spin on the Springwood slasher.

  • Paul Stoner

    Why?! I thought Jackie Earl Haley did a kick ass job as Freddy – darker, more bent and twisted. The gimmicky joking Freddy from the 80’s simply does not sit with today’s horror standards. There are so many ‘monsters’ in our world as it is; people are numb to the gimmicky characters. If they want to be scared they have to be hellish like the Platinum Dunes remake. Otherwise people would be more frightened by spending two hours watching the news…

    • wehoaks

      So you were the one scared by the remake.

  • Sean Stockard

    I agree with everything stated and I like the idea of a female Freddy “Fredrika” Kruger. That said, I was happy when F13 went back to Paramount… seeing that iconic Paramount “mountain” on the screen with an audio overlay of the iconic “Chi Chi Chi – Ki Ki Ki” gives me chills every time!

  • Phil Good

    or, you could invest in NEW ideas, while, perhaps, re-releasing the original films to theatres; no real production cost, and ONLY profitting by showing classics. DONE. now, knock it off.

  • Manolo Dellamorte

    One of the main reasons people hated the remake so much was that it wasn’t Englund (the other being the fact that they explored the child molester angle of the story further than the originals) so if they replace freddy again, nobodys gonna give a shit. If they bring back Englund and people will actually go and see it.

  • Dev

    Enough of this shit, please. The original films were good, and they are done, it’s over. Leave it alone and maybe put that money into finding new writing and directing talent instead of just regurgitating the same old franchises over and over again to predictably disappointing results.

    And furthermore, to the fanboys: STOP GIVING THEM YOUR GOD DAMN MONEY.

    • Waveboy

      Fuck that! The more freddy the better I say, it gives Nightmare fans something new to look forward to. It gives us something NEW to talk, and it gives us a brand spankin new experience, even if it ends up being a big steaming pile of kueger turds ala the remake. XD

      • Dev

        Something ‘new’? How is regurgitating the same thing over and over again giving you something new? Do you not see the absolute contempt that these studios have for you as a consumer? Have some fucking standards for yourself, or at least expand your horizons past your childhood fascinations. Demand something better. It’s people like you that are the reason that the horror genre is so stagnant.

        • wehoaks

          That pedestal you’re on is so high if you fall of you’re dead.

          • Dev

            I’m a lifelong horror fan and I’ve endured enough shoddy sequels, remakes, reboots and cash-ins to have no hesitation in standing up and calling out anyone who is a part of the problem by funding these people into doing more of the same. It reduces the genre to pathetic self parody. The majority of contemporary horror films turn up in the DVD bin and deservedly stay there. Enough is enough. The fact that their last attempt at remaking this classic was *so* badly received should have been enough to make them consider their approach, but instead we are now getting ANOTHER remake? And only five years later? It takes the PISS.

          • wehoaks

            Did you see the last remake?

          • Dev

            Yeah, it was an ugly, stupid and unnecessary farce.

          • wehoaks

            So shouldn’t you be calling out yourself then?

          • Dev

            Obviously I didn’t pay for it, I’m not a fucking masochist.

          • wehoaks

            How did you see it?

          • Dev


          • wehoaks

            You do realize piracy is one of the main reasons hollywood regurgitates everything right? Everything you just said is moot and makes you a hypocrite. As well as a thief. You are no longer allowed to bitch about film ever.

          • Dev

            First of all, that argument holds no water. Piracy is the reason that studios make shit? No, they make shit because it’s safe and easy, and because saps like you will lap it up. I pay to see films all the time, just as I pay for my music, but I’m not going to condone this crap by paying them for making shit. If I had seen the film and I liked it, then I would have happily paid for a DVD or blu-ray, but seeing as it was dogshit, they get nothing from me.

          • wehoaks

            Yes piracy is A reason as I said. Not THE. Yeah they make shit because it is safe and easy. What is a reason it could be safe and easy? because when you steal works the studios take less risks you fucking idiot. With less risks comes mundane recycling. Brand titles become the norm. It’s basic economics you thief. And if you’re pirating original horror then you are a total moron.

            Oh the old “see it for free and if I like I will buy the dvd” line. Bullshit. I assume with your line of thinking you just go into a restaurant and swipe a burger and tell the chef “Not paying. Ate it but didn’t like.” Sorry United I fly for free and only pay when I get to my destination in a satisfied manner. You’re a thief. Admit it.

          • Dev

            It’s interesting to see someone swallowing up the MPAA bullshit so whole-heartedly. Believe what you like, it doesn’t mean anything. Like I said, I pay for my culture, happily (I just paid to see a screening of Alien and Aliens together just the other night, and i own both of those films in boxed sets on DVD and blu-ray and I had them on VHS before that, I have seen those films who knows how many times), but I’m not going to pay for someone to take a shit on my lap and then be so contemptuous of their audience that they will proceed to do the exact same thing again five years down the line. In all honesty, I expected the film to be bad, which is why I wouldn’t pay to see it on release. Now the problem then is that the studios put out SO MUCH RUBBISH that you are gambling 9 times out of 10 as to whether it’s even worth your time, let alone your money. This is why attendance in cinemas is low (that and price gouging), and this is why piracy is higher. But the piracy issue is grossly over inflated by all of these lobbies like the MPAA and RIAA, and now that you have things such as Netflix and so on, you can see how willing people are to pay for a service that lets them be more discerning. The problem isn’t the customers, pay or otherwise, it’s the people making the crap content that nobody wants to watch.

          • wehoaks

            BRAVO! BRAVO! You really have yourself convinced you are a champion for a cause. Just slow clap. Don’t wanna plop down cash, don’t watch it. It’s simple. Thief.

            “If I had seen the film and I liked it, then I would have happily paid for a DVD or blu-ray” bahahahaha it never fails. All you dolts say that exact same line.

          • Dev

            What, the line that says I pay for content that you are saying I am not paying for? Who’s the dolt?

            If I had told you I saw the film on TV instead, would that be any different, really? Or did that not cross your mind?

            Call me a thief all you want, I guess, but I spend plenty of money on the things I enjoy. I’m just not in the habit of spending money on things I expect will be of poor quality, that would make me a sap like you. To go back to your stupid analogy before, no you wouldn’t go into a burger bar and just swipe a burger, but you would presumably order a burger, eat it, and then pay for it UNLESS IT WAS BAD IN WHICH CASE YOU WOULD STOP EATING IT AND NOT PAY FOR IT (or get a replacement). See, your analogy doesn’t really fit in this instance, does it?

            And I didn’t avoid your point on pirating original horror, I already told you that I pay to see things all the time. That includes horror films, especially independent releases. The last new release I saw in a cinema was A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, and very good it was as well. I paid, and would pay again.

            You’re a fucking moron.

          • wehoaks

            You are a thief. Just because you won’t admit it doesn’t make it any less true. You pay to see things all the time? You saw a movie in the theater and paid for it?! Wow you paid for something! do you want a fucking ticker tape parade for your heroic act? If I Took a bite or two of a burger and I didn’t like It, I would definitely send it back and not pay for it. I don’t eat the whole damn thing though then say “nah not paying”. And you did avoid my question about pirating original horror. And you still havent answered it fully. “I pay for things all the time” isn’t a no. Nothing better than a white knight riding in on a horse he took from someone else. Pirate all the shit you want, dummy. At least have the balls to admit it’s theft.

          • Dev

            If “I pay for things ALL THE TIME” isn’t clear enough for you, then I can’t help you. Really, your comprehension is too low. I’d feel sorry for you if you weren’t so obnoxious about it.

            I raise the point of paying for seeing films in the cinema because it’s the point you keep trying to attack me on. I am responding to your claim that I am a thief, by refuting that claim and pointing out that I pay, on a regular basis, to see the films I want to see, listen to the music I want to listen to, see the bands I want to see, and play the games I want to play. This is the norm. Get over it.

            Also: We pay a license fee in the UK, which means we get access to a fairly wide range of free-to-view channels. The license fee goes to the BBC. The other channels earn their revenue through advertising (the BBC does not advertise). This means it’s entirely possible to watch all manner of godawful bullshit horror reboots without paying anyone other than the BBC, and currently the government wants to scrap the license fee altogether. There you go, a bit of learning for you, free of charge.

          • wehoaks

            You don’t pay all the time. You admitted to torrenting this film, among others. You are a thief.

            You paid the bbc. You paid an entity to view that on TV. Get it?!?!?!

            Thanks for the info on something that MAY happen. Now I can sleep.

            It’s always fun watching thieves that steal intangible things freak out. I could keep fucking with you for days.

          • Dev

            No, I paid the government for having a TV, that’s what the License Fee is. The fee covers the BBC’s costs, including radio, but I don’t pay the BBC directly. I don’t pay anything towards ITV or Channel 4 either, for example. I just have to watch their insipid advertising, if I want to watch their channels. Fortunately for me, I don’t.

            I torrented one (utterly worthless) film and you lost your tiny little mind about it, despite me pointing out that I am a paying customer otherwise. You never had a free lunch? You never borrowed a DVD from a friend (if you have any, pedants like you don’t tend to)? Never sat in a waiting room and watched television? Sure you have. So fuck off.

          • wehoaks

            Once? Sure. Thief. For an innocent warrior you sure are defensive. Thief.

          • wehoaks

            For someone who has innocently torrented only ONE film you sure spent an awful lot of time over the past five years laying down your defense in case you were called the thief that you are.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            Despite you pointing out that you pay for other things? Just not for this thing? Right. So you’re a fucking thief. At least have SOME dignity(as much as a thief can have) and admit you’re a fucking thief.

          • wehoaks

            I pay for things! Just not that thing! How does that make me a thief?! Deeeeeeerp for days.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            Look at the loops you’re going through trying to justify your thievery. Five years in the making too, apparently!

          • wehoaks

            Oh and If you saw it on tv? You mean via the carrier you paid for after the carrier paid the studio to air it? Fucktard.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            You’re an entitled twat. You don’t pay for things you expect will be of poor quality? So if a car doesn’t drive to your liking, you’ll just drive it off the fucking lot and not pay for it? It doesn’t matter if you deem something “poor quality” or not, if you want to experience it in full you pay for it. That means everything from watching a movie to putting a stupid burger into your stupid fat mouth. If you don’t like the first bite of the burger, send it back and don’t pay. If you don’t like the first ten minutes of a movie, get a refund. But don’t pirate movies online and then proceed to be the sackless turd you are by not admitting that you are STEALING.

          • Dev

            Wow you’re just in love with me aren’t you. I don’t care if you think I’m a thief or not. Certainly some fucking dweeb on here isn’t going to make me feel guilty for not paying to see another one of Michael Bay’s aborted fucking turds. Fuck yourself.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            Don’t like the gamble of watching a movie you believe will most likely be bad? Don’t fucking go then idiot. And don’t fucking complain. I don’t think the odds are in my favor at the blackjack table in Vegas, and that’s why I don’t take a fucking seat.

          • wehoaks

            But if you had fun you’d just buy a casino then!

        • Waveboy

          Bahahah! You think you know me huh? You’re so quick to judge aren’t there fella? You have no idea what my tastes are, what i watch or what i’m into. ANOES just happens to be one of my favorite horror franchises stemming back from the late 80s.Take a look around, we haven’t gotten anything ANOES related in years outside a mediocre grudge match between freddy and Jason, along with that horrid remake. It’s about bloody time we see something new, it’s 5 years after all and the series is filled with untapped potential, the fact that a portion of these movies take place in the dream world offers endless possibilties….Glad to see we’re also getting sequels with Friday the 13th and halloween too. Be glad platinum dunes isn’t behind either as well 😉

          If you expect originality to come out of halloweed these dys then you should be ashamed of yourself. the majority of good horror films that are being spewed out these days are usually French. ‘Inside’, High Tension, Livid, among the living, martyrs, just to name a few…completely blow away the majority of hollywood offerings.

          I’m all for sequels of old school franchises, but i too ‘like you’ want originality and innovation. In the end i want both. face it, in this day and age it’s incredibly tough to innovate(think POV with blair witch) and it’s incredibly tough to find to rake in the $$$ unless your part of a well known renowned franchise.

          If you’re not a super hero movie these days, chances are you will not do good at the box office. 😉

  • wehoaks

    Let the following broken records commence:


    For all the people clamoring for more original films, have something at least original to say about it for fuck’s sake.

  • Original_Outcast

    When you Cast Scarecrow-Face as Nancy in the First Remake,(Rooney Mara Scare’s the shit out of me.) and take out the Subtlety & Atmosphere the original film had, You know you fucked up. lol

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    Like with this new Friday the 13th, I’ll say the same thing, reinvent the franchise. Give us something significantly different from its predecessors and just make a good movie.

  • Starman209

    New Line is owned by Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers should just sell New Line to “Lions Gate” or the Weinsteins.

    • wehoaks


      • Starman209

        because Warner Brothers treat New Line like a step child.

        • wehoaks

          And the Weinsteins treat their films with respect? Bob has fucked with every horror film they’ve produced over the last ten years. And Lionsgate doesn’t focus much on horror. It’d be a lateral move.

          • Starman209

            Lionsgate is not afraid to make horror films. If they bought New Line or MGm bought New Line we would have a chance of seeing more horror films. A Merger of MIRAMAX/WEINTSTEIN/NEW LINE/MGM/LIONS GATE could become the biggest player in town

          • wehoaks

            Keep dreaming.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            I think you’ve cracked the code. Luckily it’s very easy to just merge like that. They’ll be thanking you with profit points Starman. Thanks for the genius suggestion.

          • Starman209

            Do you ever post anything nice? You only say nasty things. You are not funny. You think you are but……..

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


  • Warner Brown

    Frederika Krueger, no thanks. I’d just do another one with Englund and make it a real 80’s period piece hearkening back to the freakyass nightmares from the originals, only just as original. Can’t do it without Englund.

    • Krug09

      The idea of a female Freddy Krueger is just… Its tragic people hate their lives that much but its possible Brad wrote that to get people started because he knows thats an awful idea.

      • wehoaks

        Hate their lives? Chill out dude.

  • enterkaras

    Oh no! Please Stop! Hollywood is running out of ideas! Leave these movies as they were, they were great for their time…..also “PLEASE DO NOT REMAKE THE WARRIORS” you will never get the same gritty, dark, and awesome 70’s feel it had when we saw it as kids……..Just in case…

  • Angelinafro

    The 2010 remake was pointless. It took the story somewhere it shouldnt hav . I have been a Freddy fan since the beginning, and the 2010 remake made me I’l . I think new line should leave it alone. I think they’re truing to redeem themselves. If they want to remake this movie then they need Robert Englund and Wes Craven. And Johnny Depp of course!!

  • REC03

    just bring back Robert England. he still looks great in the makeup. i have reached a point with the remakes where im not even that mad anymore. i’ve come to realize they only make the originals look even better. it can’t get worse then the 2010 one which is the worst remake of all time imo. what a POS.

    • Just Some Guy

      I’m all for Englund…. He doesn’t even have to get that physical. He can create monsters and dream stuff to kill people.. it’s not like he is fighting Jason.

  • Khy

    *Shrugs*, meh, why not? No where else to go is it? Been 5 years since the reboot and majority hated it(I did too, nearly fell asleep in theaters, though in the years since I’ve grown to tolerate it and there are a few tiny things I kinda liked, very tiny) so why not try it again? I say just keep it simple this time. Only major challenge they’ll really be having is getting an actor that can step into Robert’s large shoes. I actually liked the 2010 Krueger, I thought he did pretty well- I just personally HATED his make-up. Once they find someone solid for the role- then they should be on easy street. Keep it in Springwood, introduce us to a fresh new batch of teens, try to make it creepy, and let Fred loose. Hopefully they come up with some creative dream sequences this time instead of every damn one happening in a dark and dusty setting. As far as “tone”, aim for anything similar to the original, Dream Warriors, or New Nightmare and you’ll be good.

    • wehoaks

      I am not kidding when I say go female. A woman, a mother, who is supposed to be full of love and maternal nurturing instincts ripping CHILDREN to shreds in their dreams? Creeptastic.

      • Khy

        And get a damn director with artistic vision- then we may be in business. Great thing about a female Freddy is that she wouldn’t really be having to live up to Robert- she’d be able to stand on her own.
        It’d take some huge balls, but with the right people it could definitely work. Interesting indeed!

        • wehoaks

          Yes the Englund comparisons stop right there. Yes, no music video bullshit directors or guys who don’t respect the material (Bayer was a prick). Also, Wes is integral. Fuck Englund. Wes is needed before Englund. Get an indie art house director to knock some sense into the series.

          • Khy

            Thing is, they can EASILY get Wes back, I’m sure he’d say yes at the drop of a hat. He’s not doing too much these days.

          • wehoaks

            He would so say yes and help steer the ship. He was PISSED when they excluded him the last time around.

          • Khy

            I don’t fucking get that- why exclude the ORIGINAL CREATORS from the fucking process? Especially when they’re willing to participate. If was in charge of this Nightmare remake I’d damn sure go to Wes. Even if he wouldn’t direct, as a writer, I’d least go out to dinner with him a few times to discuss the script I have in mind- His input would be VERY, VERY vital and respected.

          • wehoaks

            totally. I am sure he has had many many ideas for the series that have gone unused. He is a great sounding board if nothing else.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


    • Fantasma Del Guapo

      Nah man, Carrie Anne Moss.

    • Khy

      Tilda could play any role ever and I’d be fine with it.
      “Tilda Swinton cast as Tupac”
      Me: Cool!
      Seriously, she’s just that magnificent lol.

  • WindowsIsDead

    They never learn, do they?
    Robert Englund IS Freddy, and vice-versa, this is not a character you can change actor and hide with a mask (nothing personal, Jason). But there is a soul to it, and I’m pretty sure the soul’s owner hung his fedora for granted.

  • Fantasma Del Guapo

    If they do turn Freddy into a chick then they should parody Jane becoming Thor on Marvel, announcing it on a fake episode of The View, and have Chick Freddy murder the shit out of all those old bitches.

  • anthony

    as long as they make a good movie im fine. if anything id like them to return to the horror comedy thing they had going with the later entries in the franchise plus batshit insane special effects (practical preferably) would be nice too.

  • HorrorMovieSoundtrack

    Have you, guys, seen the fan-made series ‘Krueger: A Tale from Elm Street’ with Roberto Lombardi? I’d love them to take that direction. I don’t know, there’s just something about a human Freddy wearing his traditional red and green sweater underneath a brown leather jacket.

    • Willy Pm

      I think the same. Lombardi is amazing as Krueger.

  • jasonlives1986

    It’s really hard to believe but it’s been 12 years since F v J, that’s 3 years longer than the wait time from New Nightmare to the release of F v J. Time really flies.

    Anyeay, my overall point is in the 21 years since then we’ve had 1 Robert Englund movie and now TWO remakes.

    BD once floated the Haley as Freddy before the casting was announced as a way for new line to feel out the reaction to it, but the reality is that Englund should of and would of had no issues doing the movie.

    So this idea of a female Freddy shouldn’t be taking as a off hand opinion, I bet it’s being floated for a reason.

    No thanks man. Do the right thing and bring back Englund. 1 last ride.

    • Khy

      “So this idea of a female Freddy shouldn’t be taking as a off hand opinion, I bet it’s being floated for a reason”

      BD was also a once respectable news site….Not anymore. I don’t take anything they say or think as FACT until I see it. 10 years ago? Yes, now? Um no. BD knows just as much as us these days.

  • David P Sloan

    I hated the remake or revision or reboot whatever the Hollywood fatcats call it these days. Anyway I would love to see a continue of the original franchise say after Freddy vs Jason, not Freddy vs Jason 2 but we all know Freddy was alive at the end of FvJ ‘The wink people the wink!’ anyway how about the fact Will and Lori are still alive how about Freddy wanting revenge on them, and finds a way to invade their dreams and their new friends? so hence this would be an original yet new blood movie so to speak.

    • Khy

      Wouldn’t work. It’s been 12 years since Freddy Vs Jason. Besides, Robert is done with the role so they’ll have to get someone new- might as well start over.

      • David P Sloan

        Yeah wouldn’t work in the ‘Real World’ this is movieland Khy which means timeline would stand still so to speak. When did Freddy vs Jason take place in what year? if we were to believe the timeline of both NOES and F13 then we are lead to believe to FvJ took place literally after Jason Goes To Hell (say 1993/94) so FvJ happened then so yes a direct sequel (call it spin off) back into NOES franchise it so can happen

        • wehoaks

          Khy is saying it’s been 12 years since F v J – no gives a shit about Will and Lori anymore (did they ever?).

          • David P Sloan

            No one gives a shit about any of the characters in slasher movies except for the killer that is. We want to see Freddy do what he does best, but lets have a revenge plot. Freddy was pissed cause no one remembered him anymore now hes pissed cause hes back to square one

          • wehoaks

            I care about characters. I am willing to bet others do too.
            Something following F v J ain’t happening bub.

          • David P Sloan

            Yeah we gather that now. But we just have to move on dont we? Everybody wants Robert Englund back (Hell even me) but its never gonna happen. It’ll be good to see what they do this time round. The remake had potential but the director and (possibly) the writers fucked up royally. IMO anyway.

          • wehoaks


          • Khy

            LMFAO Exactly!

        • SuperKilla

          Actually in Freddy’s Dead the beginning of the movie said 10 years from now which would make the story take place in 2001 so if Freddy was in Hell in FVJ then it must have been after Freddy’s dead. The time lines are all fucked up if you compare both franchises, but I would only like to see England back in the roll. So many people deny that England is the only one to play Freddy.

      • SuperKilla

        Right down to the body posture they will never find someone to do the Kruger character as much justice as England even if they do find someone who is good in their own way.

    • SuperKilla

      I understand where you’re coming from but I think they should do a prequel with Robert England. He even said he is game, they could do some cgi to make him look a little younger at least if they had to. But like the article states, movies companies care more about teenager’s money than they do about art. Fuck a remake.

  • WindowsIsDead

    My solution would be to go full mythological. Freddy’s antecessor in the dream world, with a background for the demons and the powers and how it ties with his fate. Not a boring explanation with family ties nor the Elm Street, but an expansion in the universe prior to the events that lead to the barbecue.

    This way I wouldn’t mind the lack of Englund neither we would have a lame substitute to repeat what does not need to be repeated

  • Ric Talbot

    I would very much enjoy a prequel. One that dives deeper into Freddy’s upbringing and early days as a family man/serial killer. Something like this could easily start to build the dream world mythos up by having a young Freddy find a sort of solace in the occult.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    I think I’ll save my opinions until some more solid info (cast,director, etc.) is announced.

  • Grimphantom

    First for all you guys wanting Robert Englund back….ain’t gonna happen. Even if he doesn’t look old(even tho he’s going to wear makeup) it won’t be the same and i do feel someone else needs to be the new Freddy but done right.

    i actually watch the remake for the first time(some scenes anyway) and wow…….the lack of creativity was big in this one also very bland on the killing where you compare the original for example Tina’s death, the remake was so boring and not too believable that she’s being murder by someone or something where the original her death was painful and how she was suffering.

    The remake clearly miss a big opportunity to be creative on both the killings and visual where dreams can turn into something so twisted. I hate the fact they didn’t disguise Freddy as someone like when Tina was in this creepy(not so scary anyway) school and we see Freddy instead of doing something more unique where she’s sitting there with a bunch of normal kids and teacher but we suddenly see the kids turn into corpses and the teacher turns into Freddy.

    Also what the remake missed was the psychological depth into this movie where everyone should’ve been paranoid that someone is killing them in their dreams and have to stay awake and probably going to extreme measures to do it.

    I think with the whole Friday the 13th being remade again seems like New Line want to do the same but they need to see how F13th will do first, how do they know it will do well this time? It’s like Fox thinking the new Fantastic Four will be a hit for sure when everyone hates it.

  • John

    I’m happy with this. They’re always going to make another Freddy movie. He’s like Batman in that way. They weren’t going to do a sequel so of course it’s a reboot. I just hope they do the Dream Warriors storyline instead of recycling the same plot of the first film over again.

  • pablitonizer


  • tungbandit

    Id like to see a movie showing how krueger manifested into the monster he was before being burned. Do something different and approach it from a different angle rather than retread old territory. Show the trial where he got off the hook. Show how they built the case and effed it up (think casey anthony).I liked how they depicted freddys little trophy room in his basement on noes6. The only thing that stumps me is how you explain the supernatural element that would allow him to invade dreams after death. Lastly, who the hell can you cast in the role of the icon? Thats like trying to recast Quint from the movie Jaws.

    • David P Sloan

      The trial part was done in the very first episode of the Freddy’s Nightmares tv series. And the so called dream demons were explained in Freddy’s dead. Its hard to cast someone as Freddy as he was protrayed so well by Robert Englund for so long yes we have to move on from the whole bring Robert Englund back thing. Maybe the guy that acts in the youtube fan made movie would be ideal??????

      • tungbandit

        The tv series was weak. Get R. Lee Ermy to grill Freddy on the stand 🙂

        • David P Sloan

          Oh i like that idea that would be classic

  • Killer_Tapir

    The main problem I felt in the last remake is that it tried so so hard to BE the original whilst trying to one up it in various ways. I found that to be a bit distasteful. Now if they tried to do something different, tried to carve out their own identity then there might be a good justification for a remake.

  • magnus dissmoll

    Well, let ’em do what they want to. I can’t say I’m too excited about this unless they make it really, really, REALLY dark. In other words; a good, disturbing, anxiety-inducing re-write where Freddy shuts the fuck up.

    • Wes Draven

      Feel like that would ruin the character… there’s already enough stone-cold killers out-there.

      • JB

        I’d say not totally stfu like Jason or Michael but just roll it back to how he was in the original, saying creepy and disgusting shit instead of like a crappy stand up comic telling jokes in the sequels.

  • Josue Michicol

    Take it into a totally new direction. Get away from the stereotypical teens in Elm Street and move it towards something fresh and exciting. Maybe have it involved an apartment building, a small town, or make it into some kind of experiment gone wrong. Make it new, and don’t try to copy the original.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Apartment building, oh yeah, so fresh. Small town? Like the one from the original? Idiot.

      • Josue Michicol

        Haha, obviously write the first things that came to my head. But the whole teens who look like adults running around their neighborhood thing is so played out.

    • cartoonguy

      If the way to make a better movie is to take it in a new direction, why not just do a new horror movie, having nothing to do with Freddy Krueger? The only point in connecting it at all to Elm Street is the marketability of Freddy, but to make a Freddy movie with a different Freddy and in a new direction… just make an unrelated horror movie.

  • Wes Draven

    I also liked the idea of a film called Elm Street: The Springwood Slasher, that follows Freddy Krueger as a child-murderer, and ends with the burn-scene and the reveal of him as the burnt face character we know. They can, of course, follow this with the later sequels. I wish we had more back-to-back filming for slashers, because I’d like not waiting five years apiece.

    • tungbandit

      Yes. You get it

    • HorrorMovieSoundtrack

      YES, please!

  • NX is coming


  • LarryBundyJr

    What I didn’t like in the reboot is the fact they turned Freddy from a complete asshole who enjoyed what he did to torment teenagers, into essentially a zombie pedophile.

    It just came across as mean spirited and you end up hating him more than being scared of him.

  • EvilHead1981

    Do it, but do it RIGHT this time. Hell, you want extra points and to keep in “trend”, do it like Halloween Returns, Jurassic World and Texas Chainsaw 3D, set it in the original continuity as more of a “revisit” that acts as a reboot, but still has connections to the classics.

  • Krug09

    This news is bitter sweet. Freddy is probably my all time favorite horror icon but the only person who can play Freddy is Robert Englund. The odds of them wanting him are so low at this point. I say give us another sequel or just let it die. IMO all this talk about “fresh and new” is garbage. It was someone elses idea for a film so how can it be original? Its still Freddy and ANOES.

    I have to say to your idea of fresh and new is possibly the worst thing i have ever heard. You are just cratering to the media’s push of “more women, more gays, trans this, trans that”. A female Freddy? Just REALLY think about that for a second. There is nothing new and fresh in that “idea”. That’s so retarded.

    Probably 70-80% of fans will agree theres zero reason to continue from the 2010 film. It was an ok but uninspired.

    • Matthew Kreglow

      I remember at Wizard Comic Con in Columbus, Englund was holding an open panel, and someone asked him about future plans to star in NOES. He said a big reason why he wasn’t considered in the newest installment is because the franchise was owned by Platinum Dunes at the time.

      I get the feeling they’re going to try to bring him back as Krueger. He loves the role too much to say no to it.

      • SuperKilla

        I hope you’re right.

        • Matthew Kreglow

          I hope so, too. New Line, don’t mess this up.

          • SuperKilla

            If they care about the fans then they will get it right and I can only see doing it right with England mostly as a prequel, I heard England himself say in an interview he was game for that story, so with him digging that story and a good director/writer, this film could be a homerun.

      • Krug09

        I hope he continues to do the character. As long as he feels he can (and wants too) of course.

  • Megan

    That Freddy snake horrifies me.

  • JohnnyMcClane

    Since I was a kid I thought a good idea would be to carry on the franchise but with a whole new killer, street and story. Another serial killer finds a way to return in dreams. Call it A NIGHTMARE ON OAK STREET or whatever the f**k…. The series could go on forever….

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


    • Krug09

      So its ANOES just with a different name? That’s called a ripoff.

      • Adam Clifton

        Maybe span it out and call it ‘A Nightmare In Springwood’

  • Lee Rose

    Leave the series alone for fuck sake, Didn’t the last remake give you ideas that remaking it again is just going to suck. Robert England is the one and only true Freddy

  • SuperKilla

    Without Robert England playing this role, Freddy is dead.

    • Krug09

      I agree. I will still give the movie a chance but some people don’t understand that Robert made Freddy. Without him we get the 2010 remake Freddy. Which sucked.

      • SuperKilla

        No they don’t and the remake sucked so bad. The writing was just awful and the director bashed the original in an interview, so why bother fuckin with the remake if you don’t like the original? Maybe he made a shitty movie on purpose. I like Haley as an actor but not as Kruger.

        • Krug09

          I watched the production so closely before, during and after the film’s release. Bayer said Michael Bay personally talked to him and convinced him to take the project, Bayer declined the producer’s TWO previous offers. So in short the guy did not want to do it. In the movie it shows but the acting was bad, the script was shit. What we are left with is just a watchable disposable movie.

  • Brandon Jones

    I dont think remake was all that bad and jakie did a good job but to me think he was held back by producer wanting him stiffer to be more scary. With that being said it was my 2nd worst film in the series remake would be better than part two to 2010 remake but it needs way better guidance period and robert plain as day for fans to ever fully respect it because if not to cast freddy would be like finding a needle in a

  • Andy Teal

    I think the remake had one chance to do something truly original and justify its existence: make Freddy innocent. That would have been an incredible new twist. Instead, not only wasn’t he innocent, but they doubled down the idea that he was a pedophile, which is infinitely less scary and interesting than simply being a killer for fun. The elimination of that idea from the original was the best thing to ever happen to the franchise.

    As for a female Freddy… Good grief, no. That’s not original, it’s the thing everyone does for a cheap surprise when they remake things.

    • Krug09

      That whole “twist” angle was so awful. If he was innocent why would he be killing the kids? Killing the parents would make more sense. Than theres the fact that he is using his claw to kill kids in their dreams but hes a pedophile NOT a killer? The remake’s script was shit.

    • Jacob Compton

      The new ghostbusters comes to mind..

  • wehoaks

    “If I had seen the film and I liked it, then I would have happily paid for a DVD or blu-ray” – Quote of the day always and forever until the end of time.

  • Krug09

    I forgot to mention, Brad. Micro sleeps WAS introduced in the original ANOES, NOT in the remake! Remember when Nancy answered the phone in the original and the tongue came through? She was experiencing a mirco sleep. It even says so in the script. The shitty writer of the remake (one of them) just read the original script and plastered it all over the remake to hold the audiences’ hands through it and not be subtle (brilliant) like Wes.

  • TheWorst

    I KNEW I recognized the ScreaMTV mom from something…

  • Jimmy Lundy

    The idea of a woman Freddy could work. Possibly use the Nancy character as the new slasher. I’m sure they could write a horrible death involving Nancy and Freddy. Afterwards consumed with obsession and hate her character rebirths the role as Freddy…


    This is just plain stupid


    If they want to make a profit off of this fucking thing, the only option is to bring back the original Freddy. Englund is older, sure, but even in the original NOES screenplay, the Krueger character was written as being an older guy. I think he could still pull it off.
    Even if they do decide to go with another actor, at least design the makeup in a more stylish manner. Freddy looked plain boring in the remake. There was nothing about his face that stuck with me. It was a bad decision to go that direction with the character design.

  • watkins

    A female Freddy? The F is wrong with you… Smh.

    • kenneth Tanner

      Right? That shit is even worse.

    • Lesley-Ann Case

      As an avid Robert Englund / Freddy fan, I agree he is the only one. However nothing wrong with keeping an open mind – Jessica Nigri sells it quite well.

      • watkins

        She’s hot I’ll give you that but it takes more then doing a good cos play to handle a role like this… And if that we’re to happen I’ll treat this remake the way I’m doing the next ghostbusters. With the full, undivided hate that it deserves.

        • Lezzaroola

          I completely agree. Nothing will ever come close to the charm and personality that Englund gives to Freddy. I hated the last remake and I have no hope for the next. But Jessica Nigri makes me smile – every cloud and all that 😉

  • loder74

    Use Englund and a body performer for the physical stuff. Have them study Englunds moves from the first film especially. You’re welcome.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


      • loder74

        You know you like it, basement dweller.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          i’m clapping like a sea lion with my mouth open, cuz u said something soooo clever ahahajahjaja

          • loder74

            Because of your gut?

  • Edward Amarille

    A female Krueger would be interesting. Maybe even make Krueger the dream personality of a mature Nancy. You figure her mind must be a little warped after years of being haunted by a living nightmare.

  • Jimmy

    How about Johnny Depp as the new Freddy?

    • JB

      Hell fucking no

      • Jimmy

        Just thought it’d be a nice homage to the first movie since he was in it and has gone on to be one of the most successful, talented, and highest paid actors of all time. Apparently you’re not a fan of that idea lol.

        • JB

          I mean, I like Johnny Depp in some movies but I just can’t help but think he’d overact and ruin the movie.

          • Jimmy

            Honestly, I think it’s going to be hard to replace Robert Englund. Jackie Earle Haley is a great actor and the new movie sucked. Can you think of anyone who could actually replace Robert Englund and do a good job?

          • JB

            Yeah I can’t really think of anyone. Crispin Glover? Cillian Murphy? It’s like someone else said, anyone else who would play it would just be measured up to Englund and would likely fail since he’s so iconic in the role.
            I’d just go with him again for the role. I know he’s older but I think the makeup could hide that.

  • Michael Myers

    Let’s face it they won’t bring back Englund but I think Robert Knepper could take his place and be the next great Freddy,Haley wasn’t good and also too short I thought.

  • loder74

    Make Freddy black.

    • pïgchop™

      charred black?

      • loder74

        Black man. Think about it. It works.

  • Rob

    Scary Terry or nothing. You can run, but you can’t hide, bitch!

  • Stevie Lee Rothferd

    Bring back Robert Englund, or who the fuck cares?

    • brokenwheelchair

      he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

  • Mr. Dry

    Is Freddy becoming the horror Spiderman?

  • KennyThaKilla

    First Thor, and now you wanna make Freddy a chick as well? No thank you.

    • Rick Bastardly

      Thor didn’t become A woman. Jane Foster became the weilder of Mjolnir after Odin got pissed. She started calling herself Thor but Thor Odinson was still around. He may or may not be “dead” right now though.

      • KennyThaKilla

        I never said Thor became a woman. Regardless of her identity, the new Thor is a chick.

        • Rick Bastardly

          You didn’t not say that.

          • KennyThaKilla


  • ProudtobeUndead

    Why can’t they just let Robert Englund play the part? (if he’s willing) The makeup makes it impossible to tell that he’s aged. No one can do it but him, they need to face that.

    • Golic

      outside of conventions; he doesn’t want to play Freddy anymore.

      • concerned citizen

        That’s not what he said this July at London Film and Comic Con. He said he feels he’s got “one more in him”. Direct quote.

        • Lee S

          Think that is what Golic meant by ‘outside of conventions’

          • concerned citizen

            He said he thought he had one more film in him.

          • Lee S

            That was at a convention though wasn’t it?

          • concerned citizen

            Jesus fucking Christ, the point Golic was making was that Englund does not want to play Freddy outside conventions, not what he does or doesn’t say outside conventions. Whether at a convention or not last month Robert Englund said – to a room full of people – he felt he had one more film in him. As Freddy. Is this getting through to you?

          • Lee S

            I think you seem to be the one struggling to understand what is being said. You are saying at a convention Englund said he had one more film in him, however the point Golic was making was Englund only says he wants to play Freddy again, at conventions. Outside of conventions Englund has no interest in playing Freddy again, he is probably just saying it to get fans frothing at a convention. Instead of repeating this quote from LFCC, find a quote from Englund that isn’t from a convention where he says he wants to play Freddy again, then maybe your post would be relevant, as it stands, your post is pointless.

          • concerned citizen

            Maybe we should ask Golic for an adjudication on this. Mr Englund sometimes dons the makeup and plays Freddy at conventions. Outside of conventions ( Golic contends) he has no interest in doing this. That’s how I read his post. A valid reading, I hope you agree.

          • Lee S

            I’ll be honest, when writing my last response, I did begin to consider if Golic meant Englund will only play the character at conventions, rather than my initial understanding which was the appeasing fans lip service. So yes, I will agree that your interpretation is valid too. If that is the case I will hold my hands up to being the idiot who misinterpreted Golic’s original statement, or maybe we could both blame Golic for making such an open statement and then leaving us to debate it.

          • concerned citizen

            No mess no foul

  • The director I feel is a good choice as I really liked Orphan. Now cast someone great to play Freddy. I’d love to see what Brad Dourif would do with the part.

    • brokenwheelchair

      ooh, that’s good.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Brad has, oddly enough, lost his chops. His acting muscle has like totally atrophied hahahahaha it’s weird! And can we please NOT get a guy who will show up to any fucking film set as long as there’s lunch? Thanks.

  • kenneth Tanner

    Oh you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me !

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      o it gets worse.. rumor has it this freddy will be all cgi because the makeup is too much for an actor to have on and take off

      • kenneth Tanner

        Oh fuck me.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          the studios have no idea of what the fans want, its relay sad and pathetic

          • kenneth Tanner

            You know what Ridley?
            All these movie studios care about is making their wallets fat. They don’t give a shit about the fans.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            its sad that there will be two remakes heck maybe more of nightmare on elm street in my lifetime. go ahead and remake texas chainsaw again while ur at it.

          • kenneth Tanner

            Shit I wouldn’t be surprise at all in fact there’s a new Leatherface movie that will be coming out next year and it’s a prequel. The next film would be a sequel to the prequel in other words it will be a second remake retelling TCM 1974.

  • Shane

    After the original, Krueger became a wise cracking buffoon. He had his own album for crying out loud. Hire a very talented theater actor to play him, change his look, and get a director not known for horror.

    • EvilHead1981

      Hire a very talented actor, change his look and get a director not known for horror? That was the 2010 NOES reboot. Try again!

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        He said get a director not known for horror, not “get a director who’s never made a fucking movie before and doesn’t respect A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

        And JEH had nothing the fuck to do with the remake being shit. And there are multiple options you in regards to changing his look. Just because the one time they significantly changed it it was horrible, doesn’t mean any future versions will be. Quit being all fucky, and wonky.

  • jd

    new freddy should be Ryan Stiles

  • Chad M Wilsey

    Have Nathan Thomas milliner direct the remake …everyone should check out confession of Fred krueger on utube…he killed it ..perfect feeling for freddy krueger

  • Chad M Wilsey

    No cgi freddy no female freddy and no black freddy ….well you wouldn’t be able to tell if he was anyway he’d be burnt…. ha ha

  • Gerardo Torres

    I would love a better remake, but it would be better if it was a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason where Freddy invades new teens’ dreams in order to become stronger and beat Jason. Or at least mention Alice, Doc, Tracy and Maggie.


    go full circle and challenge johny depp’s acting chops

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Man, today sucks.

  • Khy

    “which didn’t exactly raise any eyebrows at the box office”

    Um it made 110 Million and is Platinum Dunes second highest grossing film. It made more money than Friday 2009 and Halloween 2007- which both made bank. I always was surprised they never went ahead and made a sequel despite the film being damn near universally panned. Didn’t stop them from cranking out an FD5 after the turd that was TFD.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      They probably noticed the trend of followups of remakes not doing too hot(The Hills Have Eyes 2, TCM: The Beginning, H2) and decided not to fool the audience twice. Elm Street ’10 was a very expensive movie to make at least by horror standards, it certainly was PD’s most expensive horror film at $35 million. A sequel probably would’ve grossed $60-80 million worldwide tops, even if it was good, because of all the bad will they collected with their ghastly remake.

    • Weresmurf

      Friday cost 19 and made 91, Elm cost 35 and made 110. They actually made around the same money.

    • concerned citizen

      Khy, don’t let facts get in the way of a story!

  • Brooklyn Ann

    Okay, I’m fine with the idea of female ghostbusters because anyone can strap on a proton pack and capture ghosts and make wisecracks. But Freddy’s character is so inherently masculine (especially with all the penetration themes) that I just can’t buy the idea of a female Freddy. Female serial killers are already rare, and most didn’t kill children. And while many women have killed children, none that I’ve heard of have systematically slashed them up with finger knives. I’m sure it’s happened before but still.
    A female Freddy who was a serial killer of adults would be more believable but then that would ruin the origin story.

    Now I do think more female horror villains would be great. I LOVE Jason’s mom, Carrie’s mom, and of course Annie Wilkes, but Freddy should just be Freddy.

    And I’d be receptive to a prequel or another Freddy vs. Jason.

    • Andrew Kieffert

      The Female GB Is A Alternate Dimension Twist…We Know It’s Off But They Do Not And At The End Of This First One…They Will See The Male Counterparts.

  • Chance Eon Romero

    I have a name for Freddy ….. just bring back Robert Fucken England ! dont remake do 3 more fresh stories pretty please !

  • Mark Scotcher

    Julian McMahon would play a awesome Freddy

    • Weresmurf

      Oh jesus yes

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Bring back Robert for one last run. He recently said he’s got one more left in him. Remake it with him and have him so disfigured at the end it justifies a new ‘face’ for the sequel. Or y’know, just make one more with him then END IT (yea right).

  • Necrogeddon666


  • Marco Vannini

    Nooooo please noooooooo! Stop it!!

    • IlGigi

      Tenti la fortuna in inglese? 🙂 dai andiamolo a vedere insieme quando esce!!

      • Marco Vannini

        Ahahahahah! Cazzo ma… TI HANNO CLONATO!! DI LA VERITÀ! Come ti permetti di venire qui a spiare i miei commenti e bla bla bla bla bla… ahahahahah
        Seriamente io adoro Freddy Krueger, adoro tutta la saga cinematografica, fumettistica e adoro anche la serietv. Ho già dovuto sopportare il remake del 2010…

        • IlGigi

          Sono finite le idee ad hollywood.. Una nuova serie tv ci vorrebbe, fatta da gente tipo netflix

          • Marco Vannini

            Una serie tv fatta da gente tipo Netflix, riguardo Freddy?????!!!….uhhmmm…io, invece, avrei un’altra idea. Una folle idea! Stravagante! E se invece di tentare di rifare continuamente tutto il miglio del cinema, rovinandolo tra l’altro, non smettessero e si concentrassero su roba più “rischiosa”???!! Si lo so anch’io che forse è pura utopia e so benissimo anche che il discorso che il cinema hollywoodiano abbia esaurito le idee originali è vecchio almeno di 50/60anni se non addirittura più vecchio ancora… ma cazzo!!!… però ADESSO(!!!) questo tipo di discorso è proprio evidente a tutti quanti oramai, anche ai profani voglio dire. Cazzo se escludiamo i film tratti dai libri, fumetti, serie tv, video-giochi, giocattoli, attrazioni dei parchi etc etc… senza dimenticare tutti i sequel prequel midquel remake reboot etc etc… ma onestamente, che cazzo rimane???!!

  • kenneth Tanner

    OMFG all of you movie companies are a crock of shit!
    I swear if the rumor is true that Freddy Krueger is going into CGI? Nobody should not go to theaters and watch this shit. Oh my fucking god WTF? Freddy Krueger is not a computerized burned man who killed teens in their dreams. Freddy died from the parents getting mad about all of their children’s death and they burned him alive in the School. Get the fucking story right New Line Cinema ! Also if your going to make another Freddy movie please have Robert England to do it! Oh my god you movie companies just fuck up the classics. You jackasses from Hollywood are to lazy to use your goddamn brains to creature your own new horror films As a matter of fact I’ll say this all of you assholes from Hollywood just want to have your wallets fat from the Box Office .You clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about the fans at all. That’s just sad and it’s pathetic. You know what everybody needs to do? If this rumor is true about Freddy going on to CGI? No Freddy Krueger fan should not go to theaters and watch this movie and you greedy fucks shouldn’t get a dime from this fucked up idea ! Oh my god from the thought of this idea? This remake will be worse than the 2010 one. OMG I was fucking fine until now.

    • wehoaks

      I heard he’s either going to be all cgi or all claymation! I mean wtf?!

      • kenneth Tanner

        I agree with you on that one.

    • Marty Mcfly

      Hey “THANK YOU” if this bullshit keeps happening,every great slasher horror flick is gonna go to SHIT and stupidly enough freddy is not a chick,hey a fucked up child killer,and wes cravens NEW NIGHTMARE was sic,loved iT cause he was a demon from hell who came back out of hell and wanted in our world ,and claymation, cgi GFY go fuck yourselfs for remaking,and destroying maybe one of the biggest parts of my horror genre, and my life as a horror movie Freak, u fuck this up,never again ill buy all the older ones i dont have up to new nightmare and yall can kiss my ass.

      • Marty Mcfly

        Kenneth Well said,i like your style.

        • kenneth Tanner

          Thanks dude.

    • Jimmy

      I hope they make him CGI and the movie makes 10X its budget at the box office just to piss you off.

      • kenneth Tanner

        Well that’s if you like animated movies but, Freddy Krueger is a man who kills Teens and their parents for revenge from when he got burned from the School. CGI just doesn’t work for Freddy I’m sorry.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          true fans wouldnt want a cgi freddy..

          • kenneth Tanner

            Couldn’t agree more

  • Werewolf

    Yeah, we wipe our asses with CGI around here. Realistically, though, there’s only one guy with the face for it out there besides Englund. This guy.
    Not sure he could pull the Englund caliber performance, but at least he would LOOK right with the hat and glove.

    • Weresmurf

      Hell yeah. I could see him doing this role.

    • Jonathan Larsson

      Who is that?

      • Breno

        Aaron Eckhart.

      • Werewolf

        Aaron Eckhart. Played Two Face in the Dark Knight.

        • Jonathan Larsson


  • Joshua Weikel

    It’s inevitable that they’re going to constantly go back to this well. Freddy is widely viewed as the greatest horror villain, even movie villain. They’re going to do what they do with Dracula…just keep making more movies until they find the next great Dracula and let all the bad ones fade from our memory.

    • dr.chimrichalds

      I thought Krueger was so terrifying in the first Elm Street. Unfortunately, they turned him into the Arnold Schwarzenegger of horror movies when they had him crack jokes everytime he killed someone. The only time he came close to going back to what made him so great was in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, I love Freddy & prefer the Nightmare films to the Friday the 13th, but after a while I thought they began to focus too much on humor and got away from what he was supposed to be in the first place: a new incarnation of the boogeyman.

      • Kirkio

        Totally agree. I’ve always loved Freddy don’t get me wrong, but like they did with Chucky, he became a walking punchline and lost everything that made him scary in the first place. Up until a few years ago I’d only ever seen 1, 2, 3 and New Nightmare and loved them all… NN refreshed the character so well and it should’ve been left at that. Freddy Vs Jason and the reboot should never have happened. I remember deciding to catch up and watching some Youtube clips from the other films before New Nightmare when I stumbled across the video game death scene from Freddy’s Dead. Yep.

  • Azzo J Webb

    there’s only one freddy and thats robert england if you can’t bring him bk then don’t make it

  • Andrew Kieffert

    Do You Even Have A Clue How Dumb Your Notion Of A Female Freddy Is?? Why Did I Even Ask That…It Just Lends To The “Stupid” Factor. Freddy Was A Sociopathic, Sado Masochistic, Violent, Child Molesting Sex Offender. Asking Or Even Wanting To Change That Makes It NOT FREDDY. Are There Sick Women Out There…Sure. Ever On the Level That Has Been Historically And Predominately A Male Driven Profile In Crime….NO. You Want One, You Create It…Do Not Hope For It Living As “Frederica Krueger”. The Fact The Remake Flopped Was Because They Changed The Story Of Nancy So Much, Not Even Introducing Her Until 20 Mins Into The Movie…And Making Her So Weak….Also The Making “Glenn’s” Character Far Bigger Than It Was Intended. Otherwise It Would Have Been A Good Reboot. These Stories Are Not About The Monsters…Its About The One Who Stands Against Them. It’s Why Halloween Failed. Made It About Michael, Not Laurie. And The Second One Went Off The Rails When They Gave Us A Three To Five Year Gap Where Michael Just Wandered The Countryside. Instead Of The Relentless Attack Continued At The Hospital. Funny Freddy Is DUMB! Freddy Who Rarely And Occasionally Made Sick Jabs And Taunts At His Victim’s Expense Was Off Putting And Good. not Constantly Making One Liners With Each Kill….That’s What Made Him A Joke And Destroyed The Franchise….That and The Whole Baby Thing. The Element Of Wanting Form Again Is Meh, And If Intended Needs To Be Subtle And Not Met With Over the Top Exorcism. Sometimes You Just Unplug The Toaster When It Starts On Fire.

    • Lee S

      I would love to read your post, but the fact every word is capitalised hurts my eyes so I am just going to give it a miss.

  • CDC_

    SOME of us are going to laugh about a female Freddy?

    I’m sorry, did you really just entertain the notion of a female Freddy? Look I’m all for experimentation and what have you, but that has got to be the dumbest goddamn thing I have ever heard in regards to this franchise.

    No, Brad, I don’t think ANYONE wants to see fucking Frieda Krueger.

    Dude, there’s no reason whatsoever to not just get Robert back. The guy is 68, not 90. He’s not on his death bed. Stuntmen are a thing. He’ll be in makeup, so the age thing isn’t going to ruin the look.

    • Khy

      But you are forgetting one thing- Robert stated numerous times in recent years that he’s done with the role. You can’t force the man.

      • Eastman420

        Money can!!

      • CDC_

        Yeah, no actor has ever said anything like that before and then gone back on it.

        If New Line drops the right amount of money, Robert Englund would do it in a heartbeat. Rest assured.

    • Bobby Jones

      Rhonda Rousey as female Kruger, the whole movie is 1m:54s

    • Jonathan Larsson

      He doesn’t want to come back mainly because he’s grown tired of the long make-up application process. Alternately one could use motion-capture make-up, but considering that many took offense to it in The Dark Knight, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

      • Tyler S

        That is not true actually, he has stated a few times, and most recently at the LFCC that he still has 1 or 2 Freddy movies in him.

  • Mahoney

    Melissa McCarthy as Freddy. You all wanna see it. Admit it…

  • Conan

    A female Freddy? No, that is just terrible. If they want a female killer then just create an original female killer in her own movie. Dont just chose a popular horror franchise and change gender. Its lazy and Freddy is such an iconic character that it wouldnt work.

    If they want to make a remake, fine. But they need to give Freddy that evil glee he had when chasing and killing. He loved scaring, chasing his victims, he laughed and was very animated. In the last remake he was just a lame cliche serial killer all dark and brooding….hated that. Also make the nightmares better, now they dont need to be over the top, but have things that are not quite right. So people watching the movie are not quite sure if its real or a dream. Also skip all the history, dont really need all that…..the original didnt out side of Nancy being told by her mum about who Freddy was. An most important, have a really strong and capable Nancy as the hero.

  • The Godfather

    It really isn’t that complicated. Bring back Robert England as his age doesn’t matter with all of the make up. Then make him scary again. No one wants the 80’s cheesy wise cracking Freddy.

    • Jonathan Larsson

      Englund doesn’t want to come back mainly because he doesn’t want to wear the make-up anymore. Also, I think he is kind of tired of the part. He is nearly 70, so he can’t just jump around like it demands anymore.
      Alternately one could use trick-filming with a lot of stuntmen and CGI, but considering that most people didn’t take to the Two-Face make-up in The Dark Knight, it would sort of be like milking a dead cow.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Hmm, I don’t know. I do realize that they pretty much HAVE to make a new remake, given that the reboot was lackluster to say the least.
    I can also understand them wanting another Freddy given that Jackie Earle Haley, though generally a good actor, didn’t do the movie any favors. He could do the part for sure, but he just ain’t the kind of guy to take over after Englund. Besides, there’s no second chances in horror movies.
    Personally, the one person that I’d like to play the new Freddy above anyone else is none other than one of his first and most famous kills: Johnny Depp. Not only would it be delightfully ironic, but I do think that Johnny has the dramatic flair and skill to pull it off. Only concern though would the fact that he doesn’t do a lot of scary roles, and that he would be too recognizable even under extensive burn make-up.

    Other than that, someone fairly young and vital would be the most practical, which would probably rule out Willem Dafoe or Billy Bob Thornton. It would also have to be someone who can be both funny and scary, so Norman Reedus is probably out too.

    I don’t really enjoy the idea of a female Freddy. It would be too gimmicky rather than scary.

    In general therms the new Nightmare-movie would need these things to get into my radar of acceptance:
    1. A more classic Freddy.
    2. A believable and capable Nancy.
    3. Pretty much everyone knows who Freddy is by now, so rather than pulling another origin story, do it more like Dream Warriors and just DO IT.
    4. The dream sequences needs to be more imaginative. Freddy is pretty much God in the dream realm, so we need to understand how threatening, powerful and unpredictable he is.
    5. While we can’t get Englund back, he really should have a cameo. Preferably as a doctor or the guy working on the dream scanning machine from the original. Same thing should go for Wes Craven and/or other cast members from the Nightmare movies. Maybe some of Freddy’s former victims should play some of the new characters parents?
    6. SMALL nods and references to the original franchise, Jurassic World style.
    7. The core recurring themes of the franchise must be intact and/or updated, such as the soundtrack, the Freddy song, the girls jumping ropes and that Freddy’s return is always just hinted at near the ending.
    8. A twist or new angle. In order to completely invigorate the franchise, the new movie needs something that both captivates new fans and intrigues veterans. Can’t really define what it is I mean, but something that makes people go: “Wow, I never thought of it like that before.”

    Examples of this could be that rather than focusing on the kids, the main characters would instead be parents that tries to prevent more murders as they struggle to accept the fact that the child-killer they burned has returned from hell with a vengeance.
    Or, maybe we get to know exactly why Freddy can return many times over by the simple explanation that it’s not the same Freddy. Rather than being the same one that gets killed every once in a while, it is instead a new one that always spawns from within the fearful mind of a new kid, making each Freddy a little different than the other. That would surely explain why in some instances are scary, and other times just goofy. It’s also a scary notion, because it means that while he can killed many times over, he will always return if there’s anyone that feels the least twinge of fear in connection to him.

    • James

      I think Jackie was the least of the issues. He was a fine Freddy, but the writers didn’t have any fun with the character or the story. It just wasn’t very creative, but I’d be fine with Jackie coming back.

      • Leebo

        I agree – Jackie was a pretty damn good Fred Kruegar – he actually made the character scary again.
        My main gripe with the movie (aside from the failed attempts at recreating scenes from the original) was the failed opportunity that could have

        *****SPOILER ALERT*******

        had Kruegar actually be “innocent” of the crimes levelled at him. It would have be so much more interesting if his revenge was due to being killed as an innocent man, and his revenge not being on the parents of the Springwood kids, but actually on those who made false accusations against him.

        ****END OF SPOILERS******

        • Jonathan Larsson

          There was nothing wrong with Jackie that would stop him from excel besides the fact that he was in a bad movie. I personally think that with the help of proper film director, he could very well redeem himself.
          I fear however that he won’t get the chance. It’s not his fault, but a lot of people blame him all the same, and that’s something producers take notice of when they’re casting.

          *****RESPONSE TO SPOILER ALERT*****

          I personally think that the notion that Freddy was innocent and then killed by an angry mob didn’t do the character any good. We all know Freddy by now; he is evil and pretty damn happy about it. To turn him into a post-aggressive ghost pedophile under the guise of a victimized caretaker made him too unlikable and boring. I know Craven intended for him to initially be a pedophile, but in these days when people know a lot more of these horrible crimes committed, it just leaves them with a bad taste in comparison to classic Freddy.
          Jackie did give the character an air of menace and sadistic torment, but he lacked any of the creepy glee and mystery that Englund conveyed in the original Elm street.


        • James

          Exactly! They needed to stay away from repeating the original and do something new. A revenge story about a wronged innocent man would have been a much better approach!

      • Jonathan Larsson

        There was nothing wrong with Jackie that would stop him from excel besides the fact that he was in a bad movie. I personally think that with the help of proper film director, he could very well redeem himself.
        I fear however that he won’t get the chance. It’s not his fault, but a lot of people blame him all the same, and that’s something producers take notice of when they’re casting.

  • James

    If you’re going to remake anything, get mike flannigan and remake the third story.

    • Khy

      Finally, something I’d really sink my teeth into. I like Mike and think he’s a good director and them going for a bit of a Dream Warriors touch would be nice rather than remaking the original film scene by scene again. I kinda like that.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    That idea for a female Freddy Kruger is the single worst Idea I’ve ever heard in my life. That sounds like it could be a really bad parody sketch the Wayans brothers came up with for “Scary Movie part 17” or whatever.

    • khail19

      Winifred “Freddie” Kruger XD

  • Kirkio


  • bdc777

    As long as Brad Fuller she Platinum Douche keep their poisonous cinematic hands off of it then I couldn’t care less. As a matter of fact, I really don’t give a shit at all. Let this franchise die. You’re right. Robert Englund is inseparable from the role, so nothing will work.

  • Todd Anderson

    I would love to see a prequel rather than a remake. At least this way Robert England could be in it, since he’s not interested in putting the make-up on any more.

    • Jimmy

      It might be a little difficult to make Robert Englund look 30 years younger to pull off a prequel. I’m all for it though.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Yeah, I would be pumped to see RE back in a NOES movie, but a prequel would basically be a bunch of kids being kidnapped and abused, I don’t know if I could sit for that. It would be a different type of movie, if Freddy’s a live person and there’s no supernatural element.

  • PsychoMantis18

    A female Freddy? What the fuck is wrong with you Brad, you sick, sick man?

    • EvilHead1981

      The thing is, Freddy can transform into a female any time he wants(especially original Freddy). There’s no point to actually have him be female.

      • PsychoMantis18

        That AND the fact that changing the sex of a character CHANGES the character to a point that they become identifiable by nothing more than afew superficial features. Create a new character, don’t cheapen and taint a beloved one

  • Christopher F.

    The main problem with the last one is that they kept the iconic imagery (which is good), but then got rid of every last bit of reason why it should exist in the first place.

    Okay, Fred Krueger was explicitly stated to be a pedophile in the last one, kinda squicky, but Fred was never a good man. However, he never HURT any before he died (as in physically slicing their eyes out or the like), he was never the Springwood Slasher. He “loved” his kids, but he never killed any of them. So why the hell did he suddenly have the glove and go on a murder spree after he died? Why did he keep using the boiler room setting when his lair was a school basement?

    The makeup didn’t help either. Freddy is supposed to be burned because he died in a fire, as in he looks like someone who just actively burned to death. This last Freddy looked like Krueger after 20 years of recuperation and skin grafts. He was the wrong kind of burned.

    There are core elements to Freddy that you have to hit in order to successfully make a Nightmare movie. He has to be a child murderer before he dies (as in he has to actively be sadistically killing people), and he has to have a sense of humor. That was what made Freddy scary. He wasn’t some faceless force of nature where if you can just get out of his way you’re safe, no, he was an intelligent monster of a man with godlike powers that was actively ENJOYING playing with you before he finished you off. He got a total power trip out of being the puppet master and watching you suffer before he closed in for the kill. He was a cat, basically.

    • EvilHead1981

      I agree with the “child murderer” aspect. Him “graduating” from being a pedophile to a murderer after death never made sense. He’s still a pedophile in the reboot, wouldn’t it be more likely he continues to molest them in their dreams(not kill them, but keep them alive so he could molest them every night)? Hell, they could’ve worked in the angle that it becomes so bad, it’s the teens that wind up killing themselves to escape this. Of course, that would defeat the purpose of A Nightmare on Elm Street(Freddy’s a dream KILLER and people die IN their DREAMS).

  • LargePhallus

    Yeah, let’s change a character’s ethnicity or gender for the sake of changing.

    Why not make Freddy a black transexual? That way you appeal to the black demographic, and LGBT folks!

    Oh oh, and make her fat. Why? Why not? What are you, a fat shamer?

    • huntermc

      Yeah, the last thing we need is another cis male Freddy.

    • wehoaks

      ugh. Stupid people.

  • EndoftheDream

    Uh I think you got that wrong. New Line never owned Friday the 13th and did not sell the franchise out to Paramount. Paramount sold distribution rights for Friday’s 1-8 to New line so that they (Paramount) could make Interstellar.

  • Fritte

    Call me crazy, but Kevin Bacon would be an interesting choice as Freddy Krueger..
    I know he’s too old but I think that he would make an awesome portrayal of the iconic Dream Demon.

    • Brian

      Just wrote this response on Instagram referring to a new Krueger.

      Off the top of my head my candidate to don the fedora and glove would be one of the actors that was considered before JEH was cast and that is…Kevin Bacon. He has the right physical presence, tall and wirey frame, similar to Robert’s. All be it i thought Jackie done a good job, to me he lacked any real physical presence. In that i mean, anytime i saw the dark figure or sillouette of Robert’s Freddy it would put the shits up ya, his never gave me that sense of dread and im not even gonna start on the make-up. Probably the main reason i am backing Bacon is his excellent performance in Sleepers, a creepy, sick and twisted fiend, those who have seen the film know what im talking about.

  • brewers_rule

    I have no idea what to think about this. I actually liked JEH’s take on the character but it annoyed me when Rooney Mara basically admitted she didn’t give a crap about trying while making it (gee, I wonder why it kinda went over w/a thud). I’d like to see it get made again if done ‘right’ but I’m not sure basically finding a younger version of Englund’s going to do that because it’ll literally just be copycatting if you tried that w/nothing new to add to the character.

    I mean, do we really think putting someone like Sasha Baron Cohen in the role or Paul Rudd or someone whose roots are comedy but has some actual acting potential could make it good? Then when you add in the potential for Hollywood to merely throw in some ‘it actor’ like Eisenberg/Rogen or try to intentionally PC it up maybe by throwing a minority curve ball into the Freddy lore (remember the article recently about the chick that was done up in Freddy makeup? Coincidence?) and I’m starting to think it could be best for this just to not happen at all.

  • Jimmy

    This might sound a little crazy, but what about Woody Harrelson as the new Freddy?

  • Ken Tronnes

    “the fact that they sold out Jason Voorhees to Paramount just to make Interstellar still rubs me the wrong way. ”

    What? Regardless of legalities, Friday the 13th belongs on Paramount. Any kid who grew up watching those films on VHS in the 80’s remembers the Paramount logo coming on the screen at the beginning of all the films…that matter. New Line is where the series died.

  • The Mcfly Farm


    It can only make more money that way. Their little experiment failed last time. It will fail again.

    • wehoaks

      The last film is the highest grossing in the series after Freddy v Jason. Good try.

  • Jarbloko

    i hope a scary film like nightmares 1-2-3.

  • ishtrpioajtrk

    “I’d love to see a female Krueger”

    Nope. I didn’t bother to read beyond that nugget, but the best we can hope for is a good imitation of an Elm Street movie. Slashers are dead.

    • Max X kinght

      your moron

  • Bob Marshall

    What they should do is change Freddy up, get an actor who has a bigger size and have him be a different kind of Krueger.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Personally I think JEH was the perfect Krueger. It was just a shit job from everyone else involved that ruined it. I mean, I get the impact of the original movies and what not but not seeing them when they first came out and seeing them for the first time after they were established horror flicks and the industry had come leaps and bounds, I was disappointed, at no point was Englund’s Krueger scary or even solidly interesting. He was cheesy and lame and the movies just don’t hold up like other horror classics. So let’s see if third time’s the charm.

    • Adam Clifton

      Yeah, I remember Nancy (Rooney Mara) being told her best friend since Kindergarten was just murdered and she reacted like her friend just went out of town for a week

  • Khy

    Curious- does anyone know if the site BD got this news from is legit? I keep having Halloween Next Chapter flashbacks

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Funnily enough, wehoaks just told me he had his suspicions about this news. Hopefully we can get some concrete confirmation today…

      • Khy

        It’s almost like anything that this site “breaks” is bullshit unless backed by Variety, Deadline ect.
        They have no legit sources of their own any more, they all dried up.

    • wehoaks

      Waiting to find out this is all bunk in 3….2….1….

      • Khy

        Almost can’t wait to see how they try to cover their asses if it is confirmed as a rumor. They vouched for this site AND “confirmed it themselves” supposedly. This shall be hilarious.

        • wehoaks

          I kind of hope it is bunk just for that reason. He will blame theother site and the studio before he ever admits he’s an idiot.

        • wehoaks

          Also no major outlet has reported this yet. I smell BS.

    • Krug09

      I know i have said this 50 times but if BD is wrong about this and we get their classic “Update! Nothing is happening!” I am done with this website. Haha, these assholes have me far too invested in BS news if that’s the case. It got to the point i only try to check the news on this site twice a week. Here’s to hoping its real!

  • AuntySocial

    Didn’t the first reboot failure teach them anything? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There is only one Freddy and that is Robert Englund.

  • Anthony Caputa

    Why does it have to be this or nothing? Why can’t the franchise pick up where Freddy Versus Jason left off?

    And I’m absolutely cool with them bringing Jackie Earl Haley back as Freddy. That was one thing they didn’t get wrong IMO.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i think jackie earle haley did a good job with what he was given. his make up was awful. i’m ok with them doing another remake and starting fresh. let’s hope they do a better job this time so they can build off of this one. and no offense but i think a female freddy is a bad idea. you can’t change freddy. however, i do think that having an iconic female slasher is an interesting idea. we’ve seen female killers before but not in the same sense as a freddy or jason.

  • Blake Ranking

    I hate when people make the “you can’t change a character” argument. It’s rooted in nothing.

  • Dustin Walker

    I have always thought that Matt Craven would make a good Freddy. He can be intense, and definitely has the look.

    • Khy

      Has a very good look, don’t know much about him though.

    • Krug09

      From the parts i have seen him in. He seems like a good actor. I remember when P.D. lied… I mean said they would be casting a new actor to play Freddy because RE didn’t want to play him anymore. I really thought Micheal Shannon would be good. Plus he has a different look but idk about Michael now… He sort of sucks now.

  • Nathan Barboza

    They shouldn’t remake nightmare on elm street they need to remake people under the stairs if they want to do a Wes Craven remake.Its like this crap with them wanting to remake It(thank god they’ve stopped production)….. Why the hell would you remake it when you know Maximum Override is the Stephen King movie that will fill the box office….

  • Jesse Sikora

    The problem wasn’t the last one was that bad, people just won’t accept anyone but Englund as Freddy. This will be no different!!!

    • Breno


    • wehoaks

      The last one was terrible, Englund or not. I don’t need Englund either.

    • Adam Clifton

      I gave the remake a chance, knowing that Robert Englund wasn’t going to play Freddy. I gave it a chance and it disappointed big time. Freddy Krueger was a sick, twisted killer who delighted in killing his victims in the original. The Freddy in the remake was on a vengeance kick because his now-molested children had the gall to turn him into the police? Unless you’re a parent yourself, how can you fear a pedophile? To me, they’re just icky. Freddy was icky in the remake, not scary. They need to take him back to how he was in the original 1984 movie

    • Krug09

      The problem is people like yourself (i don’t mean any offense either) Just can’t grasp that Robert Englund is Freddy. He is not a figure that doesn’t speak or move much. Freddy Krueger talks and has facial and body movements that only Robert Englund can make. He (Freddy) is unique and Robert made him that way.

      As far as your theory of fans being too biased (and we have many reasons to be, any real fan would). I saw the remake in theaters opening day, i had a good time seeing it but the remake is a mess. In short nothing in it is new. The script was a mess from top to bottom. It doesn’t matter who played Freddy. If you take Robert out of the hybrid script (PD “cherry picking” their favorite scenes) and replace him with anyone, it was going to be bad. At least Robert could have added some extra relief but the film still would be disposable (not as bad though). People forget theres a remake. Hell, even i have!

  • Breno

    Well I think I’m the only one here that enjoyed the remake and JEH as Freddy. Just do another one with JEH, because it doesn’t matter who you cast, no one will acccept another person playing Freddy.

    • Synisterintent

      nope I’m with you I loved him as Freddy, and I am in the crowd of no one can beat Robert Englund as freddy camp.

      • Breno

        I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Christopher Nolan as director or no deal. Lol Im honestly over remakes, over the supernatural sub genre. Studios need to start the next wave of believing in talented writers who come up with some original films to breath some fresh life in horror. For Gods sake we have Leatherface, Michael, Jason, and now Freddy allegedly returning to the screen. Is this generation just not going to have any original horror icons to look back on? Thats pretty sad.

    • Geno1987

      Are you fucking kidding me? You really think Chris Nolan, one of the biggest Hollywood film makers of this generation would waste him time on a washed up B movie franchise? Tarentino would be a more realistic suggestion.

      • Trisha Tachanawa

        I guess I should have made it clear that I was being sarcastic

        • Geno1987

          Yes you should have. Everyone wants Chris Nolan to make everything these days. It’s hard to tell when someone is joking about it.

  • Shayne McGuire

    I vote Adam Wingard, Oren Peli or Zack Andrews/Bobby Roe for directors.

  • I’m over it. No more remakes, reboots, nostalgia throwbacks. Totally sick of it.

  • Cheryl Harrington

    I love Freddy and tNoES franchise. I will always take more installments. I honestly didn’t mind the newest one, but it definitely didn’t have the same flair as the ones with Robert. I would love to see a director utilize our modern advancements to create some new, twisted nightmares, but most truly good films, in my opinion, should use a mixture of cgi and live-action props and effects.. part of the charm of the old movies was the surreal way in which they created their props and death scenes. Cgi Freddy face is no bueno.

  • Toni

    The problem with the remake is they changed the core of the story . In the original, Freddy was a child murder. He was caught, but let go on a technicality and was burned to death. He came back in the dreams of the teens who’s parents killed him thus seeking revenge on the adults. In the remake, they made him a pedophile who killed his victims for telling. Yea the parents did burn him to death, but in the end it was about the teens discovering they were molested. This made the remake less scary and kind of dirty in a disturbing way. It looked like they took iconic scenes and just redid them in a very sloppy way. I didn’t like the cast. I’m sorry but JEH wasn’t scary. Even when you see Englund when he’s still human in the sequels, there is still that fear in his appearance. He looked sinister. JEH just didn’t cut it. They tried a new Freddy in the original sequel and it didn’t work out. They really need to go back to the child murder point of view and there really should be no remake without Englund! New Line does make this interesting. This remake was by far the worst of them all!

    • Synisterintent

      If you do a bit of research Freddy originally was molesting the kids as well as killing them. It was just to controversial/hardcore for the early films so the story was toned down.

      • Krug09

        That was Wes’ first idea. It doesn’t mean it would have worked as well. This way its more subtle.

    • Adam Clifton

      It also had that vibe from that Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror episode about Groundskeeper Willie coming back in their dreams to kill them.

  • Ima Badlady

    ” I’d love to see a female Krueger.”

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    Another remake, what could possibly go wrong…

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    I’d rate my excitement level as indifferent and partially annoyed. It might be for the best if this turns out to be nothing but rumors.

  • DeathNote81

    They should drop Freddy altogether. Just have him pass the torch to a successor in the next film. Maybe one of his intended victims shows no fear when he goes to kill them, and he realizes that it’s because they have evil/psychosis in them, too. Have the film end with Freddy finally being defeated, only for a new killer to emerge.

    It’s obvious that Hollywood is never letting go of these tried-and-true franchises, like Nightmare, Friday, Halloween, Terminator, etc.. Just push the damn mythology forward with new characters, instead of clinging to the old ones.

    I want these franchises to continue into the future, too, but not if they can’t let go of the past. Reboots just seem so unnecessary.

    • EvilHead1981

      That’s not how horror icons work, though. Look at Dracula… he’s still around. With these types of franchise, it’s all about the icon and concept. If you want to do something new, just do a new movie altogether, which is what Hollywood SHOULD be doing more than feeling obligated in sticking to “known” franchises. We need new horror icons. There hasn’t been any recently at the level of the old ones since Jigsaw, who given the popularity of what Saw was and how it seeped into other aspects of pop culture, was the last “rock star” horror icon.

      • DeathNote81

        I agree that there should be new icons, and there will be, but it’s pretty obvious that Hollywood isn’t going to let these franchises die off. Not only is there money to be made by milking them, but the people behind these films were probably fans, too. My thing is, if they’re going to continue dragging these franchises into the future, tell new stories with new characters. When you try to stick with the original characters, this is what you end up with: reboots, and lame sequels. I don’t want another Freddy origin story. I want the franchise to move on, even if that means retiring Freddy.

        • Darkness69

          Without Freddy, there is no franchise.

  • Makoto San

    I really liked Jackie Earle Haley on the REMAKE, but his interpretation is overpassed for the awful plot of the movie, I mean, In others remakes like Texas Chainsaw, Halloween or Friday the 13th, they change a little bit the main plot but the mythology of the films is not touched…in this film all the kindergarten stuff is terrible. When I went to cinema to see it, in the end of the film I was wondering. Why they put Nightmare on elm street if in all the movie the characters don’t even mention the name of the street? Even in the sequels like The Dream Child or Freddy’s Dead is mentioned.

  • Lionsgate has sadly shared the same similarity with both New Line Cinema and Miramax/Dimension in building their company upon a strong reliance of horror cinema,then completely turning their back on it for non-genre commericial mainstream fare. Instead of another remake/reboot(ala both THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN and [the just released] FANTASTIC 4) they should just have it as a new sequel and with some creativity put into it.

  • Jack Morgan

    why a remake? why not a new movie,bringing back robert?

  • wehoaks

    Someone should write a comment about how they should just do another movie with Robert. We don’t have a million of those yet. Come on guys, you can get us there!

  • Fantasma Del Guapo

    Hey, hey, hey,! Hey, they should bring back Robert Englund! Hey hey!


  • MikeyRey29

    Ok… Let me start off by saying I’m a HUGE ANOES fan. HUGE!

    Not sure if this has been said… But I think a remake could work under a few conditions.

    The 1980’s. Practical effects. Mood. And leave Freddy’s backstory alone.

    This remake (Yes, REMAKE not reboot, stop churching it up, hollywood) should literally go back to it’s roots. Make it a more innocent time. Town with a dark secret feel. I could care less if they get a big star to be Freddy since there will be nothing but backlash. Hell, get someone to do practical effects makeup and hire the best voice actor possible if it will be a problem. I don’t even want to see him unless it’s in darkness and shadows. Never a good shot of him, leave something for the imagination to feel. I want lower budget gritty feel. Uneasiness, NOT JUMP SCARES. Lastly, Freddy’s story is compelling enough, it’s creepy to the billionth degree. Thanks.

  • Nathan1783

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a darker Nightmare. Like a Rob Zombie version. *Minus his wife*

    • wehoaks


    • EvilHead1981

      No thank you. We joked about this before the 2010 NOES reboot was made, but a RZ NOES would feature Freddy as being a big, bearded wrestler-like brute that says “fuck” ever other word, stalking the trailer trash ridden street called Elm. Nah…. do not want.

    • Andy Begley

      Hahaha i agree hahahaha

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Only a river of bedwetting can bring us together. Now go have some fun.

    • Adam Clifton

      ”How’s this for a mother-f^$kin’ wet dream, you silly stroppy fa%#ott c^$t?” Um… no. Keep Rob Zombie the hell away from this

  • Vader the White

    It is not a good sign when your first reaction to something is “Ugh…” I’ll watch it and I hope it’s good, but considering the fact I don’t think any solo-Nightmare film holds a candle to the original, baring New Nightmare, I don’t have the highest hopes. But please prove me wrong, New Line, cause I really want to be.
    “…and the fact that [New Line Cinema] sold out Jason Voorhees to Paramount just to make Interstellar still rubs me the wrong way.”
    Actually, that makes me happy as New Line never seemed to care much for Jason, only acquiring him so they could make Freddy Vs. Jason. I mean, Jason Goes to Hell doesn’t feel like a Friday the 13th film at all, Jason X (a film I have a lot of fondness) was just to keep audiences aware of Jason, and Jason related elements were lacking compared to Freddy’s in FvJ (though Jason did get more kills, so it evens out a little). The second Paramount was involved again, we got the 2009 reboot, which is a decent entry into the series. While New Line “adopted” Jason, he never could move beyond “step-son”.

  • RawBeard

    Make it a TV series… take the idea that was briefly touched upon in the recent remake where it might be possible that the kids lied about Freddy… maybe Kruger went to school with the kids parents (and was bullied by them) and over the years has learnt a few secrets about them. Maybe one of the Kids parents committed the child murders but leaves evidence that blames Freddy and when the accusations about Freddy come out the parents are quick to take him out to cover their own dark secrets. But Freddy comes back and their nightmare really begins

  • Erick Stelter

    Its gonna be terrible and I’m sure your gonna trash the hell out of it. I remember when you did nothing but Hype the Remake and then it became the running joke. I guess its because Platinum Dunes isn’t cutting your cocky ass a check. But then again We have to all bow before Brad Miska the know it all who has had it all handed to him. Why don’t you sell your shares of the site and just quit. Seeing you want to invade our private lives with the check Disqus is cutting you. Is it as big as the Platinum Dunes one you know all those movies you over hyped and then you acted all two faced and talked about how terrible it was. But to the original point you need to start posting private pictures of your Girlfriend. I’m not one of your cock suckers who think everything you say is as good as gold and need you to think for them. I am glad I don’t have to work anywhere near you or for you. Because your little pip squeak with huge Ego for no reason and did I mention your God Complex. Until Disquis is removed or you start posting your personal info like your under paid Employees salary. I bet you entice with an Internship and then never give it to them. I am not one of your sheep and live in no fear of you. So go ahead bring on your mindless idiots who feel the need to defend slimy puke like you. I bet you don’t even know how to hold a broom. So I guess we can also change the name of the site to Controlfreak.com or maybe AllaboutMiska.net. I know you will either remove or leave this post. Which you will because I’m sure watching your drooling morons inflate your ego turns you on more then anything. That’s all I like when you ban someone and basically all your idiot fans give you massive circle jerk. I boycott your website you fucking control freak.

  • Erick Stelter

    Also I bet it stings your not getting one of those Platinum Dunes checks to keep all for yourself. People like you are the problem in this world because running a website in air conditioned office is not work. But, Hey being born with a silver spoon in your mouth helps right and I’m sure screwing over some of your employees and probably backstabbing your friends helped a lot but hey why feel bad right? Your rich there just numbers right? Look all comments have to be approved by you? God Complex much get the fuck off your high horse your just another person not even a real celebrity. These will only be removed because you can’t handle the truth. Also, quit acting like your word is law. Your reviews don’t mean shit and you have only been quoted here and there. I would hate to see you make your own movie. We will call it Brad, or I AM YOUR GOD! entirely funded by Platinum dunes.
    I bet you can’t even hold a broom right. Because you don’t know what hard work and determination is. ANYONE CAN DO YOUR JOB! Because Movie critics are a bunch of know it alls that really don’t know shit. You have to criticize everyones work to make up for your lack of work Ethic. FUCK YOU BRAD!

    • wehoaks

      Someone get this guy some Clozapine.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Alright baby, you feel better now?

      • wehoaks

        like. What. happened.

        “Now Brad, son, I am going to star a trust fund for you, okay? When you’re old enough you should use the MIIIIIIIIIILIONS to start a very niche horror website.”

      • Erick Stelter

        I want to be removed from your tracking service you pieces of shit have no right to ask about my personal info. Remove my account RIGHT NOW. Don’t send me a link or anything like that. You guys remove you pay a worthless mother fucker Like Brad Miska that’s means you guys can do your lazy ass easy job and delete my account. This is North America not North Korea.

        • Adam Clifton

          Holy crap, you’re insane. :0. I guess I’ll be hearing about you on CNN at some point

  • MoeWhoa

    Don’t remake it.

    • wehoaks

      They just decided not to. Said all because of you. GOOD JOB!

  • BigBrian10

    Keep him on the back burner for a decade or so and resurrect another horror movie like He Knows You’re Alone, or Demon Seed. Both are classic horror movies that hardly ever get recognition.

  • Khy

    Even if this all does turn out to be utter bullshit- We know it’s only so long before another reboot is announced by Warner Bros what with Halloween Returns, Leatherface, and Friday The 13th all in different stages of development, WB will have Freddy come join the party too in the not so distant future regardless because Hollywood, ESPECIALLY horror, runs in trends.

    That said, another reboot is imminent. The first reboot has come and went and was bashed universally and the series has simply gone silent in the half decade since its release. There’s no where else to go other than trying to reboot it yet again, this time, hopefully by doing it right.

    Here are my main issues with the 2010 movie that I hope a future one wouldn’t repeat-

    Tone- Ok look, I appreciate the fact that Platinum Dunes wanted to take the franchise in a more serious direction and they wanted to return to a time when Freddy was actually scary- I did not want another Freddy’s Dead and they made sure we didn’t get that…however the “dark” and “gritty” tone of Nightmare 2010 almost felt like a “try hard”. “Hey ya’ll! We’ve turned Nancy into an edgy alternative emo chick who never cracks a smile and does nothing but draws depressing drawings in her roomt! See how cool and modern we are?!” like it all felt like a parody- it was trying so hard.

    The teens in this film were the polar opposites of the teens in Friday 2009- the teens in Friday(the second group) were annoying as fuck with their wannabe clever one liners and pathetic weed jokes, but the teens in Nightmare 2010 seemed dead on their feet and everyone in the film either looked drugged or forced by gunpoint. I understand the events of Nightmare ’10 begins possibly months into the group being terrorized by Freddy and thus they’re not going to exactly be a bubbly bunch- but they were so forlorn that it immediately ruined any “good time” I was expecting to have within the first 10 minutes by seeing such drab faces and surroundings- that is not Springwood to me.

    One thing I loved about the teens in the Nightmare series is that while they were cookie cutter, they were a bit more relatable than teens in other horror franchises as their parents often played an integral role in not only the backstory but also their development. Look at Nancy’s parents in the original- they were almost the main stars and in a way her relationship with her parents is what I often think of the most when I think about her in the original- and that continued on with Kristen and her mother in Nightmare 3 and 4, Alice and her father ect. These characters, while simple and non-complex, were still more relatable than say some of the horny Friday teens. The teens in this film were anything but relatable- they weren’t even likable. Psh.

    Dream Sequences- The second element people look forward to most out of these films other than the man himself- are creative dream sequences and kills. This is essentially what sets Freddy apart from other slashers. But this film gave us nothing but uninspired and generic dusty settings for set pieces that failed to invoke atmosphere. If the dreams weren’t a bore, they were just aborted poor man’s versions of scenes in the original- NOTHING this film paid homage to stood up to the original- the wall scene was outdated the moment fans saw it in the trailer(TERRIBLE CGI, if this was a syfy production I’d let it slide, but this big budgeted studio film had NO excuse) and the bedroom kill in the original trumped over this one in which Kris is just thrown clumsily around the ceiling for 5 seconds and quickly slashed across the chest…that’s it. It almost seems like they put that in as an after thought and ran out of time. Dreams and kills in the next film MUST be done better and must have a great since of creativity built into them.

    Freddy’s face- Freddy’s face was horrible. It wasn’t scary, it was just ugly. I hated his look.I liked how in an early version of the script the writer specifically kept Freddy’s face in the dark until like the third act or so- maybe then I’d have not been so bothered by his look, but they showed his ugly mug up close and personal from scene 1 and it annoyed me all through the movie. I did like the actor who portrayed him, I really did, I think he did a great job at making the role his and really wouldn’t mind if he returned- but that make up has to go. That’s probably the best thing about another reboot- a fresh new design!

    Also for a second reboot, I don’t know if I would want a direct re-telling of the original like the 2010 reboot, I say go for something fresh with new characters- no Nancys or Glens(Rooney Mara killed my excitement of ever seeing the character of Nancy ever again). I liked the idea of what the other poster stated down below of maybe changing it up and having the reboot take on the Dream Warriors story- having the new characters realize they have abilities in their dreams and it all rushing to a final battle between them and Freddy- that would be a great way to “jump right in” rather than doing another by the numbers origin story.

    Whatever they do, I just hope they do better. My hopes are low though. But me as a writer and as a fan- I’d go back to what made the original AND Dream Warriors so special.

    • Shad Gray

      I agree with so much of your post. The CGI wall killed me when the original’s practical effect was so much better. Wasted money. And yes… the teens in the remake were unlikable and boring But to add to your post, I think the “dark & gritty” 2010 version had potential, but failed by pulling it own punches. There were so many times watching it that I felt like they were taking the story in an interesting new direction (Child-Molester Freddy) but then at the last minute said “we cant put that on the screen” and dropped it.

      For me, Nightmare on Elm Street is about giving you nightmares. Its about planting some dark seeds in your head so you wake up having seen Freddy yourself. That to me is the scariest part. When the movie becomes real by handing over your own dreams to him, then the movie has succeeded. 2010’s remake failed to do that. It wasnt camp. It wasnt bloody, it wasnt thought provoking. And it just wasnt scary.

      • Khy

        It was nothing. Hollow and empty.

        • Adam Clifton

          That’s the feeling I had too when I finished watching it. It felt soulless

  • Luke

    So judging by some comments, apparently this has been cancelled?
    I’m kinda relieved; I enjoyed the remake. Perhaps I’m in the minority there, but I enjoyed it. Nice atmosphere, just dark enough, just enough story; and loved Katie Cassidy’s fake lead opening kill thing.
    Either leave it with that remake, or wait a few more years and give it another go in 2020.

    • Adam Clifton

      Who said this is cancelled? Nobody

      • Luke

        Ah, okay, my bad then. Just misread the comments. Either way, the rest of my comment still stands. Like the first remake, they don’t need another yet. Lol…

        • Adam Clifton

          Normally I hate remakes. But lets face it, Robert Englund is 68 years old now and doesn’t really want to play Freddy again so a sequel is out. And you can’t continue from that abysmal 2010 remake. Another remake/reboot is the only answer and it can’t be worse than the JEH movie

    • Khy

      No one stated it was cancelled- we’re just not entirely sure how legit this is considering no other major sites have confirmed it.

  • Bowen

    YES! All this amazing horror news these past months 😀

  • SpaceManSpliffz .

    I’m ok with this. As long as they bring back Rob Englund

    • Adam Clifton

      Any word from Robert Englund or Wes Craven about this yet?

      • Khy

        Not one word

        • Adam Clifton

          That’s a little strange, isn’t it?

          • Khy

            Very. That’s why I’m really not too sure about this news. I’ve never heard of the site BD got this from called the “Tracking Board”- that said one of the writers from the site who broke this supposed story does have a legit twitter account that’s verified. But I’m a little surprised a few bigger sites like Variety or Deadline haven’t reported it. I know the Wrap have. I’ll still take this with a grain of salt.
            BD claims they’ve confirmed the Tracking Boards report but BD has seriously lost all credibility to me in the past year alone but has really been losing it over the past 4 or so years. They really made me no longer trust them when they ran that “Halloween Next Chapter” story when anyone can see the site they got it from was nothing but a bullshit “clickbait” site and their article made absolutely no sense yet BD decided to run it anyway only to be shut down mere hours later by Malek Akkad himself. All of that could’ve been avoided had simply BD inquired with Malek before posting that article.

          • Adam Clifton

            So far nothing’s been disputed by anyone. So I take that as a good sign

          • Khy

            I’m thinking it’s legit. It would’ve been debunked by now and that Tracking Board website seems pretty accurate- they just broke news on another Waner Bros movie- Mortal kombat, so I think they’re trustworthy.

  • wehoaks

    They should bring back the guy that played Freddy in part 3 or 6. The guy who played him in 4 was terrible and don’t even get me started on the guy who played him in five! He was even worse than the kid that played him in the first movie!

    • Anthony Pritchett

      Um, Robert Englund played Freddy from the 1st to Freddy vs Jason. You’ve lost me here…

      • Adam Clifton

        He was being funny lol

      • wehoaks

        No not him!! Use the guy that played him in 3!

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Fuck it. Bring in George Wilbur.

          • wehoaks

            Oh he was sooooo good as Freddy in the one film

        • Doug Saddler

          Ok you have no sense whatsoever…. Robert Englund played Freddy Krueger from the inception all the way thru Freddy vs Jason… Either you are dumb or u don’t pay attention. Watch all the movies the actor never changed, the makeup did. Thank you for your time.

          • wehoaks

            WHo is Robert Englund? I am talking about Freddy Krueger being played by the guy who played him in part 3!

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            Well Freddy wasn’t even in part 3 so no he did not play him all the way through

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        Something tells me you get lost very easily.

    • Thommo 81

      No you’re wrong the guy that played him in the second was by far the worst and the guy that played him in the freddy’s nightmares series was excellent. Robert englund would be ever so proud lol

  • Bobby Jones

    wish they would’ve just made Freddy vs Jason vs Ash when they had the chance to. Freddy can’t be properly recast anymore than Ellen Ripley could

    • KennyThaKilla

      Freddy vs Jason vs Michael first, then complete he trilogy with Freddy vs Jason vs Michael vs Ash. Would be epic.

      • Bobby Jones

        i’d go for that

  • Enough of Freddy already. Robert England is the definitive version but the character has started becoming numb after so many films. They should have a ten year break or something!

    • KennyThaKilla

      It’s been 13 years since Freddy vs Jason and 24 years since the last film in the original series. We’re waaaay overdue for some more Robert Englund.

      • We got the (abysmal) remake in 2010. I am getting old watching the old icons being remade or rebooted instead of creating new ones, which is a tough job I admit but when was the latest awesome horror icon that people were really fans off? CAptain Spaulding maybe?

        • KennyThaKilla

          I don’t count the remake because it was so abysmal.

          Hodder did a great job with Victor Crowley in the Hatchet series. The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers is one of my personal favorites, and further down the list is Mr. Boogie from Sinister.

          • lostboy408

            Honestly I don’t even think the studio counts the 2010 remake when it gets down to it. The Nightmare On Elm Street collection was released 2013 on blu-ray and it wasn’t even part of the set…

            (something I’m eternally grateful for… now if we can get the studio to change the logos on the movies back to the way they were originally,that’d be great)

          • KennyThaKilla

            Yep, I’m also grateful. And I know just what you mean — even after purchasing the blu-ray, I still haven’t been able to get rid of my DVD box set. It’s just too damn pretty.

  • How about this? Instead of a remake, they could follow the original timeline but before the first movie. Unlike Jason or Michael, Freddy was a sadistic bastard before he even got burned. It would be interesting to follow the “Springwood Slasher” committing his murders while hiding who he really is from his neighbors, friends, wife, and daughter. And the climax could be when Freddy gets caught a police officer/detective character and then released at his trial and the ending could be him finally getting burnt. Look up the four-part series on YouTube, “Tales From Elm Street” by Blinky Productions, as a great example of what I’m talking about. And hell, they should cast the guy who played Freddy in that series because he was very good. That’s just my opinion. Instead of treading on the same path, they could explore something that has only been in bit sections throughout the franchise.

    • Khy

      I’ve just never been interested in a Nightmare prequel because we already know how it ends. Seems dull to me.

      • That’s kind of how it is with prequels; we know what will happen after it. But for me at least, I would like to see his methods of kipnapping and murdering his victims and at what point did he get sloppy to the point of being discovered. Leading into elements such as killing his wife and his daughter either telling on her dad or keeping his secret. Plus, even though the ice cream truck from Freddy’s Nightmares isn’t canon, it could be cool to put it into the prequel.

        • Khy

          Well that was kinda dumb of me to say haha. It would be cool but I just think it wouldn’t appeal to most general audiences. Idk. That’s just my personal opinion and I respect yours though :p i would love to see that as a graphic novel or something.

    • Henrik Andersson

      They already did the prequel in the tv show.

      • Blair Ribeiro

        Yeah, but it was only the first episode and the TV show didn’t really get a lot of attention except for from real fans. I think it’d be really cool to see a feature length film.

      • Tori Horan

        I always try to look for some of those TV episodes but can never find them. As someone who was born after the show ended I would personally like to see some more of his back story.

    • Freddy’s Back!

      Yes, there was an early script for Freddy’s First Kills and Robert England liked the idea very much. The prequel would show a human Freddy in court room, and getting away with his crimes. The film was never made sadly.

  • Brian R. Downard Sr.

    I believe that since everyone is so big in to television shows and streaming them, why not get back into a television show and go big. The hardest part is getting someone to play Freddy Kruger (if it’s not going to be Robert Englund). They have to make an epic take on the movies, and go from there. I know that the television show was only short lived back in the day, but now everyone is streaming, and this would be something great to watch each week, and we can get all of our answers about Freddy from the new revised television show. That’s just my 2 cents.

    • Khy

      A well done show on Netflix may not be a bad idea actually…

  • Ryan O’Mara

    I am a huge fan of the franchise. Here’s some things they can
    do to have any hope of a good film :

    1.) Don’t use fucking CGI when it comes to kill scenes. Take a note from
    the Evil Dead side-quel and get back to using prosthetics and animatronics
    (cgi cheapens the look and it is rarely done well.)

    2.) Get a Freddy Krueger who isn’t 5 foot 6. I love JEH, but he
    is better off in The Watchmen. Also, make freddy look like freddy,
    CGI was AGAIN misused and the look given to Freddy was fucking horrible.

    3.) Graphic violence, titties, and instilling fear in the viewer. This is a winning
    formula. A lot can be done with a concept where people can be killed in their

    Don’t half ass it please because as a fan i have to watch the entire thing
    anyway, so you’ve already got my money, but the most recent one was complete garbage.

    • Tori Horan

      I preach all of that whenever someone trys to talk to me about the newest film and about the remake. I just want a good Nightmare movie again, that’s all I’m asking for here

  • Patrick Cox

    robert englund or don’t bother.

    • Blair Ribeiro


  • John Griscavage

    No, making Freddy into a woman is not a fresh start or new spin. Every remake of movies they have been doing these past years have always changed some aspect of the character into almost an opposite. For example, the new ghostbusters movie will have all females. Nick Fury of the Marvel comics was white but they changed him to a black version of Nick Fury. The remakes they are doing is horrible. Anyone nowadays can do a remake, all they have to do is take the character and make them opposite.

    • Patrick Cvetic

      Nick Fury being black seemed to be much less of a big deal than Jonny Storm in FF.
      I wouldn’t want too many changes for Freddy …race would not be a big deal but keep the character a man. A orginal story would be better if having a woman as a psycho killer

  • Laufield

    I wish Robert Englund is back. I know he is too old 🙁

  • jason

    “I’d love to see a female Krueger slashing up teens, turning their dreams into nightmares.”

    One of many examples of the mediocre “writing” in this joke of an article. How about you go one step further and make Freddy a biracial, transgender, water-skiing otherkin who collects Nancy Drew novels in between murdering children?

    Oh snap, i just wrote the remake.

    • Blair Ribeiro

      LOL! Just Nancy Drew? Let’s add in the Bobbsey Twins for good measure and make sure he or she was showing signs of being mentally screwed up because she over identified with Judy Blume’s book BLUBBER!

      • jason

        Blair, we need material for the sequels. Let’s take this slowly, alright?

        • Blair Ribeiro

          You’re right hahah!

          • jason


  • Clyde Drake

    Guys if we wanna do this lets do it right and cast Ben Mendelsohn in the title role. If you don’t know him youtube him!

  • LuJr75

    There will always only be one Freddy Krueger, and his name is Robert Englund.

    • Darkness69

      I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t know why someone can say he’s too old, when he would be under a mask anyhow. Also, these suggestions for a new Freddy – some of the actors are even older than Englund! Sure, it’s not about the age, but then – why not Robert? He said he has one more in him. Let’s have the real Nightmare again!

  • Super Steve

    The remake was just okay, not great among standards. The F13th remake IMO was a lot better. Hell, if they can do it, remake Freddy vs. Jason.

  • Dan K

    I actually didn’t hate the remake. It was darker, less cheesy, and instilled a scare element that was missing from the original. I didn’t make comparisons because the original didn’t go as deep into the back story. To me, the remake kinda stands on its own. Not better than the original, just different. And I’m more interested in Freddy being dark and evil, not wisecracking and silly.

  • PaulUk

    Robert Knepper for freddy, hes a very good actor and can play sadistic and pervy in his sleep

  • Luca

    Here’s a thought, how about spending money on something new?

  • Tori Horan

    I am actually very interested with Freddy’s possible darker and eviler side. As a child molester I would have thought the directors would have went the darker path given Freddy’s dark back story. I wish that Craven would have stayed to make the sequels since he had the idea-atleast from what I gathered from watching many interviews and documentarys over- of making Freddy a darker character than what he turned out to be. I do love how Freddy turned out, I am just interested on how far the writers, directors, and actor can push his character into being the evil that I imagine him as instead of the silly yet spooky thing he turned out to be.

  • Patrick Cvetic

    Would mind a film that starts with Freddy alive and the parents getting there revenge but just would want it to perhaps be after the law failed to put the modest er in jail for good. Not a full prequel(which might be a different kind of sick)
    As far as Freddy vs Jason…a sequel would actually work…didn’t Freddy give a wink at the end. Sure finding a replacement for Freddy is a bit harder than one for Jason….

  • David Warren

    I get that you might not be fans of the 2010 remake, but it actually did pretty well at the box office.

    • JJ

      It done well, because fans were (and still are) wanting more Freddy. The remake was horrible, let’s hope this “reboot” will go back to basics – scary, original plot (not ripping off the 1984 original) and little to no CGI.

      • David Warren

        Yes JJ, but in all honesty I was just so appreciative that we were getting another Freddy movie. I’m hoping for a fresh take this time around.

  • Blue42

    The remake blew dog turds. Horrible, soulless piece of crap.

  • SKILZS2000

    How about freedy not talk so much and stop the stupid punch lines and just brutally kill with as much blood and gore possible

  • JJ

    I would like to see this one go back to what made the world love these movies. Scary, realistic plot, well executed, frightening nightmares that do not rely on huge amounts of CGI. Everything about the 2010 remake was horrible. They need to focus on making the characters interesting and relatable to the audience, so that we actually care about them. I doubt Robert would come back as Freddy, the man is 68 years old now. Whoever they cast better be really great and the look of Freddy has to be spot on. The 2010 Freddy makeup was horrible. And CGI-ing parts of Freddy’s face did not work. Go back to original makeup. It’s weird how the 2010 remake looked visually poorer/unrealistic compared to the original 1984 classic. So yeah keep CGI to a minimum, And this needs to be like an NC-17 (Certificate 18) balls to the walls all out Horror movie. Creepy, really scary with an awesome director, brilliant script and amazing actors. If all of the above is covered – I will enthusiastically go to the cinema and see this reboot.

  • Adam

    Paramount made Jason so I think it was definitely the right move for both parties. Jason belongs in Paramount land just like Freddy belongs to New Line. Even the Friday the 13th films that New Line made are far worse than the Friday the 13th films made by Paramount except for Freddy vs. Jason. You never hear a fan say Jason X was the best ever or that Jason goes to hell is a slasher classic. I mean if anything, New Line caused more harm than good because they took Jason out of Crystal lake and added way too many subplot’s that the common fan completely lost interest. I am happy that Jason is finally home where he can finally lay waste to the mischievous camp counselors of Camp Crystal Lake once again.

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    • Stevie Lee Rothferd

      Sweet! Sounds amazing


  • none none

    Robert says he has one more in him, give the man his part!! He started this crazy ass, fun ride. Now, let him finish it! If at the very least, give him a cameo in the movie.

  • DebbieDPhilly

    Love Robert Englund, but he first said he was too old to continue and now he says maybe one more… I don’t want to see him if he physically can’t do it and absolutely don’t want CGI Freddy

    Cast Roberto Lombardi as Freddy Krueger and let Chris R. Notarile direct. Both did brilliantly in the Krueger: Tales from Elm Street series!

    • DebbieDPhilly

  • Nathan

    It would be interesting to see Freddy Kruger appear as a different entity in everyone’s nightmares so no two dreams are the same in respect of the killer. It would be a stretch with explaining his origin but an interesting take as everyone is scared of something different which this film could explore?

    • Darnell

      that would be absolutely terrible. The entire idea of Freddy that made him scary in the original film was that they were all dreaming about the same guy. If they are not dreaming about the same gay it’s no longer nightmare on elm street.

  • Adrian

    I thought the remake was so so. What really got me was the ending. I feel if they would have changed things up and had not made Freddy a pedafile at the end of the movie, it would have made things much different. We would have cared more for Freddy and the parents killing a falsely accused pedafile and child murderer. Now there’s a new reason to go after the parents and their kids. Instead of something like this, they just went full head-on to: Yep! He was a child molester and killer. There was no redemption and nothing that made me want to see more of him. It’s strange, how the first Freddy made us really like him. This last one just made us despise him. Just my 2 cents. I would change the plot and have Freddy be an innocent man, wrongly accused, who was killed, and then have him go after his murderers and the relatives of his murderers in the nightmare formula.


    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought the remake was pretty right on. I mean, it did make Freddy creepy again. and about there being another reboot…I will say that I am warm to the idea of a ‘female’ spin on Freddy…it’s fresh and innovative

  • Donald Duck

    IMO, a lot of these remakes tend to do poorly because Hollywood forgets the meaning of ‘icon’/’iconic’. A lot of these actors have made the role so famous that they simply can’t be let go; they’ve made such an impression on popular culture that to try to stick their hand in the soup simply taints the whole thing. Plus it’s hard to be sold again on the idea of “guy stalking people in their dreams” or “guy stalking people at a creepy camp site”. Elm Street, Friday the 13th, all came at -just- the right time, when a lot of these things were generally all new things. To do it now, especially given how many sequels they’ve all had, the stories simply aren’t new anymore.

    If they remake it, they are going to have to seriously – and I mean seriously – re-invent the franchise to the point where it can be completely new and fresh again. Changing the actors around is only part of the task.

    Honestly, I wish they’d just stop with ‘do-overs’ and just give us Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. Better safe than sorry. You can have new teenagers easily get into the shoes of every victim Freddy’s ever clawed up, but I don’t think anyone who’s anyone can slip into Englund’s.

  • I Am Colossus

    Laugh?! My fucking mind went numb from a stroke when you said there needed to be a female Freddy. It’s not hard to fill Robert Englunds shoes. Jackie Earle Haley was the shit! But the film was garbage. The biggest complaint I heard about the movie was that, ” it was a Freddy film”. People are bored with seeing a reimagining of the same tired ass gags. We’re talking about a movie where people die in their sleep not knowing if they’re awake or dreaming. Where’s the psychological element? Instead its gore, why? Look at the Texas Chainsaw remake or Friday the 13th. Buckets of blood used in a movie originating from murder scenes with little to no budget and using effects that looked real and disturbing. Granted Nightmare was a bloody ass film, but when you know who’s going to die and when, there’s no excitement. Krueger as an icon deserves more than that. The best remake of Nightmare was the New Nightmare. Hands down!

    • I Am Colossus

      Oh yeah and Interstellar was far better than any Friday movie made in the past 25 years.

  • Thad Komo

    How about a kid Freddy?!?! Yeah! Awesome. A child Freddy who molests and kills old people! Right on! Horror remakes are awesome!

    • Film_nazi

      Eww .. That’s chucky

  • Amber

    If you guys did it like this let Robert ENGLUND do Freddy one last time let him go out with a super bang of all gory bloody bangs ….

    Then start it Freddy back up in 5yrs with Roberto Lombardi
    I think you might have something
    he’s tall enough
    body is right
    voice is cool
    he just will have to make Freddy his own but I think he could do it.

    But I have to see Robert ENGLUND one last time he has to put Freddy to rest his way in order for Roberto to take over!

    My thoughts …..

  • Andrew Kieffert

    Do You Even Have A Clue How Dumb Your Notion Of A Female Freddy Is?? Why Did I Even Ask That…It Just Lends To The “Stupid” Factor. Freddy Was A Sociopathic, Sado Masochistic, Violent, Child Molesting Sex Offender. Asking Or Even Wanting To Change That Makes It NOT FREDDY. Are There Sick Women Out There…Sure. Ever On the Level That Has Been Historically And Predominately A Male Driven Profile In Crime….NO. You Want One, You Create It…Do Not Hope For It Living As “Frederica Krueger”. The Fact The Remake Flopped Was Because They Changed The Story Of Nancy So Much, Not Even Introducing Her Until 20 Mins Into The Movie…And Making Her So Weak….Also The Making “Glenn’s” Character Far Bigger Than It Was Intended. Otherwise It Would Have Been A Good Reboot. These Stories Are Not About The Monsters…Its About The One Who Stands Against Them. It’s Why Halloween Failed. Made It About Michael, Not Laurie. And The Second One Went Off The Rails When They Gave Us A Three To Five Year Gap Where Michael Just Wandered The Countryside. Instead Of The Relentless Attack Continued At The Hospital. Funny Freddy Is DUMB! Freddy Who Rarely And Occasionally Made Sick Jabs And Taunts At His Victim’s Expense Was Off Putting, Creepy Sinister And Good. Not Constantly Making One Liners With Each Kill….That’s What Made Him A Joke And Destroyed The Franchise….That and The Whole Baby Thing. The Element Of Wanting Form Again Is Meh, And If Intended Needs To Be Subtle And Not Met With Over the Top Exorcism. Sometimes You Just Unplug The Toaster When It Starts On Fire. However A T.V. Series Or “Prequel” Movie About The Murders And Actions Leading Up To The First Nightmare…Could Work Out Far Better Than It Had For Michael Meyers.

  • Halloween_Vic

    For this to work this time around we need ” Robert ” back.

  • DeadInHell

    “New Line’s identity is shrouded in horror, and the fact that they sold out Jason Voorhees to Paramount just to make Interstellar still rubs me the wrong way.”

    New Line’s Friday the 13th films were notoriously horrible. They ran the franchise into the ground and then spat on it. Paramount was the original home of the series and oversaw every good entry in it. It’s not like the franchise left its home to be exploited by someone else. Rather, it has returned to it. Can’t say this bothers me in the slightest.

    As for this remake…ugh. Aside from the fact that I’m just sick to death of rebooting rebooted films, the people involved do not inspire confidence. Writing the Conjuring sequel does not qualify this guy to reboot ANOES. Anyone connected with James Wan should not be allowed to muck up classic franchises. Dude ruined horror for an entire decade with SAW and its sequels, the success of which saw “torture porn” come to the forefront of the genre. Now he’s doing the same with utterly contrived, boring haunted house bullshit. We’ve already seen Wan’s take on Freddy Krueger, it’s a red and black bald guy who listens to Tiny Tim and sneaks up on Patrick Wilson.

  • Kevin Walter

    I would love to to see Freddy remade honestly i would but it needs a new twist to it especially since the last one sucked to all holy hell.As far as a female Freddy idk how that would work, But who know it might just bring a new life to the Freddy franchise, You could always put Robert England back and have him find someone to fill his shoes sort of like a pass off to the new generation of elm street kids.

  • Shannon Jesso

    No! NO female Freddy.

  • Dime

    What is sad. Is some of you said Haley was good. You are morons. Haley used the same fucking voice he used in Watch Men. He was horrible. And bashing the posting for saying HE would want to see a female Freddy? Get over it that is what he thinks would be good.

    This needs to be redone, end of story. It needs to be done right. People are not board with the story they are board with the shit remakes. DO IT RIGHT, and people will watch it.

    • KennyThaKilla

      Nope, I don’t agree with that at all. Jackie Earle Haley is a great actor and did an admirable job with the role he was given. He’s just not Freddy… or should I say, the character they wrote in that movie wasn’t Freddy. The movie stunk, but through no fault of Haley’s. Also, it really shouldn’t have mattered what voice he used, the filmmakers should have altered his voice in post-production like they did with Robert Englund in all the other films. It was a train wreck from top to bottom, but Haley’s not to blame.

      • Dime

        Lol. Robert’s voice was not altered. Outside of a bit of grit. That was his voice. If you are a fan, you would know that. Look at all the real time interviews he has done. Hell look at the whole Freddy Vs Jason thing that went on in Las Vegas. SMH. Some people, I tell ya. And yes, they could of changed his voice, but them again… you would be blaming something else to save him it looks like. Oh, guess Haley can do no wrong.

        And no friend. Haley can not act. Every single one of his movies have bombed. Going to blame it on bad luck? or bad writing for every single one of his movies? His acting is sub par at best. He should not be a Hollywood star.

        Don’t believe me, look it up. Not ANY of his films have made a splash. Some where “ok” like Watch Men. But then again, Watch Men was all over the place. So, yeah. Point Made.

        And the movie, I agree, was junk. They flat out turned Freddy into a Child Molester. Never, not once, was he ever called that in the originals. It was Underlined, yes, but never said. Only a child killer. That right there was the first wrong step in many when it came to the 2010 remake.

        • KennyThaKilla

          Ah, no, “friend” you’re wrong. Robert’s voice was slowed down for the films using Varispeed. It wasn’t until the later films that they used synthesizers to do the job. The FvJ “thing” (aka fight weigh-in) was a live event, so they had no post-production to make changes to his voice. If you were a real fan, you’d know all that, “friend.”

          The rest of your opinion regarding Haley is just that… your opinion, but we’ll just chalk that up to your ignorance as well, and try to look past the more than likely possibility that you’re just a hater. You say all of the movies he’s been in have bombed (btw, it’s Watchmen, not Watch Men), yet you’re apparently not aware of the existence of such films as Shutter Island and Breaking Away where his performances even garnered praise from Robert Englund himself in recent interviews. Referred to him as a “tremendous” actor, in fact. No, its clear to see that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          But because I feel, as a 41 year old NOES fan, that it’s my obligation to educate the ignorant but well-meaning in such matters, here’s the interview with Robert where he explains how they changed his voice….

          You’re welcome.


        • KennyThaKilla

          You can shake your head all you want, but you’re completely wrong, “friend.” Robert’s voice was altered in post-production of the earlier films using a technique called Varispeed. I tried to post the vid here, but they wouldn’t allow it, so go to youtube and search “Robert Englund Freddy voice” and click on the first result that pops up. There you will find a 1:16 interview of Robert by Simon & Schuster Books regarding how they changed his voice. Or you can copy/paste this link, just replace the *dot* with real ones….


          The “thing” (aka fight weigh-in) in Vegas regarding FvJ that you’re talking about was a live event, hence no way for them to alter his voice. If you were a real fan, you’d know all this. 😉

          As far as Haley is concerned, your opinion is just that… your opinion. Not every movie (btw… it’s Watchmen, not Watch Men) Haley has been attached to was a flop as you claim. But maybe you’re speaking from ignorance on that matter as well, as you might not be aware of the roles he had in films such as Shutter Island and Breaking Away, which earned him praise from Robert Englund himself in recent interviews. Referred to him as a “tremendous” actor, in fact. Oh, he was also nominated for an academy award for best supporting actor in 2006 for his role in the film Little Children, which was also not a flop. So it’s pretty plain to see that you have no idea what you’re talking about, “friend.”

          Some people, I tell ya.

          So yeah, if there’s anything you need to know in the future regarding the ANOES franchise, don’t hesitate to ask this 41 year old fan 4-life. 😉

          • Dime

            See now. I was not trying to be a dick about this … as you are clearly trying to be. Why I don’t know. It was MY thoughts on it.

            Robert’s voice with the Freddy VS. Jason was a promotion for the film correct? His voice, was almost a perfect match to his in the films, correct? As I said, that was and IS his voice. A slight alter is not a redefinition of his voice. At all. In the earlier films, there is almost no difference from his “altered” voice then one when he is in character playing Freddy in TV spots, live events, ect. Adding a bit of grit, or even “grind” to make the voice darker is not a true alter of his voice.

            As for Haley. I said HIS movies. As in the ones HE did the lead role in. Anyone who is following highly talented actors such as in Shutter Island when he was a second hand/supporting actor to someone such as Leonardo can make a good spot. But is just that. A supporting actor. His roles did not make Leonardo’s acting any better, or for that matter make the movie itself any better. He just played a good role in an already great movie.

            I can say the same about a lot of people. Some just make awesome supporting actors, and that is it. And some are made for the spot light. And Haley, “friend” is not a star in his own right. He has had chances, and failed at all. Some for bad writing, and others for bad acting.

            And I did say the remake itself was horrible. So that did not help him in the long run. But his characters voice being reused from “Watch Men” is my point. He did not take the role to heart, he did not give him anything new. He used a safe bet knowing he can do that voice instead of adding any grit to what he could of made his own.

            Now, you can debate with me as much as you want. I enjoy it, and we all have our own thoughts and opinion on this. But if you want to be a dick because I came back with my feelings on what you responded to me. Don’t waste your time , or mine.

          • KennyThaKilla

            After talking down to me with patronizing little quips like “No, friend”, “if you were a fan, you would know that”, “SMH”, “some people, I tell ya”, and “Haley can do no wrong” (which I never said) it’s completely laughable that you now claim you weren’t trying to be a dick. lol

            Hey… you got outplayed, it happens. Just suck it up and move on. 😉

            No, you’re not correct. It was a live event, not a movie, and his voice sounded nothing like what it does in the movies. If you can’t tell that his voice during the Vegas gig was different from the movies, then I can’t help you. And I never said his voice was “redefined” so I have no idea where you’re coming up with that. I said from the jump that his voice was altered, and that was exactly the case. The interview I posted explains everything, it’s not rocket science. They could have done the same thing for Haley.

            And I also have no idea what you’re talking about with this “grit” and “grind” nonsense. His voice was slowed down using Varispeed, as discussed by Robert in the interview. You really should watch that before making anymore comments.

            As for Haley, I don’t really care about your distinction regarding “his” movies. You claimed he wasn’t a good actor, I offered proof that directly refutes that statement. Robert Englund disagrees with you, so I’m going to take the word of a classically trained actor over yours any day of the week.

            Sorry, friend.

  • jamie32

    The haley version was more regurgitated bullshit. He sucked as freddy. A female freddy is a ridiculous idea. Give me Robert Englund or leave freddy to die a final death.

  • Kevin Walter

    I totally agree if its not Robert Englund leave freddy as is or don t remake it again. the last person who played him was terrible.

    • brian cottrell

      I agree with you kevin.I was so f’n disappointed with the remake.they could’ve got somebody else to play freddy,that jackie guy did a horrible job and the make up sucked ass

      • William Seth

        I like that you included this photo along with your comment.

  • JP Duster

    Just bring back Robert….Hire Vito Corleone to make an offer he can’t refuse

  • Technocality

    Am I the only one who actually liked the 2010 remake? I thought it was just as good, as the original and Jackie Earle Haley was the perfect modern Freddy Krueger. Such a shame that he won’t return, because of all the whiny nostalgic conservatives who constantly fears change, instead of embracing it.

    • KennyThaKilla

      Stopped reading after “I thought it was just as good as the original…” If you thought that cgi crapfest was just as good as the original, then you have no idea what good horror is to begin with. Films like that are a slap in the face to horror masters like Wes Craven who did it right the first time with practical effects.

      • Technocality

        Well, good for you, you’re a fanboy who jumps on the bandwagon against reboots and remakes. Have a cookie.

        • KennyThaKilla

          So because I listed a legitimate reason as to why this particular film was not better than the original, I’m a fanboy who’s against all reboots and remakes? I’ll have a cookie if you stop eating those retard sandwiches.

          • Sting circa 1984

            No, because you’re acting like an idiot. An absolute stranger shares one opinion with you and you proclaim that they “have no idea what good horror is to begin with.” Get over yourself.

    • Brittany

      Robert England was way better because he messed with everyone. The new guy in the remake messed with them for like 2 seconds and then killed them.

      • Technocality

        Well, yeah, but that’s what made him even more menacing than Robert Englund. To me, Jackie Earle Haley was just as good as Robert Englund, but people have to remember that they were two different versions, instead of comparing them so much. It’s like with The Joker; most people agree that Heath Ledger was almost the perfect Joker, but they still think Jack Nicholson’s version was just as good, because they’re different versions, of the same character.

        • GorillaWrrior Billy

          Perfect example. I have the same feelings and the joker idea was perfect. I mean jack already has the face lol! Heath did great. So, I can’t think of better comparisons. It reminded me of the scene in Bad Neighbors where Seth asks Efron “who’s batman to you? To me it’s Michael Keaton. Zac of course, says Bale. Funny, true scene though!

        • Dave Fitzgerald

          You people make me wonder what exactly it is that you are smoking!…Robert Englund IS Freddy..he can never be replaced. He is nothing like batman or the friggin joker you reference…..it’s FREDDY.. Saying Haley is just as good as Englund and even more menacing is not only funny but you are obviously in denial..he was not menacing…They made him out to be some sick child molester…the movie was more disturbing than scary, there was also the lack of humor.I am not talking the campy humor in the later film’s, but the original had it’s own unique humor throughout the entire movie, and it was definitely nowhere to be seen in that 2010 turd..that was the biggest piece of garbage i have ever seen in my life.There were fan films on youtube that BLEW AWAY that stupid 2010 joke.. I saw it in the theater opening day. That is the only time i watched it…it was pure blasphemy…it was not even really a joke, it was more like “are you kidding me??? This can’t be really happening right now.”.Could you imagine what the new Star Wars would have been like if there were different actors playing the old Han , Leia and Luke?? NO you can’t imagine that…because Mark Hamill IS Luke Skywalker and Carrie and Harrison ARE Han and Leia, and if J.J Abrams would have ignored that unique humor from the original films, that movie would have tanked.. do not compare Freddy Kruger to Batman movies…. Could you Imagine what the new Evil Dead Series would have been like if Bruce did not play Ash? Gimme a break. you are in denial and kidding yourselves. If they are not going to Have Robert Play Freddy, then they need to just not make any more films. Remaster the old films for Blue Ray and call it a day. There does not need to be “different versions” of Freddy…Period. yeah a bunch of people have played Dracula…so what?Freddy ain’t Dracula my friend…HE IS FREDDY. . After Their failure with rebooting Friday the 13th and almost destroying the Vorhees legacy..you would have thought it would have clued them in on what horrible film makers Platinum Dune’s are. I can’t believe ANYONE enjoyed either of those Platinum Dunes movies. 98% of the rest of the population walked out of the theater’s feeling like they were just robbed. When i saw the movie, the theater was dead silent for the duration, you could see people shaking their heads in disgust. The only reason i watched the entire film was entirely on the fact that nobody could say ” well you did not see the whole film, how could you even judge it. I already knew how horrible it was going to be as soon as the announcement was made that it was happening. People who enjoyed that movie are the same people who would admit to liking a film like The Phantom Menace with a straight face. Simply CLUELESS. That ignorant attempt at remaking A nightmare on Elm street was worse than Jason X….and that says A LOT! ANOES did not need to be rebooted, it just needed upgraded a little bit and be a continuation of the Alice Timeline. Thank God Clive Barker “GETS IT” and refused to have anyone but Doug Bradley Play Pinhead in the New Hellraiser movie… New Line needs to follow his lead or they are surely going to fail just like they did in 2010, because the fans of ANOES arent going to stand for it. That movie made 115 million dollars….sure… but only because people were excited about a new Freddy movie and they had a smart marketing plan and release date..Almost 100% of those people walked out of the theaters disgusted, irate and just straight up feeling betrayed.I guess they forgot how much people still cared about Freddy. Robert Englund took the high road in the media. but the fact is..they never even considered him for the role.and it was a slap to his face..then he said he was too old…Bullshit!!! He wasnt too Old to do Freddy VS Jason. AND he was in talks to do part 2 of that series AS FREDDY …he could have easily pulled Freddy off in the reboot..He said he was too old to do the stunts..welllllll..in the 2010 remake, the very brief periods that you even see Freddy…he isn’t doing anything but stand around. He doesn’t do ANYTHING physical….those comments Robert Made was him just being the nice guy he is, and trying to soften the blow for the fans…He could have starred in the new movie..but New Line were ignorant to think they could put someone else in that gear.it is funny to me…New line tried this before. They decided Robert wanted too much money to play Freddy, so they decided to hire a new actor for ANOES part 2, and quickly realized during filming that NOBODY else could play that character besides Robert Englund……Hopefully history repeats itself, and they realize they should have learned for the mistake they almost made in 1985. As long as Englund is alive..He IS Freddy.you think any differently, then you are fooling yourself._______ Freddy was different in” A new Nightmare”…TOTALLY different, that film was basically a reboot, it certainly was not part of the A Nightmare on Elm St series.But everyone on the planet accepted and loved that movie. Why? Because Robert Englund played Freddy….That’s why.____ That last paragraph was all that needed to be said really…

    • Dex

      I enjoyed it, too. I think Jackie was an acceptable and good substitute, probably better than whomever they’ll get for the new reboot… Robert Englund, was indeed, Freddy Krueger though, and no one can ever replace him, but Jackie did a good job! He was meant to be more menacing as Wes intended Freddy to be originally, (and as he was in New Nightmare.) It’s really upsetting that we won’t get to see Robert as Freddy again, and I certainly hope they won’t mess the new reboot up badly, by choosing an actor that won’t be suitable to play Freddy…

    • GorillaWrrior Billy

      I am with you. I liked it, I didn’t expect Robert. It was a better fit than say Kane as “Michael Myers.”

    • Dave Fitzgerald

      You people make me wonder what exactly it is that you are smoking!…Robert Englund IS Freddy..he can never be replaced. He is nothing like batman or the friggin joker you reference…..it’s FREDDY.. Saying Haley is just as good as Englund and even more menacing is not only funny but you are obviously in denial..he was not menacing…They made him out to be some sick child molester…the movie was more disturbing than scary, there was also the lack of humor.I am not talking the campy humor in the later film’s, but the original had it’s own unique humor throughout the entire movie, and it was definitely nowhere to be seen in that 2010 turd..that was the biggest piece of garbage i have ever seen in my life.There were fan films on youtube that BLEW AWAY that stupid 2010 joke.. I saw it in the theater opening day. That is the only time i watched it…it was pure blasphemy…it was not even really a joke, it was more like “are you kidding me??? This can’t be really happening right now.”.Could you imagine what the new Star Wars would have been like if there were different actors playing the old Han , Leia and Luke?? NO you can’t imagine that…because Mark Hamill IS Luke Skywalker and Carrie and Harrison ARE Han and Leia, and if J.J Abrams would have ignored that unique humor from the original films, that movie would have tanked.. do not compare Freddy Kruger to Batman movies…. Could you Imagine what the new Evil Dead Series would have been like if Bruce did not play Ash? Gimme a break. you are in denial and kidding yourselves. If they are not going to Have Robert Play Freddy, then they need to just not make any more films. Remaster the old films for Blue Ray and call it a day. There does not need to be “different versions” of Freddy…Period. yeah a bunch of people have played Dracula…so what?Freddy ain’t Dracula my friend…HE IS FREDDY. . After Their failure with rebooting Friday the 13th and almost destroying the Vorhees legacy..you would have thought it would have clued them in on what horrible film makers Platinum Dune’s are. I can’t believe ANYONE enjoyed either of those Platinum Dunes movies. 98% of the rest of the population walked out of the theater’s feeling like they were just robbed. When i saw the movie, the theater was dead silent for the duration, you could see people shaking their heads in disgust. The only reason i watched the entire film was entirely on the fact that nobody could say ” well you did not see the whole film, how could you even judge it. I already knew how horrible it was going to be as soon as the announcement was made that it was happening. People who enjoyed that movie are the same people who would admit to liking a film like The Phantom Menace with a straight face. Simply CLUELESS. That ignorant attempt at remaking A nightmare on Elm street was worse than Jason X….and that says A LOT! ANOES did not need to be rebooted, it just needed upgraded a little bit and be a continuation of the Alice Timeline. Thank God Clive Barker “GETS IT” and refused to have anyone but Doug Bradley Play Pinhead in the New Hellraiser movie… New Line needs to follow his lead or they are surely going to fail just like they did in 2010, because the fans of ANOES arent going to stand for it. That movie made 115 million dollars….sure… but only because people were excited about a new Freddy movie and they had a smart marketing plan and release date..Almost 100% of those people walked out of the theaters disgusted, irate and just straight up feeling betrayed.I guess they forgot how much people still cared about Freddy. Robert Englund took the high road in the media. but the fact is..they never even considered him for the role.and it was a slap to his face..then he said he was too old…Bullshit!!! He wasnt too Old to do Freddy VS Jason. AND he was in talks to do part 2 of that series AS FREDDY …he could have easily pulled Freddy off in the reboot..He said he was too old to do the stunts..welllllll..in the 2010 remake, the very brief periods that you even see Freddy…he isn’t doing anything but stand around. He doesn’t do ANYTHING physical….those comments Robert Made was him just being the nice guy he is, and trying to soften the blow for the fans…He could have starred in the new movie..but New Line were ignorant to think they could put someone else in that gear.it is funny to me…New line tried this before. They decided Robert wanted too much money to play Freddy, so they decided to hire a new actor for ANOES part 2, and quickly realized during filming that NOBODY else could play that character besides Robert Englund……Hopefully history repeats itself, and they realize they should have learned for the mistake they almost made in 1985. As long as Englund is alive..He IS Freddy.you think any differently, then you are fooling yourself._______ Freddy was different in” A new Nightmare”…TOTALLY different, that film was basically a reboot, it certainly was not part of the A Nightmare on Elm St series.But everyone on the planet accepted and loved that movie. Why? Because Robert Englund played Freddy….That’s why.____ That last paragraph was all that needed to be said really…

    • Sting circa 1984

      I don’t think it’s as good as the original, but the hate for this remake really surprises me. I feel like it’s at least better than some of the worst Freddy sequels. Jackie Earle Haley is a fine Freddy Krueger, whose only crime is that he’s not Robert Englund. He’s not the Freddy we already know and love. The make up they put him in though, that was a mess.

  • Rewyen

    The only way to introduce a new Freddy and have it be believable and accepted by the fans is to do a passing of the torch type of story. We all love Robert, but we also know he won’t return as Freddy. What COULD happen, however, is the “spirit” of Englund’s Freddy could return through someone else who adopts the persona and look. You know who would be an adult with ties to Freddy now? Alice’s son. The Dream Child, all grown up, takes on the darkness that made Freddy and in essence, becomes him. All you’d need is a person who can play the role convincingly enough like Robert’s portrayal and just tweak the makeup to give the actor a resemblance to Robert. Freddy is all burned and twisted. It wouldn’t be hard to take an old make up mold and put it on someone else’s face.

    • GorillaWrrior Billy

      That’s what I kind of said. You stated it perfectly. I could do, and believe it’d need a ” passing of torch.” I wouldn’t mind a relative. For example, say if they used a female – make her as Freddy’s sister (or something, his spirit inherits new version like you said.) Well done.

      • Film_nazi

        Bullshit . A different other Freddy just happens to die and kill like him , also burned .. Jesus what shit ..

        • Ruben Alvarado

          What is your problem? You sound like an insufferable twat, dude. All I see all over the comments is you spouting stupid, grammatically incorrect bs, and shitting all over everybody else’s comments. Either add something constructive to the feed or shut the hell up.

    • Film_nazi

      Rubbish , how is Robert ‘s real Freddy gonna pass a torch to somebody else ? What a load of shit …corn filled shit

  • disqus_OJqwLB18S9

    “You don’t do remakes! I would do Freddy 9, you know? Or I would do Freddy vs Michael Myers. Or I would do a prequel.” – Robert Englund (2015)

  • JS

    The JEH version was a prequel, showing how Freddy “became” Freddy. It wasn’t a remake in my opinion. With that said I enjoyed it and loved JEH in the role and I am a huge fan of Robert and the franchise. This new idea of redoing the third installment however is leaving me unimpressed and even annoyed. Leave it alone.

    • KennyThaKilla

      Definitely not a prequel. Didn’t you notice the characters in the film who were suppose to be Tina and Nancy? Different names, same characters.

    • Adam Bentley

      It was not a prequel at all. It was a separate contemporary re-imagining. They already showed what happened before in the other movies.

      This was an attempt at a reboot, not a prequel at all.

  • freddyneverdie

    All i have to say is i hope they keep making ANOES movies until i die. I mean come on! A guy who kills people in their dreams and controls the whole dream world so he can do and be ANYTHING! That is entertainment people! KEEP FREDDY ALIVE!!!

    • Dex

      I agree. Freddy is so freakin’ badass, I really miss the movies, and it will never be the same without Robert Englund, but still, at least we’ll sort of get to see Freddy again :’D

  • Sherman Clump

    let freddy rest in peace. with robert england, freddy is dead whether they make more movies or not. it will never work with robert as freddy. thats the facts.

  • MetalManiac

    They always say freddys dead but then bring him back.Im a huge freddy fan and i think they should spend their time making part 8 (im not counting the remake) instead of remaking elm st 2.Adding to the series, no matter how long between films,would be better then remaking it. Making it real scary would be the way to go,even with a fresh freddy would be great….no offence to women but a female freddy is just being silly…

    • Dex

      I agree with that.

      and please, no female Freddys, lol.

    • Adam Bentley

      Part 8? There was no “part 7”. Freddy’s Dead was the final movie and that was part 6. You’re probably referring to “The New Nightmare” but this was not a sequel but a sort of spin-off movie. It was a Demon taking Freddy’s form, not actually Freddy or part of original movies.

  • Dex

    Apparently Wes was really disappointed with this movie or something.

  • GorillaWrrior Billy

    I actually enjoyed it and didn’t think the remake was that bad. I mean, I watched with primary knowledge that it was trying to introduce it to the younger generation.
    If I can compare (In a way) – I love Rob Zombie – but hated his Halloween remakes. In all fairness, I feel it’s probably due to the fact that the original Halloween by Carpenter was my first horror as a child, the one I fell in love with right away, and my favorite horror of all time. I thought Zombie’s versions were just so far off, it was disappointingly “Halloween on Steroids.” I should probably watch it again, remove any biased feelings, and not compare/relate it to the original – but as its own, completely different idea and film.
    I didn’t feel that towards the Nightmare on Elm Street remake; it was not a classic by any means, but I did enjoy it as it was much more consistent with the original than the Halloween versions.
    I would love to see it go to a different way, as you described – but it would need to be done with near perfection (especially after the recent passing of Wes Craven R.I.P.)
    Since I think it’s nearly impossible to honor Wes while having new, Fked up nightmares, creativity, and a film Wes would be proud of – I’d prefer Freddy remain dead.
    However, I do like your idea and If they want to use a female, it’d be an interesting twist, if say – it was Freddy’s sister.
    Just my thoughts; Great article though! I’m a Big fan.

  • GorillaWrrior Billy

    That’s a fkin perfect idea. Liam looks a bit like Robert, the accent, just bigger, badder version. Quick, run it through New Line Asap!

  • As long as they manage to make this one bleaker, darker, grittier and scarier than the rather ‘glossy’ (IMO) reboot. I really liked Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy, but that was about the only truly enjoyable thing for me. And I hope that if the character of Nancy comes back again that they don’t make her so kooky. The thing that I liked about Heather Langenkamp’s Nancy was that you watched her become stronger and more ballsy. Rooney Mara’s Nancy just seemed to be this odd little weirdo who was socially inept and I, no matter how many times I re-watch the movie, I am still not sure if she was meant marginally ‘psychic’ or something!?

  • brian

    FREDDy can never die!! Bring him back and I still say, if there is one person who can fill the shoes of one Robert Englund, it is none other than who I think is the best actor of our time, and is a Nightmare on elm street veteran, Mr. Johnny Depp. He shows you as Jack Sparrow that he has the body language to pull it off and he defiantly has played in his share of dark roles. I bet he would be a good Freddy,.

  • Popsicle

    It’s not just a case of sticking a burned face on someone, Englund has the ‘eyes’ of a killer. A good choice to play Freddy would be William Forsythe. Not many play a deranged badass the way he does.

  • GrimFate

    I did not like the remake, but I can’t put my finger on why. I feel like I came away from the movie feeling like Freddy lacked something… While I will always find it hard to see anyone other than Englund as Freddy, I don’t think the actor in the remake was necessarily the issue. Nevertheless, I am happy if they keep trying to reboot the series until they find the right formula over creating a terrible remake and then churning out sequels to that remake.

    A couple weeks ago I realised there are no big female slasher villains (that aren’t effectively the partner of a male horror villain, such as Chucky’s wife in the Child’s Play series) and so I definitely support the idea of having a female antagonist for a horror series, at the very least to see how she could be used differently than her male counterparts, but I cannot support a female Freddy as a replacement for the male one in the main series. (A spin-off or a partner-in-crime for one movie, sure.)

    For a start, it’s hard enough to replicate the magic of Englund’s Freddy with another man, let alone trying a different gender.

    Secondly, I feel people probably tend to connect with characters better when they’re the same gender as them. I mean, it’s entirely possible to enjoy characters of the opposite sex (I think Lara Croft is awesome), but, as a guy, having Freddy as a woman… I think it just wouldn’t feel the same.

    And then there’s the fact that gender-swapping (especially when a permanent change to the original character) just seems terrible. You’re taking something that people are emotionally invested in and changing it because… you like it but want to tweak it to suit your own tastes, without it necessarily being an objectively positive change? The way I always think about it is that it’s like you’re a kid with a favourite action figure and when your little sister sees how much fun you are having with it, she wants a turn. But she doesn’t just want to share it; she wants to paint it pink and give it a girl’s name. So while you are technically sharing it, it’s not really the same toy you once cherished. The point: Like a lot of people, I am completely happy for anyone and everyone to share in the stuff for which I have a passion – the more the merrier! – but taking something I am emotionally invested in and significantly changing it for your own tastes when you are completely capable of creating your own separate version is just mean. And hijacking someone else’s work instead of putting the effort in to make your own is just lazy. I know female leads in movies are far less numerous, but I still can’t even fathom wanting to gender-swap some awesome female character.

    My last issue is more uncertainty about movie going audiences; if people tend not to enjoy violence against women in movies (how many times have you seen an uncut shot to the head of a female character?) how would people react to this female antagonist being hit and stabbed, shot and impale, perhaps beheaded and set on fire? What if they gender-swapped the protagonist as well, so the person inflicting a lot of the violence against the female antagonist was a guy?

    Anyway, in short, I’d love an iconic female slasher villain to join Freddy, Jason and co., but I do not support gender-swapping established characters. I’m sure everyone will have at least a few characters they would oppose being gender-swapped.

  • Qasim Iqbal

    Please leave it. We don’t need another movie in a franchise with 8 movies, with only about 3 of them actually good. If you want to remake then don’t remake a story we already know with characters that you won’t handle as well. Make your own story set in a different universe.

  • AphroditeBoy

    Freddy should be like The Joker – get someone who can do crazy fun and scary all in one. I liked Jackie in the remake to be honest – they were taking it back to the original horror roots, but I do think this version needs to add back some of the joy to the series. Yes, it’s a movie about a child predator who’s murdering teens in their sleep, but the series was known for being fun before being scary.

    • David Demoise

      I would disagree with that. The original was darker, not funner.

      • AphroditeBoy

        Normally I am all for the darker take and you’re right that the original NoES was darker, but that’s not who the character became, and the attempt to remain gritty and dark in the remake resulted in harsh criticism that killed chances of a sequel.

  • William Seth

    FEMALE FREDDY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you fucking retarded, go jump off a cliff.

  • David Demoise

    I don’t think a female Freddy would be the way to go. I just don’t see any reason to go in that direction. The Revised script that was Dream warriors was a very big favorite of mine, if not the sequel in the movie franchise that I think is the best. So since Wes Cravens original script with Bruce Wagner is still floating around, I think, that that script should be made into a movie.

  • Film_nazi

    Bound to suck

  • Film_nazi

    James wan should get Tobin bell to play a freddy character .. But why copy the classic , just do your own original story .

  • Film_nazi

    Platinum dunes makes horror movies for music video crowd .. Too many movies are music video pacing.

  • Film_nazi

    The remake had terrible cast , not Jackie , but cgi oats of his face ? Why . Just slasher the makeup on like with Robert . , dialogue was terrible too, bad backstory too. First he’s innocent then not ..

  • Ben

    Sorry to sound like a pig, but “let’s give Freddy tits” is hardly the most innovative way to renew ANOES. Using that approach alone just isn’t enough, as the morons behind the GHOSTBUSTERS remake found out too late.

  • Stephen J. Phillips

    Seems like they could just do another sequel. Who needs a remake or reboot? Everybody knows who Freddy is. Just make another one. For that matter, why recast it? Use CG instead of prosthetics and let Englund play it. But even without Englund, they could do sequels. This reboot thing is getting tired.

  • uniquename72

    Wan has had a few hits, but mostly misses. Ripping off Poltergeist and Amityville has become his full-time job. I guess he might as well try ripping off Craven.

  • Metal Joe

    A female Freddy Krueger would be a colossal mistake.

  • felicia ward

    Having a female play as Freddy is just stupid. The last one was a busy. Nobody can play Freddy better the. Englund. I am a huge fan of all the nightmares but if Englund won’t be Freddy then they need to just leave Freddy dead.