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‘The Raid’ Remake Delayed Until…

There’s nothing worse than finding out a studio rushed into production to fit the schedule of an actor, or because of a ballooning budget – the results are rarely good.

That’s why you have to commend the ones that exercise patience in order to get things “just right,” even though there’s the obvious risk of said film entertaining development hell by waiting too long.

After having its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, Sony Screen Gems announced plans to remake The Raid with stars Frank Grillo and Taylor Kitsch, and had Patrick Hughes set to direct.

The movie never came into fruition, but a sequel to the foreign film did. /Film caught up with Grillo to find out why it never went into production, and found out it’s because the studio is seeking the perfect star.

“‘The Raid’ was a go movie and there was one character, the critical character, that they were just not happy with. There’s not a lot of 30-something guys out there that… there’s a lot of training, a lot of martial arts training. They weren’t going to remake ‘The Raid,’ which is a beloved film, if they couldn’t find a guy who could find the physical stuff and they hadn’t been able to do that. So I think we’re going to come back around after I’m done with the second 10 [episodes of “Kingdom”]. We’re going to come back around to that.”

Gareth Evans directed The Raid in which a S.W.A.T. team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs.

Taylor Kitsch isn’t the kind of guy you throw into a martial arts-heavy project, and it doesn’t help that his star power took a tremendous hit after Battleship and John Carter. It sounds as if the filmmakers and studio execs are just being smart in this case…

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  • Richter Belmont

    How about not making it at all. There are exceptions like Magnificent Seven and Reservoir Dogs but most remakes of foreign films are rarely any good.

  • J Jett

    wait a minute, who says Grillo was talking about Taylor Kitsch? i’m a huge Grillo fan but is he a martial arts expert?

    • Pistol P

      I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s referring to Kitsch. I mean, I think he got a bum rap as far as BATTLESHIP and JOHN CARTER but he’s not exactly who I’d picture headlining a remake of THE RAID….

      Also, Grillo has boxed and wrestled since childhood and he’s trained extensively with the Gracie Family and the Machados, so yes I’d say he knows a thing or two about martial arts…..

      • J Jett

        Grillo is indeed awesome!

  • Alanmac

    The Raid is an absolutely PERFECT action film with zero need to be remade and most likely ruined. Oldboy anyone?

    • James

      While I agree about the raid I was actually fine with the oldboy remake.

  • I usually don’t mind remakes but this is definitely a bad idea. The appeal of the Raid is that its fighting scenes are intense and brutal. The remake will probably be PG-13.

  • Mr. Dry

    The Raid an its sequel are perfect, just PUT SOME FUCKING SUBTITLES ON IT, DO NOT REMAKE IT!

  • Gee I wonder if this will be the smashing success that the Oldboy remake was… You know, that movie from a couple years ago which made $4 million worldwide off a $30 million budget? Seriously, how can anyone think this movie is worth making? Nobody (except its own producers) is interested in seeing it – basically, it’s a guaranteed bomb. We already have an English language version of The Raid, it’s called Dredd, and even that didn’t make money. Seriously, this just needs to piss off completely.

  • elpinche

    Raid remake??! I’d like to stick a pencil in the movie exec’s ear and kick it.

  • michaeldal65

    How about you just leave the damn thing alone? Nothing, NOTHING, could make that film better.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Good! We have the very recent and very brilliant original and its even better sequel. A western remake will fail misserably. Try something original you hacks!

  • horrorking95

    Even if you don’t like subtitles there really aren’t very many to read in The Raid. It’s basically all just people beating the shite out of each other. And it’s beautiful.

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