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Is ‘Prometheus’ Holding Up Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’? (Exclusive)

This past weekend Michael Biehn gave fanzine update on Neill Blomkamp’s Alien, telling fans at the Sheffield Film and Comic Con that he’s been talking with the director about the film, although he hasn’t seen a script nor has he officially been offered the role of Corporal Hicks. Our previous post laid out the reasons why we think this film could’ve possibly entered the so-called “developmental hell”, which would be rather heartbreaking. However, that might not necessarily be the case…

While Twentieth Century Fox is still hot on the project, our sources tell us that they’re being forced to hold off until after Ridley Scott gets into production on his long-gestured Prometheus sequel. This means a lengthy development process for Blomkamp’s Alien, and a potential release in 2018.

Alien 5 is still very much in the works, as Fox remains hot on the idea,” our regular tipster tells us. “Blomkamp continues to work on the script (only an outline existed previously) and refine the tale he is telling. Ridley Scott is still producing, but has insisted on Prometheus 2 being made first.”

Blomkamp will continue to slowly prep Alien 5 while Scott goes off and makes Prometheus 2 early next year.

But there’s an even larger roadblock that’s being avoided by the feet dragging. Our insider says the “delay” will allow Blomkamp more time to develop his project and afford him the ability to work around any scheduling issues that may arise in reference to Sigourney Weaver’s involvement with James Cameron’s Avatar sequels.

If all goes well, Blomkamp will likely shoot Alien 5 sometime in 2017, ahead of a release the following year. So that gives fans a one-two punch of Scott’s Prometheus 2 in 2017 and Blomkamp’s own Alien film in 2018.

Things are subject to change, of course, but this is the current plan, so says our source.

Additionally, while Biehn is adamant that the new entry into the franchise will ignore Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection, our source thinks that might not be the case, stating that they’re, “…not sure if Biehn’s assertions about it ignoring 3 & 4 are accurate. It’s basically far too early to tell on that front right now.

I’ll happily wait three years for a new Alien film, especially if it means that a lot of time will be invested into hammering out details and ensuring that there’s a strong script and story for us to enjoy.

Alright people, looks like it’s time to enter the cryotubes and get some sleep. This is gonna be a long wait.



  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Sounds good to me. Give me a one-two punch of great quality! I just can’t wait to see the return of the greatest heroine of all time.

    “Don’t be gone long, Ellen.”

  • Halloween_Vic

    Work on this before the prometheus sequel I mean that movie came out in 2012 they should have been worked on this. Release Alien 5 first PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Alien 5 will make $500 million worldwide. Mark my words.

    • Only Seeking Snarky Lols

      thats it?

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c


        • Undead Lady-Parts of Ayn Rand

          Sounds about right. Although, if it’s released with anything less than an R rating, I’d expect that box office to drop by 100-200M.

          • Kaboom

            Ugh, they wouldn’t do that, would they? Even Resurrection was Rated-R. A PG-13 Alien would fucking suck. AvP was the only one, right? Garbage.

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Hm, such strategy would definitely make sense according to the studio. The same thing Disney is doing now with Star Wars. I hope they will still doing Alien 5 and give us some details soon, what this film will be about.

  • brewers_rule

    It’s funny. With the ludicrous-like speed Hollywood moves at rebooting/reimagining film series almost before one even debuts these days, waiting a few years on a film to do it right is now suggested as ‘development hell?’ Ghosbusters 3 was development hell but this just sounds like more following the Marvel universe way of mapping things out so there’s hopefully more cohesion while having to navigate previous potholes in the existing series/films. That’s a good thing.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      “With the ludicrous-like speed Hollywood moves at rebooting/reimagining film series almost before one even debuts these days, waiting a few years on a film to do it right is now suggested as ‘development hell?”

      Brewers THANK YOU. This speculation is BASELESS and is striking unnecessary fear into the heart of naive Alien fans everywhere.

      Psh to the developmental hell notion I say. Fucking psh.

  • Drool Bear

    Only problem is Sigourney Weaver ain’t getting any younger. She’s gonna be an old shriveled up granny by the time they start filming this. What is she gonna do? Throw a walker at the xenomorph?

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      You’re a moron.

      • Drool Bear

        Sticks and stones.

        The lady is 65 yrs old now. She will 68 when they start filming this at the earliest.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          …and what’s another three years? Drooling baby.

    • Xenomorphine

      Take a look at recent pictures of her. She looks half her age. Looked fine in ‘Chappie’, too.

    • Grimphantom

      “Throw a walker” wow that’s probably the oldest insult i ever heard, seems like someone looking old and it’s not Sigourney. As long they are still working on the movie and she being ok there’s no prob.

    • Bruce fought a mummy while using a walker, dude.

    • Pinkytoe

      Who cares? It’s not about her being youthful or “hot”, it’s about her being Ripley. And that transcends time and space. So shut up! 😉

    • That’s nonsense. Look at Arnold, Stallone and Tom Cruise… They’re not younglings anymore but proven that they can still kick butt.

  • J Jett

    i’m fine with A5 having to wait until PROMETHEUS 2 is made. i love the Alien franchise but i’m more interested in the P2 sequel.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Bahahahahaha HEARTBREAKING

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    In Neill, the modern day James Cameron, we trust.

    • Kaboom

      Elysium and Chappie were pretty terrible. James Cameron, even at his worst, is competent. Neil still has a chance to turn things around, but he’s no James Cameron. Come on. Nolan is closer to Cameron than Blomkamp is, and even that’s debatable.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    The problem with Prometheus was that it tried so damn hard to build a franchise. It’s painfully obvious that people would’ve been happier with some closure and Alien-tie ins, rather than some existential archeology trip with mind-numbingly dumb and unlikable characters.

  • Francesco Falciani

    i’m excited for both prometheus and aliens…can’t wait…but 2017 and 2018 are so far!

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    I found it confusing how Biehn claimed Alien 5 would ignore A3 and Ressurection, I he hasn’t seen the script yet. Regardless, I’m looking forward to both films and hope he uses the extra time to get everything right.

    • Pinkytoe

      That has been the general theory going around. Really no other way to write him back into the movies since he died in Alien 3. Since Blomkamp is the one who created the story art which included Hicks, it would follow that he’d like to omit everything past Aliens. In the beginning of all this, I could have sworn that Blomkamp was really open about a sort of reboot past Aliens, and believe there was an article in which both Blomkamp and Weaver discussed it openly. And of course, Michael has no doubt talked to Sigourney and has been part of a more general conversation, so he’s privy to details we may not be.

      • “Really no other way to write him back into the movies since he died in Alien 3.” So did Ripley, just saying.

  • Jer

    I say kill Prometheus 2. It failed to gain traction and was disappointing to most. Call it a day and give people the movie they ACTUALLY want – Alien 5!

    • ThunderDragoon


    • James


    • Ryan 741

      I want both but if I had to choose it would be Alien every time.

  • Tadej Kupčič


    While I loved District 9, both Elysium and especially Chapie were irredeemable trash. The directing is bad, actors as well (especially Die Antwoord or wahtever they’re called, ruined the whole movie as I suspected), but the worst thing about it is the story. It’s such a cliche, boring and stupid mess of a movie (again, both Elysium and Chappie).

    Neil should stay off the writing part completely and focus on directing. Or better yet, just on effects, since those are amazing in all of his movies.

    • Kaboom

      Yeah, Blomkamp has basically made one good movie and everything since then has been worse than the last. I’m surprised he still gets so much hype, especially after Chappie which was really terrible (although I like the scene where Chappie first gets attacked by the gang). He’s looking like a one hit wonder at this point, and I’m not convinced Alien 5 is in the best hands. Going back to Aliens is at least a step in the right direction, but it could really go either way.

      • ButtCheese

        He is a one hit wonder who is also one trick pony. All three of his movies so far have similar core structures a lead character that needs to pull off heists in order to heal themselves before that option fails and they need to figure something else out. Alien nanotech poison, radiation poison, and dying battery. New sci fi Shyamalan with a seemingly much more humble, cool personality.


    I been waiting on the Prometheus sequel just for sum sort of payoff after the ending from the first one so I don’t mind if its out b4 Alien 5 just wish they would sign off n get the films moving

  • “if it means that a lot of time will be invested into hammering out details and ensuring that there’s a strong script and story for us to enjoy.”
    Alien 3 had a long gestating period. Look what the studio did there.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Bahahaha so many other films had long gestating periods too. Way to bring up an extreme exception and not the rule. Turd.

      • Hahaha..It’s related to the Alien franchise, which Fox makes the decisions on so it’s completely relevant! Hahahaha!

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          Bahahaha false. Moron.

          • Damn. He got me.

          • SugarShane333

            Ignore that clown. He spends his days talking shit online.

          • Yeah, I realized I was playing into it too late. He got me.

          • I Am Colossus

            You soggy ass wipe shut the fuck up, just because you were put in your knowitall place

    • MegaSolipsist

      Exactly. It was what thew STUDIO did. The film was directed by David Fincher for crying out loud! It’s almost a crime that Fox over-rode almost every decision he made.

  • Evan3

    Frankly, Blokamp could probably use the time. His stories have gotten worse and worse with each outing. Scott is also smart… get his movie made and if financing or interest dies out, that’s Blokamp’s problem. Smart idea.

  • I Am Colossus

    What is she going to do in Avatar 2? She died in front of all those smurfs.

    • Kaboom

      I think her spirit went into the tree or whatever. So they can give her a new avatar body or she’ll be like a magical advisor whenever they connect to Eywa, the planets soul or some shit. Something like that.

      • I Am Colossus

        The ol’ ,”some shit you have to really suspend your belief to believe in”,approach huh? I get it

        • Well, they explain that the spirits of the dead exist within Eywa in the original film… so not really, at all.

          • I Am Colossus

            Yea sure that’s a way believable premise too.

          • Criticizing a lack of believability in a sci-fi/fantasy adventure about spiritual aliens is reaching. It’s okay to admit you just didn’t know/remember that plot mechanic, friend.

          • I Am Colossus

            We’re friends? Cool, and good job on working on snide come backs keep up the good work. Proud of you 😀

          • SugarShane333

            Just ignore that guy. If you look at his disqus it’s comment after comment of him talking shit. It’s the same ol contrarian commenter trying to get someone to bite.

  • ryan

    I think I’ve lost all interest in alien 5 I’m not waiting till 2018 ,5 months and a script is written couple of rewrites 3 months lattler done should of started early next year for a early 2017 releassse, anyway I’m no longer interested in reading or searching alien 5 news, we got what we have alien is a classic a little dated , aliens great stands the test of time ( buy the blu ray ) alien 3 watchable but a little boring , rreaurrestion , nice action moments but not a great presentation avp good film & then avp:r well really just for fans want to see more alien & predator on screen ? Don’t expect much else nice CGI though, so yeah,still would of preferred alien: engineeres . But seriously Alien 5should be released prior before Prometheus 2 the genneral reaction for audiences was they didn’t like it ( Prometheus ) they were attracted to the film but they’ll remember Prometheus even if its titled something else alien 5 needs to rejuvenate the interest in the mythology , simple

  • redeyedjedi410

    Hope they take the time to make the script and film good. Since District 9 his movies have gotten more and more disappointing.

  • n2th2n

    lets reboot the alien franchise, and let emily blunt star as ripley please.. 🙂

  • sliceanddice

    . agree that it might be good for Blomkamp to have the time to take with the production. Blomkamp might also benefit from operating within a universe that is already established, so as not to allow himself to meander too much.

  • dipstick10

    Alien 5 should happen NOW, there is absolutely no good reason to wait on Prometheus 2.

    I am curious to see where Prometheus 2 is going, it really has the chance to expand the story in a way that Alien 5 probably can’t, but it needs to be a better, smarter film than the first.

  • David Brecken Gates Jr.

    Hey, no offense but NOT having Neil Blomkamp direct a new Alien movie isn’t the worst thing that could happen to the franchise. I personally loved Prometheus, Ridley Scott is a better director than Blomkamp is right now so his movie will at least be more interesting than anything the director of “Chappie” and whatever that fucking retarded Matt Damon movie was could offer. Also, do we really need a return of the Ripley character? I love the character, i love the whole original series (in fact each one of the original run is quite good, some are unbelievably great, others are pretty cool) but how many times are they going to explain away her death in the previous movies? Even if this is a rewrite of Alien 3 (not necessarily a bad thing as far as the plot of that movie goes) why not just move in a new direction? This really new thing of half reboot/half sequel entry in a classic franchise has some merit (about 95% of Jurassic World is proof enough for me) but it also reeks of desperation

    • dipstick10

      I think there is plenty of room for both, right now. The Alien films are Ripley’s story, an Alien film without her isn’t Alien. Prometheus is taking the new direction, I am interested to see where Shaw is going, but at the same time I think they barely made a good enough film to stand on it’s own.

      A proper sequel to Aliens is the draw, it’s really what most fans have always dreamed of and if done correctly, will create more interest in Prometheus 2. Both films released within the same year would be perfect. Anyway I hope both films are good and move forward now, Sigourney & Michael Biehn aren’t getting younger.

      • David Brecken Gates Jr.

        I don’t know. I have to disagree though that Blomkamp is a great director visually, I don’t really like his style and personally I thought something like “Edge of Tomorrow” looked like a more interesting take on the same sort of visual sense of “District 9” or “Elysium,” though Blomkamp obviously has more of an emphasis on a dirty, “hand made” look to his environments and technology. But I also feel that, even with a great script, Blomkamp couldn’t make it work because his pacing is always really sluggish and he seems to have a fervent belief in his sociopolitical ideas which to me seem quite banal and in any event are always a distraction in his work. I think people think they would like to see this movie because, like “The Dark Knight,” they’ve convinced themselves it’s a great movie and do not want that belief proven false. On, the other hand, yes, that is true that many of Scott’s films are pretty mediocre-in fact his late brother, Tony, frankly had a better track record, even if he never made “Blade Runner”-but i would still rather see more of Prometheus, i’d like to see where that’s going, than another retread of a movie series i already like very much.

  • Eric Shirey

    That’s because Scott knows even a crappy Alien sequel with Sigourney Weaver will outshine a Prometheus sequel. He wants his chance first.

  • Mark Standenberg

    I’m happy about all of it right up to the moment yet another halfwit fanboy starts whining about Prometheus again. God I hate you and your inflated ego! If you think you can be Ridley Scott DoublePlus, go ahead, and show me how well you do. Oh wait, you can’t,

    • ポケモントレーナー

      I think people still haven’t watched the promo or even the full deleted scenes

      I get it he removed a shit ton of scenes and left out information we’ll probably have to wait 2 more years to see where the second installment takes us

  • RidleyScott
  • Is it blasphemy to feel more anticipation for Prometheus 2 than Alien 5?

    • GunnerZ

      Yea feel same way – really wanna see tat “pre-alien” evolve

  • ポケモントレーナー

    Holy Moly, I really hope Ridley continues his amazing Prometheus promos with Guy pearce as Peter Weyland doing the Ted 2023 talk like he did with the first Prometheus promo, “I’d like to change the world” and the infamous “Happy Birthday David”

  • GunnerZ

    They might as well get a Japanese Animation company to make a Animation Aliens similar to the comics i used to read growing up since they cant get the script done – look at how the Resident Evil Animation Movies turn out !!! (100000x better than the live Resident Evil Movies)

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