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Del Toro Confirms that Junji Ito Would’ve Collaborated on ‘Silent Hills’

Well, way to twist the knife all the deeper into our sides.

Taking to Twitter, writer/director Guillermo del Toro stated that horror manga artist Junji Ito was a collaborator on the ill-fated Silent Hills, adding that both himself and Hideo Kojima were fans.

Ito is the man behind Tomie, Uzumaki, and Gyo, the last of which is about a strain of bacteria that takes over fish. Ito’s visuals are considered by many to be some of the most inventive and truly horrific to be put on paper.

If Ito was part of the creature design, I don’t have any hesitations saying that Silent Hills would’ve featured the most terrifying enemies we’d ever seen in that foggy town.

Many of the artist’s works are available to read online.



  • Jonny_anonymous


  • Vader the White

    Son of a bitch! I already thought that Silent Hills would have kicked ass, but throw in Junji Ito and it would have been AMAZING. FUCK YOU, KONAMI!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WindowsIsDead


  • Lautaro Capristo Havlovich


  • Maulana Wahyudi


  • Grimphantom

    Well this was very unexpected.

  • Ben_Jammin


  • Jonathan Larsson

    Uzumaki is the scariest comic-book I’ve ever read. Damn Konami straight to hell.

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  • khail19

    Why must you open our wounds again and again? 🙁

  • carlos.filipe

    not cool man… not cool… i read a few Junji ito online but decided to buy at least Uzumaki, 3 books, not safe to read it at night just before sleepy time… not sir. But this is a violent gory twist to this sad story, i just hope that Del Toro joins forces with Junji Ito for a movie.

  • Did anyone else notice that he said “and our collaborator in SILENT HILL (S)”? Should it not say “former collaborator”? I think that Kojima is going to purchase the rights to the games they are no longer doing on the consoles and make them with his studio himself, which would be epic in itself.

    • Undead Lady-Parts of Ayn Rand

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. Konami makes a lot of money off of pachinko machines, and they’ve already announced a Silent Hill branded machine coming out this year.
      So, I guess all of those properties like Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Contra, aren’t actually dead. They’re just going to be milked as branding for pachinko machines.
      Which, you know, obviously the best use of those IPs.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Ok Del Toro thanks!!! Made me even more depressed that the game is not happening.

  • Ryan Malcolm McGuinness

    I wanna say fuck Konami, but I really hope that the people realise that they need to stop buying their shit and that those stupid gambling machines go unused (we’re looking at YOU Japan!).

    Ah bugger it.


  • LoveAnimation

    I love Uzumaki and Tomie and they are some of my favorite horror stuff ever so if the creator of those would have worked on Silent Hills it probably would have been the best and scariest horror game ever made.

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