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Tom Savini Talks ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ [Exclusive]

We have another exclusive Friday the 13th: The Game treat for you, and this time it’s come in the form of a chat with make-up effects artist and unapologetic sex machine, Tom Savini, who’s responsible for Jason’s look, as well as finding creative ways to kill teenagers. Enjoy.

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And now we’re going to watch Kane Hodder sucker-punch Randy Greenback, executive director on Friday the 13th: The Game, because that’s how Kane interviews.

Kane clearly lives by the WWJD philosophy, and if you ask yourself what would Jason do, the answer is clearly going to be something physical.

With three weeks left, the team at Gun Media have managed to raise just under $500k on Kickstarter, leaving them with a third of their initial funding goal left to raise before we can start talking seriously about those stretch goals.




  • Hockey Machete

    Hmm…A Nightmare on Elm Street theme playing on a Friday the 13th video? Is anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

    • wehoaks

      That they’ll ask for more money from fans to do a freddy cameo?

      • Hockey Machete

        Well, I was thinking Robert Englund voicing Freddy in a future Nightmare game. Maybe, even a FvJ game. It could finally be our chance to see Robert Englund fight Kane Hodder as Freddy and Jason.

        • wehoaks

          And they’ll only ask for TEN MILLION to make it happen!

          • Wes Draven

            I’d like to think that if this game does well, they’d have the sort-of funding where they wouldn’t need financial support from fans. Or, at least, they could contribute more to the funding by themselves.

          • wehoaks

            They are basically saying “We aren’t really making a great game. But give us more money, k?”

          • Wes Draven

            That’s … not what I got out of it at all.

          • wehoaks

            we are different.

        • Wes Draven

          And that I’ll pay them more money for said cameo.

        • Geno1987

          Yeah sure, let’s pay Kane Hodder to not talk for a videogame appearance.

    • Blade

      He will probably become DLC a few weeks after release, or a pre-order incentive.

  • dejectedchuckle

    Backing kickstarter games is like playing Russian roulette.

    • Wes Draven

      Not really… at least not with a project like this, which is pretty straightforward and obvious for what you’ll get. It’ll have no trouble being funded and thereby, it doesn’t really have much risk. I will say, however, that I’m sad about the “Stretch Goals” because it appears as though 3.5m is what it will take to make it a single-player video-game also, which it has no chance of making. Kind-of heart-breaking for someone with a weak internet connection. (I have a data-package, but a free-period between midnight and 5 in the morning… Yippee!)

      • Eric

        Don’t be sad just yet. Some of the devs have mentioned that they may be rearranging some of the stretch goals to give fans what they want sooner.

        • Wes Draven

          They have the first millionth-worth of Stretch Goals revealed already though, and a little bit more than that, in-fact. I don’t think the Kickstarter will be able to reach a million, let alone wherever Single-Player will end up.

          • Eric

            I understand. I think it’ll reach over a million. I was looking up how some other campaigns did and all of the ones that did around the same amount of money on the first day ended up making between 1 and 2 million because of final week pledges. With that being said, a single player campaign would have to be moved down to about 2 million for a hopeful shot at it… unless the devs have another scenario in mind.

  • Nathan Bradley

    The title of this article is just a few words shy of what it should read “Tom Savini to do the effects on the next Friday movie” for the briefest of moments I thought it’s what it said.

    • Nyghtfall

      What would be the point? Any really good kills would just wind up on the floor, thanks to the MPAA.

      :: glares at them for Jeff and Sandra’s scene in Part 2 ::

  • Jeff Loomis

    maybe they’ll have a FVJ mode… on a separate note: how come we can get all of these people together for a video game, but not a fucking sequel? I know it’s a rights issue… but i’m sure something could be worked out.

  • Jeff Loomis

    Skinny dude at the end just about pooped his pants when Kane grabbed him.

  • Jeff Loomis

    How about a Super Smash Bros-type game featuring all of the classic slashers?? have it take place in Hell.

    • Wes Draven

      Sounds cool… (while it’s still unlikely) I think it’d be more likely to see something like Mortal Kombat. Warner Bros. have included Freddy, Jason, and Predator in the games at some point.

  • Jeremy Stewart

    It’d be neat as an easter egg if you could play as Cropsey from The Burning.

    • Mark Andrew Glinka

      Or Angela from Sleepaway Camp. 🙂

      • Fuck it, let’s throw in Victor Crowley, too. At least that was a Hodder thing.

  • Tim Gosnell

    You would think with the bank accounts with everyone involved that they should contribute and get a cut of the profits

  • Hopefully a bigger budget can help this one succeed. I still remember how bad ‘Damned’ ended up.

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  • Halloween_Vic

    God this game is gonna be bad ass!!! Just hearing them talk about it makes me excited!!! So happy this is finally happening!!!

  • DeadInHell

    I was wondering why I stopped hearing about Summer Camp. I’m sad to see it go, but I suppose most of the big names on that were already just people from Friday the 13th (Savini, Manfredini).

    Hopefully either this or Last Year will get it right. Both are going for essentially the same game. It will be interesting to see how each one differs. Still angry that they took action against Last Year and forced them to redesign their slasher villain though. Plenty of maniac killers wore sacks on their heads before Jason Voorhees. If they really had confidence in this game, would they need to undermine the only other slasher video game in production? Seems cheap to me.

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